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    Add new feature to tag releases · eb4ee0ac
    Luis Araujo authored
    This commit adds the new feature to tag reports for specific releases.
    It includes a star to highlight a release report and the option to tag
    the report with a label for a specific release.
    The report will be shown in the `Releases` column of the main page,
    under the specified tag name or with name 'untagged' otherwise.
    The star/tag behaviour in the report is as follows:
      - Tagging a report will add it to Releases automatically
      - Star checked will add report to Releases (even if no tag is present)
      - Star unchecked removes report from Releases (even if a tag is present)
      - Removing tag but star checked will still keep report in Releases
    This commit adds two main components:
      - Migration update to add Starred table
      - CSS star icon
      - JQuery library
    Signed-off-by: Luis Araujo's avatarLuis Araujo <luis.araujo@collabora.co.uk>