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      Import Debian changes 2:8.2.2434-1 · ec2a47ba
      James McCoy authored
      vim (2:8.2.2434-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream patch v8.2.2434
          + 8.2.2428: Fix handling of focus events when 'ttymouse' is unset.
            (Closes: #980449)
      vim (2:8.2.2367-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream patch v8.2.2367
          + 8.2.2367: Fix test failures on armel/armhf/mipsel
      vim (2:8.2.2344-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * rules: Add dummy command to test target to fix make error when
      vim (2:8.2.2344-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream patch v8.2.2344
          + ftplugin/spec.vim: Fix missing ":let"  (Closes: #977429)
          + syntax/cabal.vim: Add build-tools-depends keyword  (Closes: #973548)
        * rules: Sanitize locale-related environment variables (Closes: #973943)
      vim (2:8.2.1913-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ James McCoy ]
        * Merge upstream tag v8.2.1913
          + syntax/sh.vim: Highlight "local var" appropriately when /bin/sh is dash.
            (Closes: #796282)
          + plugin/netrwPlugin.vim: Fix directory navigation with
            g:netrw_liststyle=3 and g:netrw_list_hide='^\..*'.  (Closes: #942549)
          + 8.2.1909: Remove the limit on items in 'statusline'  (Closes: #688258)
          + 8.2.1912: Fix test failures with Python 3 >= 3.9 (Closes: #972777)
        * rules: Provide path to vim when building vim.pot
        * Add procps and cscope to (autopkg)test Depends
        * d/tests: Use dpkg-query rather than dpkg-parsechangelog to get upstream version
        * d/tests: Use runtime/ from source tree
        * d/tests: Force TERM=xterm when running upstreamtest
        * Stop installing vim2html.pl
        * Stop installing README.txt files in vim-runtime
        * Lintian
          + Add national-encoding overrides for files intentionally in non-UTF8
          + Add package-contains-documentation-outside-usr-share-doc overrides for
            builtin help
          + Rename binary-without-manpage override to no-manual-page
          + Rename manpage-without-executable override to spare-manual-page
          + Override repeated-path-segment for dvorak plugin
          + Add package-contains-documentation-outside-usr-share-doc override for
        [ Pino Toscano ]
        * Remove unused XPM icons.
        * Remove do not ship gvim.svg in /usr/share/pixmaps.
      vim (2:8.2.0716-3) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Version the vim/gvim/etc Provides for the vim binary packages.  This
          allows versioned Depends on vim to be satisfied by any of the binary
          packages instead of trying to install Package: vim.  (Closes: #960119)
      vim (2:8.2.0716-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Build vim-basic for arch-all builds, needed for install targets
      vim (2:8.2.0716-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.2.0716
          + syntax/make.vim: Fix mis-highlighting of targets that start with the
            word "overrule".  (Closes: #958993)
        * rules: Switch to dh
        * Remove src/po/vim.pot during clean
      vim (2:8.2.0510-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.2.0510
          + 8.2.0444: Improve reliability of Test_swap_prompt_splitwin
          + 8.2.0447: Improve reliability of Test_terminal_scroll
          + 8.2.0454: Improve reliability of Test_state
          + 8.2.0456, 8.2.0461, 8.2.0470: Improve reliability of Test_confirm_cmd
          + 8.2.0462: Fix invalid assertion in Test_popup_and_previewwindow_dump
          + 8.2.0474: Allow ":write" to overwrite an existing file when used via
            BufWriteCmd, fixing breakage of plugins like vim-gnupg
        * Add lintian overrides for manpage-without-executable
        * Remove obsolete vim-common.preinst
      vim (2:8.2.0439-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.2.0439
          + 8.2.0398: Fix FTBFS due to Test_profile_func() failure
          + 8.2.0436: Fix FTBFS in test_vim9_disassemble.vim due to type mismatches
            in format strings
      vim (2:8.2.0397-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.2.0397
          + 8.2.0382: Fix Test_terminal_in_popup failures by disabling the ruler
          + syntax/resolv.vim: Refresh list of known options.  (Closes: #626371)
      vim (2:8.2.0378-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.2.0378
          + 8.2.0374: Fix test failures on 32-bit archs.  (Closes: #953742)
      vim (2:8.2.0368-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream patch v8.2.0368
          + New "vim9script" syntax available for scripts, c.f. ":help vim9-script"
          + syntax/debchangelog.vim: Stop highlighting space before "UNRELEASED" as
            an error (Closes: #944781)
          + syntax/markdown.vim: Don't treat a bare "<" as the start of an HTML tag.
            (Closes: #892172)
          + syntax/resolv.vim: Highlight IPv6 addresses (Closes: #626371)
          + 8.2.0271: Correctly format 64-bit numbers for status messages in
            vim-tiny on 32-bit systems (Closes: #951380)
        * Declare compliance with Policy 4.5.0, no changes needed
        * Build-Depend on debhelper-compat (= 12)
      vim (2:8.1.2269-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream patch v8.1.2269
          + 8.1.2261: Disable modifyOtherKeys while in Insert mode when 'noesckeys'
            is set. (Closes: #944132)
      vim (2:8.1.2244-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream patch v8.1.2244
          + syntax/debchangelog.vim: Highlight unsupported releases differently than
            supported releases.  (Closes: #847933)
          + "mouse" feature is now always enabled.
          + Improve support for chorded mappings in xterm, when xterm's
            modifyOtherKeys mode is enabled, c.f. :help modifyOtherKeys.
        * Revert "Move /usr/bin/vim.* into /usr/libexec/vim/"
          (Closes: #943328, #942225).  The change broke user preferences for
          alternatives and sensible-editor.
        * Add /var/lib/addons to 'runtimepath' at build time (Closes: #943967)
        * Use dh_missing instead of dh_install --list-missing (Closes: #942277)
      vim (2:8.1.2136-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream patch v8.1.2136
          + Farsi support was removed
          + syntax/debcontrol.vim: Recognize "Files-Excluded(-<component>)" fields
            (Closes: #932894)
          + Swap files are automatically deleted if the file was unmodified and the
            process which generated the swap file isn't running.  (Closes: #375989)
          + Fix incorrect over-indenting when auto-indent is enabled for XML files.
            (Closes: #918672)
          + Fix indentation of bash scripts with nested if blocks.  (Closes:
          + New popup window support, via the "popup_*()" APIs
          + New sound support, via the "sound_*()" APIs
          + "localmap", "visual", "visualextra", "visualedit", "user_commands",
            "multi_byte", "cmdline_compl", "insert_expand", "modify_fname",
            and "comments" features are now always enabled.
          + Fix test_compiler.vim failure when locale isn't available.  (Closes:
        * control:
          + Remove obsolete versioned Build-Depends on dpkg-dev
        * rules:
          + Use dh_install --list-missing
        * Turn vim-gtk into a transitional package to vim-gtk3  (Closes: #930576
          since the IA__gdk_drawable_get_size assertions don't happen in the GTK3
        * Declare compliance with Policy 4.4.1, no changes needed
        * Move /usr/bin/vim.* into /usr/libexec/vim/
        * autopkgtest:
          + Mark the "$variant --version" tests superficial
          + Add new tests which run the build time tests against the installed
            binary/runtime.  Mark it flaky for now, since there are some tests which
            are more prone to fail in the LXC environment.
          + Run autopkgtests as a dedicated user, to avoid false negative failures
            with upstream tests which check permissions
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      Import Debian changes 2:8.1.0875-5 · 50d260a6
      James McCoy authored
      vim (2:8.1.0875-5) unstable; urgency=medium
        * gbp.conf: Set debian-tag to debian/%(version)s
        * Backport 'modelineexpr' patches to further restrict modelines
          + 8.1.1366: Using expressions in a modeline is unsafe
          + 8.1.1367: can set 'modelineexpr' in modeline
          + 8.1.1368: Modeline test fails with python but without pythonhome
          + 8.1.1382: Error when editing test file
          + 8.1.1401: misspelled mkspellmem as makespellmem (test fix)
      vim (2:8.1.0875-4) unstable; urgency=high
        * Backport 8.1.1046 and 8.1.1365 to fix CVE-2019-12735  (Closes: #930020)
          + 8.1.1365: source command doesn't check for the sandbox
      vim (2:8.1.0875-3) unstable; urgency=medium
        * syntax/deb{changelog,sources}: Update release names for Debian/Ubuntu
          (Closes: #927167)
      vim (2:8.1.0875-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Backport 8.1.0878 and 8.1.0884 to fix test failures on kFreeBSD.
        * Backport 8.1.0948 to avoid enabling filetype detection when the +eval
          feature isn't present.  (Closes: #922106)
      vim (2:8.1.0875-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream patch v8.1.0875
          + "autocmd", "multi_byte", "virtualedit", and "visualextra" features are
            now always enabled.
          + New Blob type, for working with raw bytes.
          + Support a 3rd character for the "tab" setting in the 'listchars' option.
          + *.com files under /etc/apache2/sites-* are properly recognized as apache
             filetype.  (Closes: #740387)
          + syntax/debchangelog.vim: Recognize "emergency" as a valid urgency.
            (Closes: #920522)
          + Support 64-bit offsets for xxd.  (Closes: #771456)
        * rules:
          + Remove --enable-multibyte since it is always enabled
        * debian.vim:
          + Remove has('autocmd') checks since it is always enabled
        * gvimrc:
          + Adapt gui check to work for gtk2/gtk3
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      Import Debian changes 2:8.1.0693-2 · 1488de93
      James McCoy authored
      vim (2:8.1.0693-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Separate /etc/vim and /usr/share/vim/vimfiles.  The former should be for
          the sysadmin, while the latter is used by packages.
          + Make /usr/share/vim/vimfiles a directory, not a symlink to /etc/vim
          + Add /etc/vim to the default 'runtimepath'
      vim (2:8.1.0693-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.1.0693
        * control:
          + Remove obsolete vim-gnome package
          + Remove ${shlibs:Depends} from vim-common, since it is Arch: all
          + Build-Depend on libtool-bin to run libterm tests
          + Replace libtinfo-dev Build-Depends with libncurses-dev
          + Change Homepage to https://www.vim.org/
        * Use debian/clean to cleanup files/directories
        * rules:
          + Rename stamp files so dh_clean deletes them automatically
          + Ensure helptags are generated before running tests
        * Declare compliance with Policy 4.3.0, no changes needed
      vim (2:8.1.0549-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.1.0549
          + Built-in support for performing diffs, via the libxdiff library, which
            allows setting the diff algorithm (:help 'diffopt').
          + Fix formatting of example output in translated xxd man pages.  (Closes:
        * gitlab-ci.yml: Run build as non-root user
        * Mark vim-common Multi-Arch: foreign (Closes: #910732)
      vim (2:8.1.0320-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.1.0320
          - syntax/debcontrol.vim:
            + Recognize riscv64 as an architecture (Closes: #905435)
          - syntax/sh.vim:
            + Fix syntax highlighting of curly braces inside parameter expansion
              (Closes: #904875)
        * rules:
          + Stop using --dbgsym-migration
          + Stop overriding default dpkg-deb compression
        * Declare compliance with Policy 4.2.0, no changes needed
        * control: Add cscope to Build-Depends to test cscope integration
      vim (2:8.1.0229-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * Unicode 11 support
        * New options ('vartabstop'/'varsofttabstop') to define variable width tab
        * Danish translation
        [ James McCoy ]
        * Change "Compiled by" string to team+vim@tracker.d.o
        * rules:
          + Only run scratch target, not distclean, in autoconf-stamp to avoid FTBFS
            with parallel builds.
          + Allow defining VARIANT from the environment.  Thanks to Guillem Jover
            for the suggestion (Closes: #903927)
        * Change vim-python Provides to vim-python3.  While Vim only supports py2 or
          py3, Neovim supports both so the change in provides allows
          python(3)-neovim to differentiate the supported Python version.
      vim (2:8.1.0089-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream release
          + New syntax highlighting for machine-readable debian/copyright files.
            (Closes: #869965)
          + Fix mis-highlighting of architectures in debian/control files.  (Closes:
        * Change Maintainer to team+vim@tracker.debian.org
        * Add wildcard to binaries-have-file-conflict override between
          vim-tiny/vim-runtime to account for upstream releases.
      vim (2:8.0.1766-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ David Rabel ]
        * d/copyright: Fix path to tee.c
        [ upstream ]
        * 8.0.1477: Avoid cursor flicker when changing (de)focusing the terminal.
          (Closes: #890642)
        * 8.0.1491: New 'pumwidth' option allows controlling the width of the popup
          menu.  (Closes: #450481)
        * 8.0.1744: Skip Test_writefile_sync_dev_stdout when /dev/stdout isn't
          writable.  (Closes: #894565)
        * syntax/config.vim: Fix highlighting matching paren for AC_MSG_* syntax
          items.  (Closes: #881654)
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim: Recognize Testsuite and Testsuite-Triggers fields.
          (Closes: #886230)
        * syntax/sh.vim: Do not highlight substring processing as an error for POSIX
          sh.  (Closes: #885938)
        [ James McCoy ]
        * watch: Track git tags instead of major releases
        * Declare compliance with Policy 4.1.4, no changes needed
        * control: Use 11~ for minimum debhelper version to ease backporting
        * rules:
          + Fold config.mk handling into autoconf-stamp target
          + Use C.UTF-8 locale when running tests to avoid an upstream bug in the
            tests.  When not run in a UTF-8 locale, a child Vim used by the tests
            displays some unicode characters incorrectly, breaking the test.
      vim (2:8.0.1453-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * 8.0.1452: terminal test fails on some systems
          + This should fix the massive FTBFS on the buildds
        * 8.0.1453: terminal test fails on some slow terminals
      vim (2:8.0.1451-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ David Rabel ]
        * Update Standards-Version to 4.1.3
        [ upstream ]
        * 8.0.1444: missing -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 may cause problems
          This should work around the inconsistent handling of large file support in
          glibc (#888566), which closes: #827319.
