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    • Martyn Welch's avatar
      Merge template into .gitlab-ci.yml · 59095dab
      Martyn Welch authored
      We are now building the pages from this repo so we don't need the
      template, merge it into the main .gitlab-ci.yml file for simplicity.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMartyn Welch <martyn.welch@collabora.com>
    • Martyn Welch's avatar
      Setup for multi-project pipelines · bc040630
      Martyn Welch authored
      Since we should now be able to use multi-project pipelines, setup the
      main branch so that we can use it in a multi-project pipeline.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMartyn Welch <martyn.welch@collabora.com>
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      Deploy pages from archives using archived tools · 15ed50eb
      Martyn Welch authored
      Rather than iterating over the available branches, checking them out
      and building the pages, we are going to render the pages in a separate
      jobs and pick up the artifacts created by those jobs. Tweak the
      template `render-pages` in `.gitlab-ci/templates-render-pages.yml` to
      retrieve and extract the artifacts rather than generating the pages.
      Tweak the naming to be more consistent with its new role.
      We need the tools to generate the main menu on every branch that
      generates test-cases. Rather than copying the tools to them all, keep
      the tools here, archive them and pull out the archive in the template
      which is also stored on this branch.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMartyn Welch <martyn.welch@collabora.com>
  13. 07 Jul, 2020 2 commits