        [ James McCoy ]
        * Re-enable Perl bindings on kFreeBSD
        * Change Vcs-* to salsa.d.o
        * Bump debhelper compat to 11
        * Set R³ to no
        * d/control: Use https URL for Homepage
        * vim-doc: Move documentation under /usr/share/doc/vim, per §12.3
        * Remove doc/<arch pkg> → doc/<all pkg> symlinks
        * d/rules: Set .NOTPARALLEL to avoid dh_prep clobbering each other
      vim (2:8.0.1401-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * debian.vim: Move a function definition inside an :if so it doesn't cause
          vim-tiny to spew lots of errors.  (Closes: #885073)
      vim (2:8.0.1401-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * syntax/sh.vim:
          + Fix syntax highlighting of $() when the /bin/sh is detected as
            POSIX-compliant.  (Closes: #848663)
          + Correctly highlight escaped single-quotes inside test expressions.
            (Closes: #761064)
        [ James McCoy ]
        * runtime/debian.vim:
          + Fix mechanism used to check for <S-Insert> mappings, since maparg()
            doesn't understand multiple modes in the {mode} argument.  Thanks to
            Sergey Vlasov for the patch!  (Closes: #883422)
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          + Fix highlighting of "Section: javascript" … again.  (Closes: #884495)
      vim (2:8.0.1257-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Add patch to fix flakiness in test_search.vim
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          + Recognize golang section.  Thanks to Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #880698)
      vim (2:8.0.1257-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * 8.0.1246: Fix flaky popup test, which should fix the various FTBFS from
          the last upload.
        [ James McCoy ]
        * syntax/debsources.vim:
          + Fix syntax error in definition of unsupported releases.  Thanks to Josh
            Triplett.  (Closes: #879986)
        * Declare compliance with Policy 4.1.1, no changes needed.
      vim (2:8.0.1226-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * 8.0.1154: Fix indentation when 'indentkeys' is in use.  (Closes: #877262)
        [ James McCoy ]
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          + Add support for all fields in deb-src-control(5).  (Closes: #878970)
        * syntax/deb{sources,changelog}.vim:
          + Add bionic release and mark yakkety & squeeze unsupported.
      vim (2:8.0.1144-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * Fix detection/enabling of cursor blink state.  (Closes: #872302)
        * ftplugin/perl.vim: Set 'iskeyword' local to the buffer so it doesn't
          affect subsequently opened buffers.  (Closes: #873755)
        * syntax/mason.vim: Correctly highlight mason files again.  (Closes:
        [ James McCoy ]
        * debcontrol.vim:
          + Recognize Testsuite field  (Closes: #872360)
          + Treat tabs as valid whitespace  (Closes: #872557)
        * Declare compliance with Policy 4.1.0, no changes needed
        * Add basic autopkgtests
        * Add missing postrm for symlink_to_dir maintscripts
      vim (2:8.0.0946-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * 8.0.0939, 8.0.0940: Handle flakiness in terminal tests.  (Closes: #872164)
        * 8.0.0944: test_profile: Accept a match when self and total time are the
        * 8.0.0946: Don't rely on PATH_MAX.  Fixes FTBFS on hurd.
      vim (2:8.0.0937-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * 8.0.0210 et.al.: Add support for bracketed paste.  (Closes: #504244)
        * 8.0.0421: Fix display in diff mode when adding a line at the end of a
          buffer.  (Closes: #846993)
        * 8.0.0693 et.al.: Implement a terminal emulator.
        * 8.0.0698: Fix a crash on exit when using a Python function from a timer.
          (Closes: #868767)
        * 8.0.0737: Crash when X11 selection is very big  (Closes: #606957)
        [ James McCoy ]
        * vim-policy:
          + Specify the "addon", not "name", field is used to declare the addon.
            Thanks to Reiner Herrmann.
        * Merge changes from Ubuntu, dependent on DEB_VENDOR=Ubuntu:
          + Remove --disable-python3interp on Ubuntu for vim-basic
          + Disable ruby for vim-gtk3
        * d/rules:
          + Remove src/po/vim.pot and *.pyc during clean
          + Remove explicit setting of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH since dpkg's pkg-info.mk
            provides it.
        * debcontrol.vim:
          + Add highlighting for Build-(Depends|Conflicts)-Arch
          + Fix syntax highlighting of "javascript" section.  (Closes: #867307)
        * Rewrite d/copyright in machine readable format.  (Closes: #819734)
          + Properly document xxd's license.  (Closes: #776191)
        * Mark vim-doc and xxd Multi-Arch: foreign.  Thanks to Helmut Grohne for the
          patch.  (Closes: #852722)
        * Declare compliance with policy 4.0.1
          + Change Priority: extra packages to optional
        * Reference Python 3 instead of Python in long descriptions.  (Closes:
        * Bump debhelper compat to 10.
        * debian/control:
          + Remove version constraints that are satisifed in oldstable.
      vim (2:8.0.0197-5) unstable; urgency=high
        * Backport upstream patches to fix CVE-2017-11109  (Closes: #867720)
          + 8.0.0703: Illegal memory access with empty :doau command
          + 8.0.0706: Crash when cancelling the cmdline window in Ex mode
          + 8.0.0707: Freeing wrong memory when manipulating buffers in autocommands
      vim (2:8.0.0197-4) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Backport upstream patch v8.0.0550 to fix a regression in tag lookups for
          ctags-generated emacs style tags files.  (Closes: #859426)
        * Add Artful Aardvark, jessie-backports-sloppy, and
          stretch-backports/security to deb{changelog,sources} syntax files.
        * debsources.vim: Require word boundaries around distribution name.
          (Closes: #859247)
        * Set $TERM to a known sane value when running tests to avoid test failures
          due to an unknown $TERM.
      vim (2:8.0.0197-3) unstable; urgency=high
        * Backport upstream patches v8.0.0377 & v8.0.0378, to fix buffer overflows
          when reading corrupted undo files.  (Closes: #856266, CVE-2017-6349,
      vim (2:8.0.0197-2) unstable; urgency=high
        * Backport upstream patch v8.0.0322, to fix buffer overflow if a spellfile
          has an invalid length in it.  (Closes: #854969, CVE-2017-5953)
      vim (2:8.0.0197-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * 8.0.0190: Improve performance of tag lookup  (Closes: #673130)
      vim (2:8.0.0134-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.0.0134
        * Bump minimum version of debhelper for --dbgsym-migration option.  (Closes:
        * debian/rules: Remove '=' from "define" directive to maintain compatibility
          with make < 3.82.  (Closes: #846312)
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim: Add sections for Rust and JavaScript.  Thanks to
          Josh Triplett for the patch!  (Closes: #847539)
        * Add an (old) NEWS.Debian entry describing the switch from py2 -> py3 for
          Vim's python language bindings.
      vim (2:8.0.0095-1) unstable; urgency=high
        * Merge upstream tag v8.0.0095
          + 8.0.0056: Only allow valid characters in 'filetype', 'syntax' and
            'keymap'.  (CVE-2016-1248)
          + 8.0.0089: Fix problems with Gtk 3.22.2. This replaces the proposed
            patches applied earlier.  (#842070)
      vim (2:8.0.0049-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v8.0.0049
          + 8.0.0038: Define OPEN_CHR_FILES for kFreeBSD to fix Test_read_fifo_utf8
            test failure.  (Part of #827319)
        * Disable Perl bindings for kfreebsd-* until #827319 is resolved since the
          FTBFS was blocking bootstrapping of kfreebsd systems.
        * Add Zesty Zapus to deb{changelog,sources} syntax files
        * Cherry-pick two proposed patches to fix vim-gtk3's widget sizing, while
          upstream Vim and Gtk figure out what the right fix is.  (Related to
      vim (2:8.0.0022-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * syntax/debsources: Recognize https URLs.  Thanks to Joe Stein for the
        * Add information about defaults.vim to NEWS.Debian and /etc/vim/vimrc.
          (Closes: #837761)
        * Update vim-tiny patch to not source defaults.vim when vim.tiny is invoked
          as vi.
        * Bump priority of vim-tiny's vi alternative, so it's higher than e3vi.
          (Closes: #839265)
      vim (2:8.0.0003-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * Vim 8 released!
        * v8.0.0003: Fix test failures on big-endian architectures.
      vim (2:7.4.2347-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * Fix test failure due to relying on modelines.  (Closes: #837130)
        [ James McCoy ]
        * Move xxd into its own package.  This allows other packages to express a
          relationship on xxd itself, rather than vim-common, and also enables
          turning vim-common into an Arch: all package.
        * Remove dpkg-dev Build-Depends, since the version is satisifed prior to
      vim (2:7.4.2330-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ upstream ]
        * Highlighted changes:
          + 7.4.1976: Support 64-bit number variables in VimL.  Use has('num64') to
            test for presence of the functionality.  (Closes: #788055)
          + runtime/ftplugin/man.vim:
            - Use the width of the current window when formatting a man page.
              (Closes: #827634)
          + runtime/syntax/rst.vim:
            - Use underline for emphasized text.  (Closes: #547537)
          + runtime/tutor/tutor.es:
            - Fix misspelling of seguido.  (Closes: #834336)
        [ James McCoy ]
        * Switch from Python2 to Python3 language bindings.  All packaged
          addons which use Python support both 2 & 3.  (Closes: #729924)
        * Add mips64el as a recognized architecture in debcontrol files.  Thanks to
          Reiner Herrmann for the patch.  (Closes: #830545)
        * Update supported Ubuntu releases in debsources files.
        * Remove vim-gnome (which uses deprecated gnome2 libraries) in favor of
          vim-gtk3.  (Closes: #820239)
        * Run tests during build targets to avoid test failures related to running
          as (fake)root.
      vim (2:7.4.1829-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7.4.1829
          + 7.4.1713: Force use of X11 backend under Wayland.  (Closes: #819954)
          + 7.4.1802: Improve handling of long lines in quickfix lists.  (Closes:
          + LogiPat plugin's :ELP command renamed to :LPE, so it doesn't shadow :E.
            (Closes: #796075)
      vim (2:7.4.1689-3) unstable; urgency=medium
        * helpztags: Fix regression in previous upload where the doc file isn't
          opened, so no tags file is generated.  (Closes: #820313)
      vim (2:7.4.1689-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Stop installing a dangling symlink at
          /usr/share/vim/addons/doc/matchit.txt.  (Closes: #819796)
        * Lintian:
          + Provide more details in vim-doc's long description.  Thanks to Elimar
            Riesebieter for the patch.  (Closes: #819733)
        * helpztags:
          + Don't try to read a file if it can't be opened.  (Closes: #819764)
          + Don't error if the specified directory doesn't exist.  (Closes: #819809)
        * Generate vim-policy in a consistent locale.
      vim (2:7.4.1689-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7.4.1689.
          + Highlighted changes:
            - 7.4.1142: “:syn iskeyword” command to define the set of keyword
              characters for syntax highlighting, rather than changing the buffer's
              'iskeyword' option.
            - 7.4.1154 et.al.: Support converting between JSON
              and VimL.  See json_decode(), json_encode(), js_decode(), and
            - 7.4.1169 et.al.: Support async communication with external processes
              using the new channel and job features.
            - 7.4.1384 et.al.: Provide native support for managing Vim
              addons/packages with the :packadd command and 'packpath' option.
            - 7.4.1402: GTK3 GUI support
            - 7.4.1578: Support running a function on a periodic basis with the
              timer_start()/timer_start() functions.
            - runtime/syntax/sh.vim
              + Fix incorrect highlighting when case/esac are embedded in a word.
                (Closes: #818137)
            - runtime/syntax/sshdconfig.vim
              + Update with recent keywords, including VersionAddendum.  (Closes:
        * Add a vim-gtk3 package.  (Closes: #815750)
        * Improve reproducibility of Vim builds.  (Closes: #787327)
          + Use $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to set the compilation time displayed in :version
          + Set a static value for configure's --with-compiledby argument
        * Migrate to automatic -dbgsym packages
        * Declare compliance with Policy 3.9.7, no changes needed.
        * Stop installing empty icon directories in vim-common.  Thanks to Elimar
          Riesebieter for the patch.  (Closes: #819653)
      vim (2:7.4.963-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7.4.963.
          + Remove merged patches:
            - Typo in Spanish translation of swapfile recovery.
          + Highlighted changes:
            - 7.4.849: New Insert mode command to maintain the undo sequence across
              cursor movements (c.f., :help i_CTRL-G_U).
            - 7.4.858: New quickfix-related commands (:ldo, :lfdo, :cdo, and :cfdo).
            - indent/yaml.vim: Maintain indent of mapping key when mapping is
              contained in a list.  (Closes: #713066)
            - 7.4.941: New 'tagcase' option to control whether tag searches are case
        * Rewrite vim-tiny's help.txt.
          + Clarify the reasoning for the package and why the help isn't available.
          + Explicitly mention what the more featureful Vim packages are.
          + Point to vimhelp.appspot.com for online help, since it is better kept
        * Update Vcs-* URLs to point to Git.
        * Install upstream's patchlist as the changelog.  (Closes: #622827)
        * Fix a typo in vim-policy.  Thanks to Jakuyo Friel for the patch.  (Closes:
        * Fix FTBFS when running “dpkg-buildpackage -A”.  (Closes: #806875)
        * Stop installing menu files.
        * Install upstream's desktop files and drop the ones from debian/.
        * Mark vim-runtime/vim-gui-common as Multi-Arch: foreign.  (Closes: #806535)
      vim (2:7.4.826-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-826. Remove merged patches.
          + Recognize bash completion files for syntax highlighting.  (Closes:
          + Update declared license for xxd.  (Closes: #776191)
        * Enable <S-Insert> mappings when gvim is started via “:gui”.  Based on a
          patch from Daniel Shahaf.  (Closes: #793781)
      vim (2:7.4.712-3) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Change Suggests: ttf-dejavu → fonts-dejavu.  (Closes: #783969)
        * Welcome, wily werewolf.
        * Remove vim-lesstif transitional package.
        * Remove obsolete Breaks/Replaces from vim-gui-common.
        * Lintian:
          + Add override to vim-common for desktop-command-not-in-package, since vim
            is provided by the other binary packages.
          + Remove spelling-error-in-binary overrides for tEH
          + Remove empty /usr/share/pixmaps directory from vim-gui-common
        * Declare compliance with policy 3.9.6
        * Fix FTBFS with newer ghostscript by using ps2write device.  (Closes:
        * Make build resilient to changes in the default tcl version.
        * Update description of vim-tiny to clarify it only exists to provide the vi
          binary for the base install.  (Closes: #784268)
      vim (2:7.4.712-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Add stretch to Debian syntax files.  (Closes: #783506)
        * syntax/debsources.vim: Recognize all Debian/Ubuntu releases, but highlight
          unsupported releases differently.
        * Add patch upstream/lcs_space-overflow.patch, which fixes an integer
          overflow when determining whether to apply listchar's space setting.  This
          fixes the test_listchars failure on certain architectures when PIE is
      vim (2:7.4.712-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-712
          + 7.4.586: Remove a cyclic dependency when generating documentation, which
            results in unreproducible builds.  (Closes: #775562)
          + 7.4.609: Use a stack of dicts and lists to be marked for garbage
            collection, thus making it iterative instead of recursive.  Fixes crash
            with some plugins written in other languages (e.g., lua).  (Closes:
          + runtime/syntax/registry.vim: Correct highlighting of comments.  (Closes:
          + runtime/syntax/strace.vim: Highlight 2-digit escape sequences the same
            as 1 or 3-digit escape sequences.  (Closes: #775113)
        * Remove backported patches upstream/v7-4-576.patch and
        * Add a Build-Conflict for autoconf2.13 to avoid a FTBFS if it's installed.
          (Closes: #781031)
      vim (2:7.4.488-7) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Backport patch 7.4.576 to fix jarring toggling of 'linebreak' option when
          using the c command to change the buffer.  (Closes: #774492)
        * Backport upstream fix for call to unknown function in NetRW plugin.
          (Closes: #768467)
      vim (2:7.4.488-6) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Build vim logo from the eps instead of pdf so the svg has the correct
          bounding box.  Thanks to Simon McVittie for the idea!  (Closes: #778477)
        * syntax/debchangelog.vim:
          + Recognize jessie, jessie-backports, and sid targets
          + Recognize binary-only=yes key value in debchangelogHeader
      vim (2:7.4.488-5) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Install icons to the proper directory.  dh_install doesn't rename files,
          even though the last upload pretended it does.
          - Use upstream's icons and remove the ones in debian/
          - Add Build-Depends: pdf2svg to create a scalable icon
      vim (2:7.4.488-4) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Move vim icon from vim-gui-common to vim-common since both vim.desktop and
          gvim.desktop use it.  (Closes: #773930)
      vim (2:7.4.488-3) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Install icons to /usr/share/icons/hicolor to work around #765069.
          (Closes: #768256)
      vim (2:7.4.488-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Actually fix the Name in vim.desktop.  (Closes: #769575)
      vim (2:7.4.488-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-488
        * Fix the Name in vim.desktop.
      vim (2:7.4.481-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-481
          + Updated Russian translation of vimtutor.  (Closes: #722673)
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim: Recognize https URLs for Vcs-Git.  (Closes:
        * debian/rules: Request all hardening features, other than fortify, from
        * Add codename for Ubuntu's next release, vivid.
        * Install a .desktop file for terminal vim.  (Closes: #760512)
      vim (2:7.4.430-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-430
          + 7.4.397: Fix paren matching in zsh scripts.  (Closes: #754507)
          + Runtime updates:
            - Improve highlighting of Python's \N{…} sequences.  (Closes: #749175)
        * Add jessie release and remove EOLed saucy release from Debian runtime
          files.  (Closes: #753823)
      vim (2:7.4.335-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-335
          + Avoid setting buftype=nofile for scp buffers.  (Closes: #743136)
          + Properly handle scp://user@host/ URLs  (Closes: #744111)
        * Remove EOLed Quantal release from Debian runtime files.
        * Transition from Lua 5.1 to Lua 5.2
      vim (2:7.4.273-2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          + Fix architecture orders to work with left-most regex matching.
      vim (2:7.4.273-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-273
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          + Correctly highlight any-x32 in Architecture field
          + Add ppc64el architecture
        * syntax/deb{changelog,sources}.vim:
          + Add codenames for Ubuntu's development release (devel, utopic)
      vim (2:7.4.253-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-253
          + 7.4.252: Clear blink timer after removing it to avoid GLib-CRITICAL
            error.  (Closes: #743668)
        * rules: Explicitly disable SMACK on Linux, in favor of SELinux.
      vim (2:7.4.225-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-225
          + Patches merged upstream:
            - upstream/python-ftplugin-include.patch and
          + netrw: Don't try to access the clipboard when support isn't enabled.
            (Closes: #737530)
          + 7.4.209: Escape a repeated command when storing it for redo.  (Closes:
          + 7.4.222: Use RbConfig::CONFIG['rubyarchhdrdir'] to allow building Vim
            against Ruby 2.x.  (Closes: #739125)
      vim (2:7.4.161-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-161
          + Fix loading of NetRW when editing a directory.  (Closes: #732091)
        * Update Ubuntu releases in Debian syntax files.
        * Add more debian-ports architectures to debcontrol syntax file.  (Closes:
        * ftplugin/debchangelog: Allow changing distribution from UNRELEASED.
          (Closes: #734267)
        * control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5, no changes needed.
        * Add shadowdir-tests.diff to fix building in a shadow build directory.
      vim (2:7.4.052-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-052
          - Remove upstream/python-ftplugin-keywordprg.patch, merged upstream
        * debian/watch: Use the pasv option.
        * debian/control: Version the ruby1.8{,-dev} Build-Conflicts now that the
          Provides: have been dropped.
      vim (2:7.4.027-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4-027
          + 7.4.003: Refresh a stale pointer in new regex engine to avoid
            dereferencing a freed pointer.  (Closes: #722081)
          + 7.4.024: Read an undo file owned by the current user, even if that
            differs from the owner of the edited file.  (Closes: #721944)
          + Use old regex engine for yamlBlockMappingKey highlighting to workaround
            performance problem with new engine.  (Closes: #719510)
      vim (2:7.4.000-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream release.
        * Upload to unstable.
        * Stop providing /usr/share/vim/vimcurrent.  It shouldn't be used by
          anything, since it's Debian specific, and the Vim packaging hasn't used it
          (other than documenting the location of debian.vim) for years.
        * Override spelling-error-in-binary … tEH the.
      vim (2:7.4b.004-1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4b-004
          + 7.4a.044: Clear window from b_wininfo in win_free().  (Closes: #717529)
        * debian/rules: Install Japanese translations of man pages.
        * Update path in binaries-have-file-conflict lintian override.
        * Use canonical URI for Vcs-*.
      vim (2:7.4a.012-1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Merge upstream tag v7-4a-012
          + New NFA regex engine.  Vim automatically determines whether to use the
            new or old engine based on the pattern.  A specific engine can be
            forced with the 'regexengine' option or within a pattern using the \%#=
          + Updated Perl syntax files
            - Adds support for Perl 5.10 syntax.  (Closes: #681606)
            - Fixes syntax highlighting when qq{} contains a } character.  (Closes:
          + Fix display of an empty entry in NetRW directory listing.  (Closes:
          + Recognize Ikiwiki's *.mdwn as markdown filetype.  (Closes: #672597)
          + 7.3.985: Call g_set_prgname() on startup to set a proper WM_CLASS.
            (Closes: #639925)
          + Source ~/.vim/vimrc or ~/.vim/gvimrc in favor of ~/.vimrc or ~/.gvimrc.
          + Update sh syntax file
            - Recognize when sh is dash and change the default behavior highlighting
              to be POSIX instead of Bourne.  (Closes: #712657, #699172)
            - Correctly highlight text after a "--".  (Closes: #713922)
        * debian/rules: Simplify version handling and bump for the pre-release.
        * Add shadowdir-fixes.patch, to fix test failures when building in a
          shadow directory.
      vim (2:7.3.923-3) unstable; urgency=low
        * Build-Conflict against ruby1.8{,-dev} to work around incorrect ruby{,-dev}
          Provides (c.f., #710022).
      vim (2:7.3.923-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fix FTBFS with M-A Python.  (Closes: #701513)
      vim (2:7.3.923-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Merge upstream tag v7-3-923
          + Updated documentation for Python syntax file.  (Closes: #613038)
          + NetRW no longer creates files in ~/.vim (or ~/.vim itself) if
            g:netrw_dirhistmax <= 0.  (Closes: #635984)
        * Remove EOLed Oneiric and Hardy releases from Debian runtime files.  Add
          Saucy and wheezy-backports.
        * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4, no changes needed.
        * Recognize “-b $branch” as part of a Vcs-Git field.  (Closes: #702751)
      vim (2:7.3.831-1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Merge upstream tag v7-3-831
          + Merged patches:
            - upstream/debian-runtime-spell.patch, upstream/if_py-crash.patch,
              upstream/netrw-syntax-fix.patch, upstream/remove-py_config.patch
          + 7.3.607: Swap fg and bg colors for completion menu.  (Closes: #680772)
          + 7.3.750: Fix off-by-one error in justify macro.  (Closes: #620106)
          + 7.3.751: Retry test61 once if it fails.
            - Remove the explicit ignoring of test61 failures in debian/rules
        * Mark "DM-Upload-Allowed" in debian/control files as an "Error", since the
          field is no longer supported by the Debian archives.
        * Re-enable vim-gnome on m68k.
        * Update Ubuntu release names in Debian runtime files.
      vim (2:7.3.547-7) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add vim-lesstif.preinst to handle transitioning /usr/share/doc/vim-lesstif
          from a symlink to a directory.  (Closes: #700069)
        * Add clarification to short description of vim-nox.  (Closes: #699780)
      vim (2:7.3.547-6) unstable; urgency=low
        * Always enable ACL support.  (Closes: #693462)
      vim (2:7.3.547-5) unstable; urgency=low
        * Use xz compression for all binary packages.  (Closes: #687265)
        * Backport patches 7.3.652 and 7.3.661 to fix crash in Python bindings when
          GCC 4.7 is used to build Vim.  (Closes: #678122)
      vim (2:7.3.547-4) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add remove-py_config.patch, removing the dependence on Python's config.c.
          (Closes: #681599)
      vim (2:7.3.547-3) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add netrw-syntax-fix.patch to fix a syntax error in NetRead's ftp
          handling.  (Closes: #678513)
      vim (2:7.3.547-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Work around GCC 4.7 optimization bug, #678122, by explicitly using gcc-4.6
      vim (2:7.3.547-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Merge upstream tag v7-3-547
        * Change ruby(-dev) Build-Depends to use unversioned package names in order
          to build with the default ruby version.
        * Add spell-check support to Debian control syntax file.
      vim (2:7.3.524-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Merge upstream tag v7-3-524
          + Recognize git commit files in submodules. (Closes: #663735)
          + Fix NetRW's munging of options when opening files.  (Closes: #661720)
          + 7.3.485: Use environment's LDFLAGS when building xxd.  (Closes: #663605)
          + Update recognized keywords for dircolors syntax.  (Closes: #660632)
        * Exclude the tools directory from the install.
          + Stop shipping scripts which use Perl4 functionality.  (Closes: #659431)
          + Remove lintian overrides for csh scripts.
          + Remove patch debian/awk-shebang.patch
        * Remove EOLed Lenny/Maverick releases, add Quantal release to runtime
        * Remove upstream/po-syntax-cpo.patch, merged upstream.
        * Remove upstream/debian-runtime-*.patch, merged upstream.
        * Remove upstream/fr-manpage-fixes.patch, merged upstream.
        * Remove upstream/xdefaults-syntax-define.patch, merged upstream.
        * Add lintian override for binaries-have-file-conflict.  vim-runtime diverts
          vim-tiny's doc/help.txt and doc/tags.
        * Remove unused menu-icon-missing override.
      vim (2:7.3.429-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Ignore failures in test61 since it is highly sensitive to timing.
          Slow/heavily loaded systems will cause the test to fail.  (Closes:
        * Install bug scripts with correct permissions.
          + Use dh_bugfiles to simplify process
          + Bump debhelper B-D to >= 7.2.3~
      vim (2:7.3.429-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull upstream tag v7-3-429
          + Updated sshconfig syntax file.  (Closes: #594296)
          + 7.3.365: Fix crash when using a large Unicode character with syntax
            highlighting.  (Closes: #657777)
          + Updated java indent file handles indentation of annotations.  (Closes:
        * Add new education and introspection sections to debcontrol syntax file.
          (Closes: #651381)
        * Update vim-common's mime information to handle only having vim-tiny
          installed.  (Closes: #654674)
          + Add test -x /usr/bin/vim for the vim entries.
          + Add lower-priority vi entries.
        * Use new --enable-fail-if-missing flag to make configure fail if an
          interpreter is enabled but configure test fails.
        * Add bug script to show what binaries the vi/vim/gvim symlinks point to.
        * Only use /u/s/dpkg/default.mk when available.
          + Reduce versioned B-D on dpkg-dev
          + Manually set relevant makefile variables if file isn't present
        * Add alternate libncurses5-dev B-D to ease backporting.
      vim (2:7.3.363-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull upstream tag v7-3-363
          + 7.3.358: Fix mouse handling since urxvt support.  (Closes: #647055)
        * Set vim-lesstif's section to oldlibs, as suggested by
      vim (2:7.3.346-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull upstream tag v7-3-346
          + 7.3.337: Redraw the screen after resizing the terminal.  (Closes:
          + 7.3.343: Add mouse support for urxvt.
          + 7.3.344: Use read()/write() instead of fputs()/fread() to detect when
            the child GUI process has started.  (Closes: #644639)
        * Don't build vim-gnome on m68k, since the dependencies aren't available.
        * Update Debian runtime files for Precise Pangolin.  (Closes: #644489)
        * Use correct DEB_VERSION_* make variable for update-orig target.
        * Also use CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS from /u/s/dpkg/buildflags.mk
        * Change libncurses5-dev B-D to libtinfo-dev.
        * Remove patch de.po-lesen.patch, merged upstream.
        * Set DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS=hardening=-fortify so we don't override
          upstream's handling.
        * Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2, no changes needed.
      vim (2:7.3.333-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull upstream tag v7-3-333
          + 7.3.318: Fix behavior of C on empty last line.  (Closes: #642432)
          + 7.3.323: Recognize a few more patterns for GCC error messages.  (Closes:
          + 7.3.333: Handle multi-byte characters when using `.' to repeat a
            command.  (Closes: #632542)
        * debian/rules: Remove debian/lintian/vim in clean-vim-basic
        * debian/rules: Include makefiles from dpkg-dev.
          + Bump dpkg-dev versioned B-D >= 1.16.1
      vim (2:7.3.315-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull upstream tag v7-3-315.
          + 7.3.295: When select() is interrupted loop and try again.  (Closes:
          + 7.3.300: Python doesn't parse multi-byte argument correctly. (Closes:
        * Recognize armhf as an architecture in debcontrol files.  (Closes: #638873)
        * Fix typo in vim policy.  Thanks to Jakub Wilk for the patch.  (Closes:
        * Add GenericName field to desktop file. (Closes: #641037)
        * Use versioned ruby binary name to ensure we're getting the correct build
      vim (2:7.3.280-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull upstream tag v7-3-280.
          + Remove patches/crontab-syntax-case-ignore, merged upstream.
          + Remove patches/debcontrol-syntax-multiarch, merged upstream
          + Remove patches/dosini-syntax-hash, merged upstream
          + 7.3.261: Parse GCC 4.5+ "In file included from" messages correctly when
            using quickfix.  (Closes: #621693)
        * debian/control:
          + Add vim-lua Provides to packages which are built with lua bindings.
          + Add Lua to long description for the packages which provide the bindings.
        * Drop +hg~$hash from the version string now that upstream is tagging the
          minor updates.
        * Update Debian/Ubuntu codenames in debchangelog/debsources syntax files.
          (Closes: #624686)
        * Add support for architecture wildcards in debcontrol syntax file.  Thanks
          to Jakub Wilk for the patch.  (Closes: #624805)
        * Remove path and extension from Icon key in the desktop file.  Thanks to
          Michael Bienia for the patch.  (Closes: #624688, LP: #740842)
        * debian/watch: Change dversionmangle to just drop the patch version.
        * Make the leading XC- optional for the Package-Type header in debcontrol
          syntax file.  Thanks to Guillem Jover for the patch.  (Closes: #628763)
        * Improve syntax highlighting for automake files.  Based on a patch by
          Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #628759)
      vim (2:7.3.154+hg~74503f6ee649-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Remove upstream/Makefile-parallel.patch as many parallel invocations of
          upstream's Makefile may result in multiple instances of cp trying to
          exclusively open src/auto/config.mk.
        * debian/rules: Add a src/auto/config.mk target which all configure-*
          targets have as a pre-requisite.
      vim (2:7.3.154+hg~74503f6ee649-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull patches 036 - 154.  (Closes: #608390)
          + 7.3.042: Clear the spell checking info only when clearing the options
            for a buffer.  (Closes: #600688)
          + 7.3.088: Fix a sporadic crash when using Ruby bindings.  (Closes:
          + 7.3.091: Don't write special K_IGNORE codes when recording a Vim
            session.  (Closes: #608242)
        * debian/watch: Adjust dversionmangle to handle the hg naming.
        * Add upstream/es.po-recover.patch, which corrects the translation of the
          swap file recovery prompt.  Thanks to Vicente Couce Díaz for the patch.
          (Closes: #606947)
        * debian/rules:
          + Remove -Wl,--as-needed since upstream now uses that when available.
          + Disable dynamic loading of language bindings until a more robust method
            of handling their dependencies is determined.  (Closes: #611573)
        * Remove vim-lesstif package in favor of the new vim-athena package.
        * Add upstream/pythoncomplete-autoload-init.patch, which ensures PyParser's
          parserline variable is initialized.  Thanks to John Eikenberry for the
          patch.  (Closes: #608420)
        * Bump debhelper compatibility to 7.
          + Use dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k.
          + Bump debhelper Build-Depends to >= 7.
        * debian.vim: Remove BufRead autocmd which was incorrectly setting
          filetype=mail for reportbug.conf.  Reportbug's temp files are always
          reportbug-*.  (Closes: #621798)
        * Add upstream/debcontrol-syntax-multiarch.patch, which adds syntax
          highlighting of Multi-Arch fields in debian/control.  Thanks to Thomas
          Preud'homme for the patch.  (Closes: #621098)
        * debian/control:
          + Remove python3-dev Build-Depends since python3interp can only be enabled
            if dynamically loading the language binding libraries.
          + Change ruby Build-Depends to ruby1.8 since the unversioned packages are
            going away.
        * Add upstream/Makefile-parallel.patch, which adds the "shadow" target to
          the top-level Makefile so src/config.mk.dist is properly copied to
          src/auto/config.mk before invoking src/Makefile.  This fixes parallel
          builds since config.mk.dist was introduced.
        + Update Lintian overrides for the consistent path names in 2.5.0.
      vim (2:7.3.035+hg~8fdc12103333-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull patches 001 - 035.
          + More robust YAML highlighting.  (Closes: #535682)
        * debian/rules:
          + Stop overriding CFLAGS on the command-line when invoking make.  Upstream
            enforces an upper-limit of 1 for _FORTIFY_SOURCE due to the use of
            flexible arrays in nested structs, which improperly cause Vim to crash
            with _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2.
          + Use DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS instead of DEB_HOST_GNU_SYSTEM to determine whether
            Linux-specific functionality is enabled.
          + Use dpkg-vendor to change build configuration when building on Ubuntu.
            Thanks to Michael Bienia for the patch.
        * Make helpztags capable of generating tags files for non-English help
          files.  (Closes: #600248)
        * Debian runtime:
          + Add natty as a recognized distribution.  (Closes: #600560)
          + Add metapackages as a recognized section.  (Closes: #600562)
          + Remove etch as a recognized distribution.
        * debian/control: Add dpkg-dev (>= 1.15.1) Build-Depends for dpkg-vendor.
      vim (2:7.3.000+hg~ee53a39d5896-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream release.
        * debian/rules:
          + Explicitly use the dynamic loading Python interfaces.
          + Remove cleanup from clean target which are now properly handled by
            upstream's Makefile.
        * Update version information in documentation.
      vim (2:7.3f.20100812+hg~20e83abf88b1-1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Merge latest 7.3f pre-release.
          + Correctly restore multi-byte terminal titles when exiting Vim.  (Closes:
          + Highlight text inside math zones correctly for tex files.  (Closes:
          + Recognize nested cite regions in tex files.  (Closes: #444288)
          + Support syntax highlighting of bash's $"".  (Closes: #473736)
        * Patches merged upstream:
          + perl-indent-block.patch
          + logcheck-ftplugin.patch
          + tex-syntax-verbatim-spell.patch
        * Enable Lua scripting.
          + Add liblua5.1-0-dev and lua5.1 to Build-Depends.
          + Enable lua interface via dynamic loading.
        * Switch Perl interface to dynamic loading.
        * debian/rules: Prefer running tests with the vim-nox binary if it's
        * Bump Standards-Version to -- no changes needed.
      vim (2:7.3b.20100720+hg~7b7508ee56f1-1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Merge 7.3b pre-release.
          + Don't run autocommands when being killed to avoid overrunning the stack.
            (Closes: #580961)
          + Detect when the recovered buffer matches the on-disk file and notify the
            user.  (Closes: #89359)
          + Update CMake runtime files.  (Closes: #463715)
          + Correctly set timestamp for X selection transfers.  (Closes: #577035)
          + Improve 'cindent's handling of javascript.  (Closes: #588875)
          + Correctly displays characters inserted via digraph sequences which wrap
            to a new line.  (Closes: #442184)
        * Patches merged upstream:
          + it-manpage-fixes.patch
          + lang-breaks-floating-point.patch
          + python-modlibs.patch:
            - Remove autoconf Build-Depends as configure.in isn't being patched
            - Remove autoconf-stamp pre-requisite for configure-stamp-% target.
        * Update debian/rules to handle the snapshot versioning.
        * Enable Python3 language interface.
          + Add python3-dev to Build-Depends.
          + Pass --enable-python3interp to configure when building variants with
            language interfaces enabled.
      vim (2:7.2.445+hg~cb94c42c0e1a-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * debian/control:
          + Use Breaks instead of Conflicts for the gvimtutor move.
          + Use linux-any wildcards for linux-specific Build-Depends.  (Closes:
          + Bump Standards-Version to
        * Pull patches 439 - 445.
        * runtime/ftplugin/debchangelog.vim: Use “silent!” to avoid errors when
          disabling the menu.  Thanks to Jan Christoph Ebersbach for the patch.
      vim (2:7.2.438+hg~d44112feb815-5) unstable; urgency=low
        * Rework the diversion handling again.
          + vim-runtime.preinst: Add diversion on major version upgrades.
          + vim-runtime.postrm: Remove old diversion on major version upgrades.
          + vim-runtime Breaks vim-tiny less than the current source version.
      vim (2:7.2.438+hg~d44112feb815-4) unstable; urgency=low
        * vim-runtime.preinst: Use the right function name for removing diversions
          when upgrading across major versions.
      vim (2:7.2.438+hg~d44112feb815-3) unstable; urgency=low
        * vim-runtime.preinst:
          + Remove code handling the Etch->Lenny diversion fixup.
          + Add handling of diversions when upgrading across major versions.
        * vim-runtime.postrm: Remove diversions on abort-install and disappear.
        * Move gvimtutor to vim-gui-common from vim-runtime. (LP: #484851)
        * debian/control: Remove versioned relationships which are satisified in
      vim (2:7.2.438+hg~d44112feb815-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fix FTBFS with parallel builds and using the autoconf target to update the
          configure script.
      vim (2:7.2.438+hg~d44112feb815-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull patches 437 - 438.
          + 7.2.438: Fix crash when running “vim -r”.  (Closes: #583122)
        * Cherry-pick upstream/lang-breaks-floating-point.patch from upstream to
          prevent floating point functionality from breaking when the :lang command
          is issued.  (Closes: #582421)
        * Fix building against Debian's Python 2.6 package.  (Closes: #566842)
          + Cherry-pick upstream/python-modlibs.patch from upstream.
          + debian/control: Add autoconf to Build-Depends.
          + debian/rules: Re-generate configure at build time and remove on clean.
      vim (2:7.2.436+hg~e12b9d992389-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pull patches 331 - 436.
          + 7.2.367: Make xxd follow documented behavior when using “-r -p”.
            (Closes: #567041)
          + 7.2.405: Re-enable default value for IncSearch to allow highlighting of
            matched text when using :substitute's c flag.  (Closes: #572994)
          + 7.2.413: Largefile support for all Vim packages.  (LP: #128494)
          + 7.2.426: Require literal commas be escaped in 'langmap'.  (Fixes
            #233008, obviating upstream/langmap-comma-parsing.patch)
          + 7.2.429: Specifically check for ENOENT to decide a file doesn't exist.
            Also fixes the check for EFBIG/EOVERFLOW.  (Closes: #430205, #139510)
          + Updated runtime files:
            - Fix sqlcomplete's <Left>/<Right> maps so they don't interfere with
              normal usage.  (Closes: #560083)
            - Recognize Perl 5.10's “state” keyword.  (Closes: #499644)
            - Handle a wider variety of quoting operators in Perl.  (Closes:
        * debian/control:
          + Update Vcs-* to point to the Mercurial repository.
          + Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4, no changes needed.
        * vim-policy: Update links to package descriptions and repository.
        * Reword presubj to provide a few methods for narrowing down the bug's
        * debian/rules:
          + Specify STRIP=: when running upstream's install targets to prevent
            upstream's automatic stripping.
          + Pass the --with-modified-by to the Debian Vim maintainers list.
          + Remove git helper targets.
          + Remove get-orig-source target and related variables, since we're just
            using the upstream Mercurial repository.
        * debian/source/format: Switch to “3.0 (quilt)”.
        * debian/README.source: Update description according to the change to
          Mercurial and use of “3.0 (quilt)” source format.
        * runtime/ftplugin/debchangelog.vim: Update completion of Ubuntu bugs based
          on a patch from Michael Bienia.  (Closes: #566841)
        * runtime/syntax/{debchangelog,debsources}.vim: Remove intrepid and add
          maverick to the set of Ubuntu releases.
        * Use case-insensitive matching for month and day of week names in crontab's
          syntax file.  Thanks to Chris Butler for the patch.  (Closes: #568378)
      vim (2:7.2.330-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * [34a85b6] Update README for patches 285 - 330
          - [1aee41b] [7.2.294] when using TEMPDIRS dir name could get too long
            (Closes: #544682)
          - [f3ea2c2] [7.2.300] file descriptors not closed when executing external
            command (Closes: #290507)
          - [f3ce928] [7.2.324] a negative column argument in setpos() may cause a
            crash (Closes: #563071)
        * [fd76420] Sync runtime files
          - NetRW updated to handle 'equalalways' being set, but window sizes not
            being equal.  (Closes: #346089)
        * debian/control:
          - [49f131e] Add Depends: ${misc:Depends} to all binary stanzas.
          - [8973628] Bump Standards-Version, no changes required
          - [12ac9a3] Remove Pierre Habouzit from Uploaders.
      vim (2:7.2.284-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          - [b997413] Add highlighting of Breaks field (Closes: #541989)
          - [05a38bf] Recognize lpia and kopensolaris-i386. (Closes: #543207)
        * [a85b832] Update README for patches 246 - 259
          - [669e098] [7.2.256] GTK font dialog doesn't have a default when
            'guifont' not set  (Closes: #307158)
          - [f4ed8fc] [7.2.257] GTK 2.17: lots of assertion error messages (Closes:
        * [83583c3] Add Ubuntu's next release, lucid, to the Debian-related runtime
        * [87f3b00] update-runtime: Use -A option for git-add so deleted files
          are committed.
        * [60cbb45] Sync runtime files
          - Updated remind.vim syntax file. (Closes: #536770)
          - Fix typos in Japanese vimtutor. (Closes: #539577)
        * [96dca67] Move html docs from /u/s/d/vim-common/html to /u/s/d/vim-
        * [9fec1cd] Use usr_toc.html for the usermanual Index page.
        * [fbacb18] Update README for patches 268 - 284
          - [76d3dad] [7.2.283] GTK: changing font doesn't keep the window maximized
            (Closes: #466088)
        * [6e51684] debsources.vim: Recognize rc-buggy (alias for experimental).
          (Closes: #553525)
      vim (2:7.2.245-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * [5263ec7] Add Suggests: indent to vim-tiny since it will invoke indent
          when the user tries to re-indent text without 'equalprg' set. (Closes:
        * [f24fadd] Restore previous behavior of Vim looking for its (g)vimrc in
          $VIM for non vim-tiny packages.  Only vim-tiny will look in /etc/vimrc.
      vim (2:7.2.245-1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * debian/rules:
          - [b131ea4] Remove SHELL=/bin/bash (again) along with the bashisms
          - [ac8c907] Build Vim to look for its (g)vimrc at /etc/vim/(g)vimrc, not
            in $VIM.  This allows Vim to find the files even if /usr isn't mounted,
            in preparation for moving vim-tiny to /bin.
          - [24ab3e8] Remove calls to dh_desktop since desktop files are now handled
            by triggers.
          - [67f3b5b] Only install the UTF-8 versions of the man pages (Closes:
        * Debian-related runtime files:
          - [3071077] Remove gutsy as a valid distribution -- EOLed.
          - [be3e3b7] Add avr32 as a valid architecture. (Closes: #528438)
          - [1e21fa5] Fix the upload target highlighting so experimental isn't
            flagged as an error. (Closes: #532027)
          - [9ed9ffd] Syntax highlight X[SB]-Python-Version and
            XSBC-Original-Maintainer. (Closes: #536657)
          - [ab86bac] Properly highlight comments in multi-line fields in
        * [ea1da8a] Update README for patches 149 - 191
        * [f0b6a54] Update README for patches 192 - 196
        * [6c7d809] Update README for patches 197 - 209
        * [7489ef5] vim-variant.prerm: Cleanup of mis-handled alternatives is
          no longer needed
        * [7be3c83] vim-variant.postinst: Remove directory->symlink code from
        * Lintian cleanups:
          - [0be1067] debian/control: Remove Priority fields from binary package
            stanzas if they're the same as the source package stanza.
          - [bfba0d4] debian/control: Add version for debhelper Build-Depends
          - [6fb245c] debian/control: Remove version for make Build-Depends
          - [d62624b] debian/control: Drop make from Build-Depends since we the
            version we were Build-Depending on is available in Lenny and it is a
            build-essential package.
          - [2fd98ed] Use “set -e” instead of passing -e on the shebang line for
            maintainer scripts.
          - [1759cb6] Fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign in French man pages
          - [a749e25] Fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign/manpage-has-errors-from-man in
            Russian man pages
          - [b9533d9] Fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign in English man pages
          - [64aeabe] Fix manpage-has-errors-from-man in Polish man pages
          - [7125002] Fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign in Italian man page
          - [4f9d282] Install upstream's README file which describes the patches
            made since the last major upstream release as the upstream changelog.
        * [fe81bdf] Restrict spell checking in matlab filetype to
          strings/comments (Closes: #509123)
        * [567c06a] Add debian/update-runtime script to automate syncing the latest
          runtime files from upstream's ftp site.
        * [6082754] Update README for patches 210 - 239
          - [ef67fb5] [7.2.221] X cut_buffer0 text may be used in the wrong encoding
            (Closes: #531372)
        * [f8033cf] Sync runtime files from upstream's ftp
          - Support automatically reading/writing lzma files (Closes: #535665)
        * [8132670] Make NRead's behavior for HTTP consistent across backends.  They
          will all download source by default but some can be configured to download
          rendered text. (Closes: #525422)
        * [cb968f3] Update README for patches 240 - 245
        * [e1e7abe] Sync runtime files from upstream's ftp
          - Add LocalCommand keyword to sshconfig.vim (Closes: #536299)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * [5f48b8d] Removing myself from Uploaders list.
      vim (2:7.2.148-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * [0657c8d] debian/rules: SHELL really does need to be bash...
      vim (2:7.2.148-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * [a97ec6d] Remove transitional vim-{full,perl,python,ruby,tcl}
          packages as they were simply needed for Etch -> Lenny transitions.
        * debian/control:
          - [d92f9ec] Set vim-dbg to Section: debug to match the override.
          - [5677315] Bump S-V to; no changes needed.
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          - [8089fae] Update list of valid sections.  (Closes: #520041)
          - [2301bbd] Add kfreebsd-amd64 to architecture list.
        * [5474b86] syntax/debsources.vim: Enable spell-checking only for
        * [33a8ff5] helpztags: Sanity check filenames being processed.
          (Closes: #523963)
        * [502102f] Update README for patches 131 - 148
          - [f4547c6] [7.2.147] cursor in wrong position after Tab for small version
            (Closes: #506658)
        * [ab97c3c] Sync runtime files from upstream.
          - Correct checks which determine whether to use the c filetype for header
            files.  (Closes: #524338)
          - Properly escape filenames when deleting a file from NetRW.
        * [1baf458] Add karmic as a valid distribution for Debian-related
          runtime files.
        * debian/rules:
          - [e8715d6] Remove stale comment and unnecessary use of bash as $SHELL
          - [b11bf9f] Build vim.pot for translations.
          - [665588f] update-orig will tag/archive either the upstream or
            upstream-runtime branch as the upstream source based on whether there
            are differences between the two.
        * [fd87319] compiler/javac.vim: Remove automatic appending of filename
          to compiler command as that removes flexibility from the user.  Re-opens
        * [5ef47fb] README.source: Update text to match current practice regarding
          generating the orig.tar.gz and branch merging.
      vim (2:7.2.130-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * [3694d28] Update README for patches 80 - 093
        * [7a0baa7] update-patches: Redirect `which' output to /dev/null
        * [6313a2e] Remove sarge and add squeeze to the Debian syntax files
        * [5623ecb] Update README for patches 94 - 108
        * [a80edd8] syntax/fstab.vim: Recognize ext4 related options (Closes:
        * [813748e] Update README for patches 109 - 130
          - [9cff935] [7.2.130] Vim may haing until CTRL-C is typed when using
            CTRL-Z  (Closes: #516580)
      vim (2:7.2.079-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * [4d191a4] Update README for patches 50 - 065
        * [37bd8e4] Update README for patches 66 - 079
          - [43035e4] [7.2.068] error when Emacs tags file line is too long (Closes:
        * debian/update-patches:
          - [38e4f12] die if lftp isn't installed
          - [fe1a8f1] Set GIT_AUTHOR_DATE when committing upstream patches
        * [b5182c2] Fix a few typos in the French translation (Closes:
        * [75a19d8] vim-runtime: Remove old version diversions in postinst
          (Closes: #503757)
        * [b170d58] debian/rules: Call dh_desktop for vim-gui-common
      vim (2:7.2.049-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * [444b68d] syntax/python.vim: Add missing contained keyword for
          pythonDecoratorName (Closes: #504510)
      vim (2:7.2.049-1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * [9525410] Remove EOLd feisty and add jaunty to
        * [c154fa3,606fc00] Update README for patches 026 - 049
        * [233b1c9] Add recognition of PRUNENAMES variable to syntax/updatedb.vim
          (Closes: #504084)
        * [f7bfa57] Don't install vim alternatives for vim-tiny.  vim-tiny is built
          to act like vi, so the vim alternative just causes more confusion than
          it's worth (by default).
        * [f0116b4] Make vim-runtime Conflict vim-tiny << ${source:Version} to
          ensure diversions don't cause problems when upgrading to a new major
          upstream version.  (Closes: #503757)
        * [401c913] Include rgb.txt in vim-runtime (Closes: #505069)
        * [045810d] Fix a typo in ftplugin/gitcommit.vim's comments... (Closes:
        * [b4fe540,3454e66] Correctly highlight Python decorator names. (Closes:
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * [64d3690] policy: bump version and copyright year
      vim (2:7.2.025-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Remove "deprecated" warnings about (g)vimrc.local from /etc/vim/(g)vimrc.
        * src/if_python.c: Strip empty directories from Python's sys.path to prevent
          Vim from using its current working directory as a module import path.
          (Closes: #493937)
        * debian/rules: Do not run tests in parallel as that may interfere with
          their results.
      vim (2:7.2.025-1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * New upstream patches (011 - 025), see README for details.
        * debian/update-patches:
          - Clear $snapshot since 7.2 was released
          - Handle the -- arg that git-sh-setup adds.
          - Adjust git-sh-setup usage for git 1.6.
        * Add logcheck ftplugin/detection to set tw=0.  (Closes: #382986)
        * Fix a typo in the Spanish vimtutor.  (Closes: #495298)
        * Lintian fixes:
          - Remove gvim.desktop's "Encoding" key.
          - Add #DEBHELPER# to vim-common.preinst.
          - Add "set -e" to the maintainer scripts which were lacking it.
        * debian/rules: Remove the phony install-stamp target.  Thanks to Bernhard
          Link for pointing this out.
        * debian/control: Remove unnecessary lynx Build-Depends.
        * debian/policy/Makefile: Use $(INSTALL_STUFF) to refer to the generated
          files in all targets.
        * debian/runtime/vimrc.in:
          - Use lastest last-position-jump snippet and keep it on one line
          - Remove the "in terminals" qualification of the 'mouse' option
        * debian/runtime/debian.vim: Set the papersize without using the shell.
          Thanks to Matt Wozniski for the idea.
        * debian/vim-runtime.preinst.in: Actually populate $inst and compare it
          against a valid state.
        * runtime/ftplugin/perl.vim: Remove Debian-specific keywordprg setting since
          upstream added their own.
      vim (2:7.2.010-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * src/normal.c: Only use the word under the cursor when constructing the
          'keywordprg' command.
        * debian/control: Remove unnecessary lynx Build-Depends.
        * Add missing "set -e" to vim-common and vim-runtime maintainer scripts.
      vim (2:7.2.010-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (1 - 10), see README.gz for details.
          - 7.2.010 correctly escapes the visually selected text used by the K
            command.  (CVE-2008-4101, Closes: #500381)
        * Add note to NEWS about how to re-enable filetype plugins.
      vim (2:7.2.000-3) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add vim-runtime.preinst to handle removing /etc/vim/vimrc.tiny when
          upgrading to 1:7.1.293-2 or later.  The conffile was moved to vim-tiny and
          therefore needs to be removed before the new vim-tiny is installed so dpkg
          forgets about it.  (Closes: #499451)
      vim (2:7.2.000-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * src/main.c: After further discussion with upstream, revert behavior of
          -N/-C causing (no)compatible to be set after all startup files/plugins are
           sourced, c.f. #438560.
        * debian/NEWS: Remove entry from a test build
        * debian.vim: Remove commented out settings since this isn't meant to be
          modified by users.
        * /etc/vim/vimrc: Update filetype plugin comment to correctly state that
          filetype plugins aren't enabled by default.
      vim (2:7.2.000-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream release (7.2)
        * debian/vim-runtime.preinst: Handle a couple of cases where files are
          left-behind or diversions setup incorrectly if vim-tiny was currently
          installed during the transition to vim-runtime Replacing vim-tiny.
          (Closes: #492450)
      vim (2:7.2c.000-1) experimental; urgency=low
        * New upstream release candidate.
          - 7.2b.026 fixes continuous disk activity after using GTK2's "Recent
            Files" selector.  (Closes: #456897)
          - runtime/syntax/zsh.vim: Fixed highlighting of "here-string" redirection.
            (Closes: #482373)
        * runtime/filetype.vim: Remove duplicate apache filetype detection.
        * runtime/autoload/netrw.vim: Fix deletion of incorrect file in wide display
          listing.  Using Jan Minář's patch from the vim-dev list.  (Closes:
        * debian.vim: Do not enable 'autoindent' and filetype plugins by default.
        * vim-runtime.preinst: Use proper invocation of dpkg-divert when removing
        * README.Debian: Note that securemodelines is in vim-scripts.
        * runtime/syntax/tex.vim: Revert diversions from upstream for packages
          upstream author doesn't support.
        * debian/rules: Instruct configure not to look at /usr/local for
      vim (2:7.2b.001-1) experimental; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * New upstream release candidate and patch (001), see README.gz for details.
          - 7.2a.004 use wget/curl/fetch if available for downloading spellfiles.
            (Closes: #487221)
          - runtime/autoload/netrw.vim:
            + No longer creates an "undeletable" buffer when 'hidden' is set.
              (Closes: #482776)
            + Screen is redrawn after invoking external file handler.  (Closes:
            + Hidden files are correctly opened when using NetRW's wide listing.
              (Closes: #487385)
            + Escaping of filenames cleaned-up which allows opening BTS attachments
              again.  (Closes: #488557)
          - runtime/autoload/netrwsettings.vim: Remove use of non-existent
            variables.  (Closes: #488881)
          - runtime/syntax/sh.vim
            + Use stricter matches for shell loop control.  (Closes: #486114)
        * Bump epoch and use a saner format for the snapshot versioning.
        * runtime/syntax/debcontrol.vim: Hilight DM-Upload-Allowed in control files
          (Closes: #485119)
        * runtime/filetype.vim:
          - Udev filetype detection should match /etc/udev/*.rules not /etc/udev.d
          - Remove duplicate debcontrol detection
          - Detect .ptl files as python.  Thanks to Santiago Ruano Rincón for the
            patch.  (Closes: #399784)
        * debian/control:
          - Add libxt-dev Build-Depends.
          - vim-runtime Depends dpkg (>= 1.14.20) for sane dpkg-divert behavior.
        * debian/rules:
          - Update handling of DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS according to policy 3.8.0
          - Explicitly call upstream's installgtutorbin target
          - Add a manpage for gvimtutor by symlinking to the vimtutor manpage.
          - Remove needless branch checkouts from update-orig target.
        * debian/update-patches:
          - Update for 7.2b beta.  Cleanup some code.
          - Redirect git-show's stderr to /dev/null.
          - Remove an erroneous comment.
          - Include the patch number in the summary.
          - Use git add debian/README instead of specifying the file to git-commit
          - Fix syntax of an if block.
          - Ignore leading 0's in patch numbers so they aren't treated as octal.
          - Improve handling when fetching the first patch to a new release.
        * debian/vim-runtime.links: Add gvimtutor.1 symlink.
        * debian/vim-runtime.install: Use the upstream-installed gvimtutor instead
          of the one from the src directory.
        * debian/vim-common.install: Explicitly list which manpages are installed to
          vim-common instead of installing all of /usr/share/man and sorting it out
          in debian/rules.
        * debian/vim-common.links: Remove listed symlinks which are generated by
        * runtime/syntax/debcontrol.vim: Accept http URIs as valid for Vcs-Git.
          Thanks to martin krafft for the patch.  (Closes: #489853)
        * runtime/tools/vimm: Use printf instead of echo to avoid bashisms.
          (Closes: 489667)
        * src/ui.c: Remove "#if defined" checks around check_col/check_row
          definitions to fix a compile error when building vim-tiny.
        * debian/vim-runtime.preinst, debian/vim-runtime.postrm:
          - Remove special handling of adding/removing diversions now that
            dpkg-divert behavior is fixed (and migrated).
          - Add vim72a to the list of previous diversions to remove on upgrade (if
            only dpkg handled diversions internally...)
        [ Gerfried Fuchs ]
        * runtime/syntax/debchangelog.vim: package names are allowed to start off
          with alphanumeric, not only alpha.
      vim (1:7.2.0~a-1) experimental; urgency=low
        * New upstream release candidate.
          - Setting 'pastetoggle' to a multi-key string works again.  (Closes:
          - Match offsets work correctly with multi-byte characters.  (Closes:
          - GNU Screen is detected as supporting xterm mouse codes.
        * Merged upstream:
          - src/spell.c: Check for EOF while reading the spelllang file in case it
            is a corrupt file.
        * debian/README:
          - Removed until upstream adds one for 7.2
        * debian/rules:
          - Update upstream version to 7.2a snapshot
        * debian/vim-runtime.preinst:
          - The diversions we use are under a versioned directory based on the major
            upstream version.  Need to remove the diversions for the vim71
        * Change the shebang lines in all maintainer scripts back to #!/bin/sh since
          we no longer use bashisms.
        * debian/lintian/vim-runtime:
          - Generate this file in debian/rules so the override always has the right
            versioned directory.
      vim (1:7.1.314-3) unstable; urgency=high
        * Update runtime files affected by the filename escape vulnerability.
          (CVE 2008-2712, Closes: #486502)
        * debian/vim-runtime.preinst:
          - Only add the diversions if the preinst is called with the "install" or
            "upgrade" (to handle the previous mishandling in postrm) arguments.
        * debian/vim-runtime.postrm:
          - Only remove the diversions if the postrm is called with the "remove"
            argument.  (Closes: #486446)
        * runtime/menu.vim:
          - Escape the buffer name when using the "Window -> Split File Explorer"
            menu item.  (Closes: #486417)
      vim (1:7.1.314-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * debian/rules:
          - Tell configure to only check the GUI toolkit specific to the variant
            being built.  (Closes: #486319, #486336)
        * runtime/ftplugin/debchangelog.vim:
          - Merge Launchpad bug completion from Ubuntu.
          - Specify the full path when calling apt-listbugs instead of relying on
            /usr/sbin being in the user's path.
          - Improve error handling for Launchpad bug completion.
      vim (1:7.1.314-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (294 - 314), see README.gz for details.
          - SELinux support merged upstream
        * Update NetRW to version 125n (pre-release).
          - Calculate length of multi-byte strings properly.  (Closes: #474609)
          - Display/navigate symlinks to directories properly.  (Closes: #474980)
        * Update vim-git runtime files.
        * debian/update-patches:
          - Fix determination of patch level from last commit.
          - Use debian:debian/README to determine current patch level.
          - Don't exit on error since that prevents correcting merges.
          - Use a standard commit message for debian/README.
        * runtime/ftplugin/debchangelog.vim:
          - NewVersion() should only call foldopen if folding is enabled.
        * runtime/macros/justify.vim:
          - Calculate strlen for multi-byte strings properly.  (Closes: #481115)
        * debian/rules:
          - Make use of upstream's "shadow" directories so the variants can be built
            in parallel.
          - Remove .NOTPARALLEL to allow parallel building.
          - Remove useless dh_shlibdeps call in the binary-indep target.
          - Remove autoconf-stamp target since we're no longer patching configure.
        * debian/vim-runtime.install:
          - Add new gvimtutor to vim-runtime package.
        * Very carefully divert vim-tiny's help.txt and helptags so they will still
          be in place if vim-runtime is removed.
        * debian/control:
          - Remove vim-runtime's Replaces of vim-tiny since the conflicting files
            are now handled by diversions.
      vim (1:7.1.293-3) unstable; urgency=low
        * runtime/syntax/debchangelog.vim,debsources.vim:
          - Update the list of supported Ubuntu releases.
        * debian/policy/vim-policy.xml:
          - Remove svn keywords since it's not being stored in svn anymore.
        * debian/vim-variant.postinst:
          - Remove switching on $1 since it's safe to always add the alternatives.
        * debian/vim-variants.prerm:
          - Add removal of alternatives during deconfigure.  (Closes: #411697)
        * debian/README.Debian:
          - Add information about mimicing Vim's default modeline behavior and the
            securemodelines plugin.  (Closes: #479060)
        * debian/rules:
          - Separate build-arch and build-indep targets so Vim's policy document
            aren't built on the buildd's (thus avoiding the openjade segfault on
        * debian/control:
          - Move docbook-utils and docbook-xml to Build-Depends-Indep
        * src/if_python.c:
          - If building against Python 2.5, use ssize_t instead of int according to
            PEP 353.
      vim (1:7.1.293-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * debian/rules:
          - Fix expansion of @VIMCUR@ in vimrc.tiny.  Based off a patch by Daniel
            Hahler.  (Closes: #477379)
          - Create a separate install-stamp-vim-tiny target.
          - Add the proper lines for vimrc.tiny to vim-tiny.{install,links} in the
            install-stamp-vim-tiny target.
        * debian/control:
          - Correct the vim-common and vim-runtime descriptions with regard to
          - Add Conflicts/Replaces to vim-tiny against vim-common since
            /etc/vim/vimrc.tiny is moving to the vim-tiny package.
        * runtime/syntax/messages.vim:
          - Support highlighting of RFC3339 timestamps.  (Closes: #475568)
        * runtime/scripts.vim:
          - Detect Mozilla Thunderbird's mbox file as mail filetype.  Thanks to
            Kevin B. McCarty for the patch. (Closes: #475300)
        * runtime/filetype.vim:
          - Add detection of more passwd/shadow related files.  Based on a patch by
            Jarek Kamiński. (Closes: #420304)
          - Improve filetype detection of strace logs.  Thanks to Philipp Marek for
            the patch. (Closes: #473967)
          - Add filetype detection of more Apache config files.  Thanks to Josh
            Triplett and Xavier Guimard for the patch. (Closes: #421312)
          - Fix a missing comma in the cron filetype detection.
      vim (1:7.1.293-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * debian/control:
          - Add Provides for vim-{ruby,python,perl,tcl} to any variant that supports
            those language bindings since some packages benefit from being able to
            specify a Depends on a vim package with support for a specific language.
          - Only Build-Depend on libselinux1-dev for linux systems.
          - Remove Provides from the transition packages.
        * runtime/filetype.vim:
          - Use "setf" instead of "set ft" when setting the filetype to git so that
            we don't override another filetype which may have been set during
            filetype detection.
        * runtime/syntax/debchangelog.vim:
          - Cleanup the list of recognized releases and add
      vim (1:7.1.291-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Lintian cleanups
          - Change doc-base section to Editors.
          - Remove Encoding key from desktop entry.
        * New upstream patches (286 - 291), see README.gz for details.
        * Add SELinux support  (Closes: #474102)
          - Vim patch taken from Fedora's Vim packaging
          - Thanks to Vaclav Ovsik for the patch to the Debian packaging.
        * Fix indentation of Perl files when folding is enabled.  Thanks to Gregory
          Hainaut for the patch.  (Closes: #473660)
        * debian/control:
          - Add libselinux1-dev and autoconf Build-Depends.
        * debian/rules:
          - Rule & dependency added for rebuilding src/auto/configure.
          - Add update-orig target to prep a new upstream+patches orig.tar.gz for
      vim (1:7.1.285-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Repack upstream tarball so we're no longer using tarball(s)-in-tarball.
        * New upstream patches (267 - 285), see README.gz for details.
          - 7.1.277 adds recognition of a few extra groff macros (TP, HP, Pp, Lp,
            and It) in the default 'paragraphs' option.  (Closes: #468924)
        * Updated runtime files:
          - syntax/sh.vim:
            + No longer mishighlight parenthetical expressions inside arithmetic
              expansions.  (Closes: #468366)
          - syntax/debcontrol.vim:
            + Fix syntax highlighting for Vcs-Svn field to accept svn+ssh and remove
              the leading "svn+" from http URLs.  (Closes: #472201)
          - syntax/debsource.vim:
            + Add lenny as a recognized distribution.
            + Add debtorrent, ssh, rsh, cdrom, and copy URIs.  (Closes: #471556)
          - filetype.vim
            + Add .dpkg-{old,dist} to the list of extensions which are ignored
              when determining filetype.  (Closes: #421314)
            + Recognize /etc/cron.d/* as crontab filetype. (Closes: #472375)
          - Change the debchangelog and debcontrol ftplugins to require enabling of
            folding instead of folding by default.
        * Make debian/tiny/vimrc.tiny.diff a proper patch that is always applied and
          update it to only be enabled when TINY_VIMRC is defined.
        * debian/rules:
          - Remove the special-case targets for vim-tiny and add -DTINY_VIMRC to the
            CFLAGS used when building vim-tiny.
          - Cleanup dead/useless code from the makefile.
          - Restrict 'make test' from running unless build and host types are the
          - Allow vim-gnome to build on non-linux-gnu systems.
          - Only enable gpm on linux-gnu systems.
          - Automatically specify the Vim version when generating helpztags.1.
          - Add .NOTPARALLEL target.
          - Only run 'make distclean' if configure has already been run.
          - Remove patch, unpatch, extract targets/prerequisites now that the
            upstream source is directly unpacked in the tarball.
          - Simplify get-orig-source so there's only one set of commands that
            are run regardless of whether it's a normal or snapshot release.
        * debian/control:
          - Remove the [!hurd-i386] qualifier from libgnomeui-dev Build-Depend.
          - Remove quilt from Build-Depends.
          - Change Vcs-* fields to point at the git repo.
        * Adjust 'modeline' help to indicate that Debian defaults it to off.
        * Update README.Debian and FAQ to reflect the deviation from
          upstream's 'modeline' default. (Closes: #472522)
        * Remove NEWS entries relevant to stable or earlier releases.
      vim (1:7.1-266+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * New upstream patches (246 - 266), see README.gz for details.
          - 7.1.265 fixes an infinite loop when <Space> is included in 'isfname' and
            the user tries to complete a filename.  (Closes: #465163)
          - 7.1.266 fixes an issue where Vim would stop parsing a terminal response
            early, causing the rest of the response to be interpreted as key presses
            from the user.  (Closes: #466789)
        * debian/control:
          - Build-Depend on tcl-dev instead of tcl8.4-dev per Tcl/Tk policy.
        * Added patches:
          - make.vim-syntax.diff:
            + Add recognition of more function names.  (Closes: #465912)
        * Removed patches:
          - configure-tcl_detection.diff:
            + Accepted upstream and merged as 7.1.257
        * Add debian/watch file.
        * debian/rules:
          - Add a get-orig-source target.
        [ martin f. krafft ]
        * add Tim Pope's vim-git integration (v1.1, commit a53cabb) to vim-runtime.
        [ James Vega ]
        * Correct a typo in /etc/vim/vimrc's (Closes: #467057) and eval.txt's (via
          new last-position-jump.diff patch) 'last-position-jump' code snippet which
          would cause it to fail if the g key were remapped.
        * runtime/syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          - Ignore case for control file keys
          - Match case for control file values
          - Improve syntax matching for Vcs-Svn, Vcs-Git, and Vcs-Cvs field values.
          - Match URLs for Vcs-Arch, Vcs-Bzr, Vcs-Darcs, Vcs-Hg.
          - Recognize more fields as multi-line.
          - Use the 'keepend' qualifier for the Vcs-* syntax regions to prevent
            mishighlighting of debcontrolHTTPUrl matches.  (Closes: #466338)
        * debian/control:
          - Add "Provides: vim" to all vim variant packages.  (Closes: #447714)
      vim (1:7.1-245+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (242 - 245), see README.gz for details.
          - 7.1.244 fixes an issue where a maximized gvim window would size itself
            larger than the size of the workspace, cutting off part of the
            command-line.  (Closes: #378311)
        * debian/control:
          - Add libacl1-dev to Build-Depends so it actually builds with acl support.
            Thanks to Lucas Nussbaum's dirty chroot builds for noticing this.
          - Change TCL to Tcl in the package descriptions.
        * New patches:
          - option.c-langmap_comma.diff:
            + Improves parsing of 'langmap' to follow the behavior specified in the
              help.  Commas need to be escaped if they're being used literally
              instead of as a list separator.  (Closes: #233008)
          - commandline-compatible.diff:
            + If either -N/-C options are given on the command line, set
              'nocompatible'/'compatible' after sourcing of the startup files
              finishes.  (Closes: #438560)
        * Refreshed patches:
          - vimrc.tiny.diff
        * Register the justify and editexisting plugins for use with
          - justify.vim right and left aligns text by inserting extra spaces into
            the specified text.  (Closes: #431945)
          - editexisting.vim will attempt to bring a running gvim to the foreground
            if 1) only one filename was given when invoking Vim and another Vim
            instance is editing it or 2) a swapfile for a file exists.  (Closes:
        * debian/rules:
          - Add patch/unpatch targets.
          - Fix how quilt is invoked so it doesn't use the local user's settings.
            Thanks to Teemu Likonen for the patch.  (Closes: #463775)
        * debian/copyright:
          - Adjust copyright string (capitalize the C) so it's recognized by
      vim (1:7.1-241+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (232 - 241), see README.gz for details.
        * Remove vim-gui-common.menu and provide one menu file for each gvim
          package.  (Closes: #461805)
        * debian/control:
          - Re-add ruby1.8 Build-Depends since that's required for Vim to detect
            that it can build with Ruby support.  (Closes: #462284)
        * Updated patches:
          - netrwPlugin.vim-bwipe.diff:
            + Do a full refresh of NetRW since the functionality is spread out among
              multiple files.
          - python.vim-ftplugin_include.diff:
            + Fix an unescaped backslash so the option correctly matches whitespace
              instead of the letter s.
        * Removed patches:
          - patches/ruby.vim-ftplugin_ri.diff:
            + The ruby.vim in 7.1 already handles what the feature the patch was
              adding.  (Closes: #462418)
      vim (1:7.1-231+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (176 - 231), see README.gz for details.
          - 7.1.227 fixes an issue where syntax highlighting could cause Vim to
            hang.  (Closes: #400771)
        [ James Vega ]
        * debian/control:
          - Bump policy version to - no changes needed.
          - Drop Build-Conflicts on old version of libperl-dev.
          - Drop versioning from Build-Depends that are available in Sarge.
          - Drop unnecessary ruby and perl Build-Depends.
          - Suggest ttf-dejavu instead of ttf-bitstream-vera for the gvim packages.
            (Closes: #461295)
          - Remove dpkg Pre-Depends now that dak is accepting data.tar.bz2.
        * runtime/syntax/debchangelog.vim:
          - Adjust the "Closes" syntax highlighting to allow newlines as part of the
            whitespace.  (Closes: #460074)
          - Recognize lenny-backports/lenny-volatile.  (Closes: #461059)
        * runtime/syntax/debcontrol.vim: Add s390x, sh3, sh3eb, sh4, sh4eb to the
          list of recognized architectures.  (Closes: #455993)
        * Added patches:
          - configure-tcl_detection.diff:
            + Update Vim's configure script to detect Tcl again after the Tcl
              maintainers' decision to move /usr/lib/tcl8.4/ to
          - tex.vim-syntax_additions.diff:
            + Disable spell checking for verbatim sections.  (Closes: #445295)
          - netrwPlugin.vim-bwipe.diff:
            + Call bwipe when opening file:// URLs to remove the extra buffers that
              get created.  Their creation is inevitable but this will clean up the
              buffer list.  (Closes: #370082)
          - filetype.vim-udev.d.diff:
            + Detect /etc/udev.d/*.rules files as 'udevrules' instead of 'hog'
              filetype.  (Closes: #437434)
          - vimspell.sh-typo.diff:
            + Fix a missing end-quote in tools/vimspell.sh.
          - mve.awk-interpreter.diff:
            + Adjust the #! line to use awk instead of nawk.
        * Updated patches:
          - fstab.vim-syntax.diff:
            + Added more sshfs support based on feedback from upstream.
        * Removed patches:
          - gui_gtk_x11.c_g_thread_init.diff:
            + This patch was initially added to silence a GLib warning (#428854)
              which isn't occurring anymore.
        * Stop removing vimspell, vim132, and maze from the runtime tools/
          directory.  The issues leading to their removal should be addressed
          instead of removing them from the package.
          - vimspell - The tempfile vulnerability (CAN-2005-0069) has been fixed
            upstream for some time now.
          - vim132 - Add lintian overrides for "csh is harmful" and not having a
            Depends/Recommends/Suggests on tcsh | csh.  This is the only file in the
            package that would use the shell and its an example script.
          - maze - maze.c doesn't work properly and its README suggests this may be
            the case on newer compilers and to use mazeansi.c, which does work.
      vim (1:7.1-175+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * runtime/syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          - Reworked the URL regex so that it should properly match any non-local
            domain name as specified in RFC 1738.
        * debian/rules:
          - Use bzip2 to compress the vim-runtime package.
        * Add tex.vim-update.diff, which syncs from upstream to fix some folding
          issues.  (Closes: #456168)
        * debian/control:
          - Add Pre-Depends on dpkg (>= 1.10.24) for vim-runtime to please dak even
            though Sarge has a newer dpkg.
      vim (1:7.1-175+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * debian/rules:
          - Add LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed" when calling configure.
        * Fix a typo in debsources.vim-syntax.diff. (Closes: #454672)
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (168 - 175), see README.gz for details.
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add spellfile.vim-doc.diff, which explains that a writable spell directory
          must exist for the plugin to download spell files.  (Closes: #421045)
        * Lintian cleanup:
          - Remove /usr/share/vim/addons/plugins/ from vim-common.dirs.
          - Remove /usr/share/vim/vim71/tools/vim132 to silence a warning and error
            about csh.
          - Remove /usr/share/consolefonts/ from vim-runtime.dirs.
          - Remove /usr/share/doc/vim-common/html/policy/ from vim-doc.dirs.
          - Override the "desktop-command-not-in-package" warning for
            vim-gui-common.  We make use of TryExec which should prevent the menu
            entry from showing up if none of the gvim-providing packages are
        * Move Vim's policy documentation to /usr/share/doc/vim-common/ instead of
          being under a separate policy/ directory.
        * runtime/ftplugin/debcontrol.vim: Correct a function definition to use !.
          (Closes: #454933)
        * runtime/syntax/debcontrol.vim: Don't require a three part domain for the
          Homepage field.  (Closes: #455341)
        * Install the presubj file under /usr/share/bug/ for every vim variant, not
          just vim.
        * Add versioned Conflicts/Replaces on vim-common for the vim package since
          it contains /usr/share/bug/vim/presubj now.
      vim (1:7.1-167+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (139 - 167), see README.gz for details.
          - 7.1.147 fixes a crash when tab completing a user's home directory.
            (Closes: #453049)
          - 7.1.167 fixes a crash with large values for the -c option of xxd
            (Closes: #452789)
        [ James Vega ]
        * runtime/ftplugin/debchangelog.vim:
          - Fix NewVersion() to use the distribution from the previous changelog
            entry.  (Closes: #446728)
          - Fix NewVersion() to increment the version of the first changelog entry
            regardless of how 'startofline' is set.
        * runtime/syntax/debchangelog.vim:
          - Recognize oldstable* upload targets.
        * Refreshed patches:
          - vimrc.tiny.diff
        * Added patches:
          - sh.vim_syntax.diff, which fixes the syntax highlighting of escaped
            single-quotes and comments.  (Closes: #425443, #425797)
          - gnuada.diff, which updates the ada runtime files so they gracefully
            handle the user not having certain variables defined.  (Closes: #440221)
        * syntax/debcontrol.vim:
          - Add syntax highlighting for Vcs-* control fields.  (Closes: #448543)
        * Bump debhelper compat to 5.
        * debian/vim-runtime.install:
          - Remove usr/share/consolefonts/* since that's not shipped any more.
        * debian/control:
          - Add vim-dbg package to supply debugging symbols for the various vim
          - Fix a typo in the long description for the vim package.
          - Make use of multi-line (Build-)Depends support.
        * debian/rules:
          - Add binary-arch target for the vim-dbg package.
        * debian/gvim.desktop:
          - Add TryExec key so the menu entry is only shown if the gvim alternative
            has been setup.
        * Merges from Ubuntu:
          - runtime/syntax/debcontrol.vim:
            + Recognize restricted, universe, multiverse as part of the Section
            + Recognize XSBC-Original-Maintainer as a legal field.
          - runtime/syntax/debchangelog.vim:
            + Recognize Ubuntu releases as upload targets.
            + Recognize syntax for closing Launchpad bugs.
          - Add debsources.vim-syntax.diff:
            + Recognize restricted, universe, multiverse Sections.
            + Add more recent Ubuntu releases as recognized distributions.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * debian/README.Debian
          - fix typo in vim policy URL (Closes: #452555)
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add lhaskell.vim-syntax.diff, which restricts the matching of % to the
          beginning of the line when determining if the file is a TeX document.
          Thanks to Chung-chieh Shan for the patch.  (Closes: #451440)
        * Add fstab.vim-syntax.diff, which adds support for sshfs syntax.
          (Closes: #451754)
        * Add filetype.vim-debfiles.diff, which improves detection of debcontrol and
          debsources files.  Thanks to Loïc Minier for the debsources part of the
          patch.  (Closes: #435552)
        * debian/control:
          - Remove Norbert Tretowski from Uploaders with his permission.  Thanks for
            all your work.
      vim (1:7.1-138+1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (136 - 138), see README.gz for details.
        [ James Vega ]
        * Fix the lintian override files to match Lintian's output.
        * debian/rules
          - Remove a useless command from the variant clean target
          - Clean vim-tiny's generated debhelper files
          - Clean generated vim-policy files
        * Brown-paper bag bug in vim-full.preinst.  Need to grep for bin/vim.full
          not vim/vim.full.  (Closes: #446462)
      vim (1:7.1-135+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (057 - 135), see README.gz for details.
          - Patch 125 corrects Vim's TermResponse autocmd behavior.
            (Closes: #436452)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * debian/control
          - removing idle contributors from the Uploaders field
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add a slave link for gnome-text-editor.1.gz when we add the
          gnome-text-editor alternative.  (Closes: #439549)
        * Update debcontrol.vim.diff to recognize "Homepage:" (Closes: #443444) and
          "XS-Vcs-*:" fields.
        * Update patches/filetype.vim-better_tex_vs_plaintex.diff so it properly
          escapes the pattern alternator (|) when determining whether the file is
          latex.  Thanks Martin Krafft.  (Closes: #444346)
        * Update patches/debchangelog-ftplugin.vim.diff to remove an extra
          "foldopen" command.  (Closes: #441315)
        * Add de.po.diff to fix the translation of "Load File".  Thanks Torsten
          Werner.  (Closes: #443529)
        * Add samba.vim.diff which fixes the highlighting for "smb ports".  Thanks
          Alberto Reyes.  (Closes: #386064)
        * Add tex.vim-syntax_additions.diff, which adds syntax highlighting for
          acronyms, URLs, and citetest.  (Closes: #444411, #444408, #444301)
        * Update menu file to use Applications instead of Apps and to require the
          gvim package to be installed in order to display the entry.
        * Update desktop file to remove legacy category.
        * debian/rules:
          - Remove vim-{python,perl,tcl,ruby,full} variants.
          - Add vim-nox which has all language bindings but no X requirement.
          - Include all language bindings when building vim-gtk.
        * debian/control:
          - Add Homepage field.
          - Remove Build-Depends on dpkg and dpkg-dev since the specific versions we
            need are older than what's in stable.
          - Make vim-full a transition package Depending on vim-gnome.
          - Make vim-{python,perl,tcl,ruby} transition packages Depending on
      vim (1:7.1-056+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Brown paper bag release -- vimrc.tiny should not be calling :let since
          vim.tiny doesn't support that command.  Copy the 'runtimepath' setting to
          vimrc.tiny since that was the only reason we needed the :let and
          "runtime!  debian.vim" commands.  (Closes: #436925)
      vim (1:7.1-056+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (023 - 056), see README.gz for details.
        [ Pierre Habouzit ]
        * Make sure reportbug vim/presubj is named that way, without a `vim.` prefix
          making reporbug skip it.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Add a entry to debian/NEWS describing why /usr/share/vim/addons/ is no
          longer in the runtimepath and pointing to the appropriate documentation
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add verilog.vim_ftplugin-cpoptions.diff, which locally enables line
          continuations for the ftplugin in order to prevent an error when being run
          in vi-compatible mode.  (Closes: #430372)
        * Build vim with the huge feature set to pull in +profile (the only
          difference between the big and huge feature sets).
        * Remove the !hurd-i386 restriction from the tcl8.4-dev Build-Depends now
          that the package exists on hurd-i386.  This allows building the vim-tcl
          package for hurd-i386.  (Closes: #434435)
        * Remove the hacks we were doing to try and build vim-tiny with extra
          features.  Simply build vim-tiny using Vim's "small" feature set.  This
          removes a number of features but allows the package to build with the
          current upstream patches.  This also lessens the maintenance burden since
          we no longer have to figure out which features to enable via trial and
        * debian/rules:
          - Separate out {clean,configure,build}-stamp-vim-tiny targets
          - Move the handling of the vimrc.tiny patch to the new *-vim-tiny targets.
          - Remove configure-stamp* files in the clean target.
          - Move the fake help files for vim-tiny from /usr/share/vim/doc to
            /usr/share/vim/$VIMCUR so the user can actually see them when invoking
        * Add ruby.vim_indent.diff, which fixes some improper indenting for Ruby
          files.  (Closes: #431212)
        * Refresh vimrc.tiny.diff
        * Add index.txt.diff, which adds some missing cross-references to the index
          of Vim commands.  (Closes: #434447)
        * debian/control:
          - Remove Conflicts/Replaces on packages that are older than Etch.
          - Add a Replaces to vim-runtime since it ships files that overwrite files
            in vim-tiny.
          - Add a Conflicts to vim-tiny for earlier versions of vim-runtime to make
            sure we don't attempt to overwrite files in versions of vim-runtime that
            don't Replace vim-tiny.
      vim (1:7.1-022+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (001 - 022), see README.gz for details.
          + Load all matching files in $VIMRUNTIME when using ":syn include"
            (Closes: #395517)
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add changelog.vim-date_end_entry.diff, which fixes a variable name which
          is let in changelog.vim.  (Closes: #424224)
        * Remove 'viminfo' and 'textwidth' settings from $VIMRUNTIME/debian.vim.  We
          were uselessly setting 'textwidth' to the default value and 'viminfo' to
          an almost-default but less useful value.
        * Add Makefile_no-strip.diff, which removes the calls to strip in upstream's
          makefile.  We'll handle that in debian/rules.
        * gvim.desktop should be using %F instead of %U to specify the filename.
          (Closes: #406586)
        * Remove debian/vim-{doc,variant,gui-common,common}.preinst,
          debian/vim-common.postinst as they all handled special procedures for
          upgrading from Sarge.
        * debian/control
          - Clarify the package description for the vim package to indicate it does
            not provide a GUI version of Vim.
        * debian/rules
          - Update the extract and clean targets to not fail if quilt exits with
            $? == 2.  Also, remove the .pc directory in the clean target.
          - Remove preinst from the list of per-variant files
        * Add spell.c_getc-eof.diff, which causes Vim to stop reading a truncated
          spellfile when it reaches EOF.
        * debian/runtime/debian.vim.in
          - set 'nomodeline' by default since modelines have historically been a
            source of security/resource vulnerabilities.  Users should have to
            explicitly enable the option to assume the associated risks.
        * Add gui_gtk_x11.c_g_thread_init.diff, which prevents a glib warning
          related to glib 2.10's Memory Slices and threads.  (Closes: #428854)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Add javac_cmdline-vim.diff, which fixes the invocation of the javac
          compiler. (Closes: #408338)
        * Add debchangelog-closes_omni.vim.diff, which add omni completion support
          for "Closes: #..." retrieving data from the BTS via apt-listbugs
        * Added the new Debian Vim Policy to the "vim-doc" package, overriding the
          old unenforced one
        * debian/runtime/debian.vim.in
          - removing /usr/share/vim/addons/{,after/} from the vim runtimepath:
            according to the VIM policy addons should not be enabled per default,
            but manually using vim-addon-manager
        * debian/control
          - added build deps on docbook stuff to build the policy (note that this
            includes lynx, due to #387035)
        * Add map.vim-syntax.diff which ships syntax file for UMN map server
          (Closes: #355900)
      vim (1:7.1-000+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream release (7.1)
        [ James Vega ]
        * debian/rules:
          + Remove extraneous update-snapshot target since snapshots are being
            handled similar to normal releases, but in a different directory on the
            ftp server.
        * upstream/patches:
          + Remove all the 7.0 patches
        * Removed patches:
          + de.po.diff, applied upstream.
          + zsh.vim-nested_quotes.diff, New upstream rewrite fixes the same problem
            as our patch.
          + mp.vim-cmd_check.diff, applied upstream.
          + html.vim-syntax_spell.diff, applied upstream.
          + changelog.vim-ftplugin_buffer-split.diff, applied upstream.
          + netrw.vim-tmpfile_suffix_escape.diff, applied upstream.
        * Refreshed patches:
          + php.vim.diff, simple rediff against new upstream.
          + dosini.vim-hash_comment.diff, simple rediff against new upstream.
        * Updated patches:
          + debchangelog-ftplugin.diff
            - Call foldopen silently so Vim doesn't error if there are no folds.
              (Closes: #416184)
            - Allow users to "let g:debchangelog_fold_disabled" to disable automatic
              folding of debchangelogs.  'foldexpr' and 'foldtext' will still be set
              but 'foldmethod' will not be set to 'expr'.
      vim (1:7.0-219+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (165 - 219), see README.gz for details.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * vim-addons support:
          - converted to YAML the registry entry for matchit
        * debian/control
          - added XS-Vcs-Browser field
        [ James Vega ]
        * Fix the file test for deciding whether we need to remove alternatives to
          properly transition the Russian manpage alternatives.
        * Fix the handling of the stale diversion when /usr/bin/vim.org is already
        * Fix the handling of alternatives which pointed at the stale alternative so
          the alternative isn't changed from auto to manual.
        * Remove the 'iskeyword' setting in Ruby's ftplugin as suggested by Tim
          Pope in #389332.
        * Add patches/netrw.vim-tmpfile_suffix_escape.diff, which escapes the suffix
          of the tmpfile filename.
      vim (1:7.0-164+3) unstable; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * Remove the patch notes for patches after 164 in debian/README.  Forgot
          about those when removing the patches from svn to prepare the last upload.
      vim (1:7.0-164+2) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ James Vega ]
        * debian/vim-variant.preinst:
          + Move diversion removal here from vim-variant.postinst.  Manually remove
            /usr/bin/vim in order to be able to remove the diversion.  Fixes
            upgrades from Sarge leaving behind stale binaries.  (closes: #401000)
          + Remove the alternatives for ru.{UTF-8,KOI8-R} manpages so the
            alternatives system doesn't attempt to keep the links around after the
            upgrade.  Fixes upgrades from Etch.  (closes: #399024)
      vim (1:7.0-164+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (159 - 164), see README.gz for details.
        [ James Vega ]
        * Shipped tags file was being regenerated (closes: #397837)
          - Do not pre-generate tags file, vim-runtime's postinst is already
            handling tag generation
          - Remove tags file in vim-runtime's postrm
        * Add Provides: editor to the gvim variants.  (closes: #398572)
        * Remove the empty vim-variant.postrm.
        * Move the Russian KOI8-R man pages to /usr/share/man/ru/man1 and remove the
          utf8 man pages.  man will handle the conversion.  (closes: #368754)
      vim (1:7.0-158+1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (153 - 158), see README.gz for details.
          - Do not let the fold level become negative. (closes: #395413)
        * Urgency medium since #396934 affects other packages.
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add vim-runtime.postinst which runs helpztags so that we don't break the
          help for other Vim addons everytime vim-runtime is upgraded.
          (closes: #396934)
        * Update the vim-basic install target in debian/rules to not rely on the
          vimcurrent symlink before it has been setup.
      vim (1:7.0-152+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (123 - 152), see README.gz for details.
          - Correct the button order in the GTK+ file chooser dialog so that it
            matches the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. (closes: #367639)
        [ James Vega ]
        * Bump vim-common's priority to important to match the override.
        * Remove patch gui_gtk.c-abs_path.diff, merged upstream.
        * Remove patch gui_xmebw.c-lesstif_crash.diff, merged upstream.
        * Add patch html.vim-syntax_spell.diff, which adds support for highlighting
          of spelling mistakes. (closes: #393347)
        * Add patch changelog.vim-ftplugin_split-buffer.diff, which corrects an
          invalid command used for opening the changelog in a split window.
          (closes: #392840)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Added patch dosini.vim-hash_comment.diff which adds support for # comments
          in dosini syntax highlighting, thanks to Adeodato Simó. (closes: #378952)
        * Added patch zh_TW.po-swap_recovery_typo.diff which fixes a typo in a
          traditional Chinese message when editing a file for which a swap file
          already exists. (closes: #347420)
        * debian/control
          - renamed svn info field to XS-Vcs-Svn, to match the forthcoming official
      vim (1:7.0-122+1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (095 - 122), see README.gz for details.
        * Urgency medium for RC bug fixes.
        [ James Vega ]
        * Since vim-gui-common no longer depends on vim-common (to allow for
          binNMUing), make /usr/share/doc/vim-gui-common a directory instead of a
          symlink to /usr/share/doc/vim-common. (closes: #387794)
        * Add versioned Conflicts/Replaces against vim-doc for vim to allow proper
          upgrades from Sarge. (closes: #381526)
        * Update debian/copyright with the license information for the user and
          reference manuals.
        * Add patch zsh.vim-nested_quotes.diff, which fixes handling of single
          quotes nested inside double quotes. (closes: #390911)
        * Add a gnome-icon-theme Suggests for the packages which use a GTK/Gnome
        * Build vim-tiny with multibyte support. (closes: #361378)
        * Add patch gui_gtk.c-abs_path.diff, which ensures the GTK file selection
          dialog remembers the previously used directory. (closes: #368668)
        * Add mp.vim-cmd_check.diff, which fixes an incorrect boolean check.
          (closes: #384154)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Added patches perl.vim-ftplugin_perldoc.diff,
          perl.vim-ftplugin_pydoc.diff, and ruby.vim-ftplugin_ri.diff, which trigger
          usage of perldoc/pydoc/ri for keyword lookup on perl/python/ruby files.
          (closes: #389332)
      vim (1:7.0-094+1) unstable; urgency=medium
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (036 - 094), see README.gz for details.
        * Urgency medium because of the fix to vim-lesstif's crash bug.
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add patches/de.po.diff, which differentiates between "Delete" and
          "Readonly" swap recovery messages for the German translation.
          (closes: #379507)
        * Update patches/scripts.vim.diff to add recognition of rst (including
          rest2web) files as the filetype 'rst'. (closes: #382541)
        * Update debian/rules to generate helptags for the plugins that are in
        * Add patches/gui_xmebw.c-lesstif_crash.diff, which fixes the crash bug when
          invoking gvim from the vim-lesstif variant. Thanks Ben Hutchings!
          (closes: #378721)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Modified patches/debchangelog.vim.diff so that when opening a changelog
          the entry the cursor is on gets (recursively) unfolded.
        * Added patches/filetype.vim-better_tex_vs_plaintex.diff, implementing
          better recognition of tex vs plaintex filetype (namely it recognizes as
          latex files containing sectioning commands). (closes: #384479)
        * Added script upstream/patches/get_patches.py to automate downloading of
          latest upstream patches.
        * debian/control
          - bumped Standards-Version to 3.7.2 (no changes needed)
          - added X-Vcs-Svn field to source package
      vim (1:7.0-035+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (018 - 035), see README.gz for details.
        [ James Vega ]
        * debian/control: Make Vim binNMUable.
        * Rename the augroup in $VIMRUNTIME/debian.vim so it doesn't conflict with
          Vim's FileType autocmd event.
        * Update patches/debcontrol.vim.diff to fix the package name regexp.
          (closes: #375848)
        * Update patches/debcontrol.vim.diff to include XS-Python-Version and
          XB-Python-Version.  (closes: #373661)
        * Add patches/php.vim.diff, which removes the 'delete' keyword from PHP's
          syntax highlighting.  (closes: #368089)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Removed patch edit.c.diff, no longer needed after upstream patch 023
      vim (1:7.0-017+8) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Rebuild with fixed libruby1.8.  Urgency medium since vim-full and vim-ruby
          can now be properly configured.
          (closes: #373696, #373762, #373890, #374060)
      vim (1:7.0-017+7) unstable; urgency=low
        * Update $VIMRUNTIME/debian.vim and /etc/vim/vimrc.tiny to properly set
          'compatible' when vim-tiny is invoked as vi.  (closes: #373680)
      vim (1:7.0-017+6) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Pierre Habouzit ]
        * Add a Replace: vim-runtime to vim-common because of the vimcurrent mess,
          that may prevent vim upgrade. (closes: #370012, #373117).
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add vim-variant.preinst to remove any cruft left behind in
          /usr/share/doc/vim{,-$variant}, which is now a symlink to
          /usr/share/vim/vim-common.  (closes: #369740)
        * Update the build process so only vim-tiny starts in 'compatible' mode when
          invoked as vi.
          + Move patches/virc.c.diff to debian/tiny/vimrc.tiny.diff and apply only
            when building vim-tiny.
          + Rename /etc/vim/virc to /etc/vim/vimrc.tiny and add
            vim-common.{post,pre}inst code to handle the conffile renaming.
        * Update README.Debian to specify which package contains the vim policy and
          the correct directory that holds vim policy.
        * Add debchangelog.vim.diff which fixes an inifinite loop bug in the
          debchangelog filetype plugin.  (closes: #367566)
        * Add scripts.vim.diff which adds recognition of ltrace output and sets the
          filetype to 'strace'.  (closes: #372926)
      vim (1:7.0-017+5) unstable; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * Added po.vim.diff which locally enables line continuations while sourcing
          the po.vim syntax file.  (closes: #368589)
        * Re-add /usr/share/vim/vimcurrent as a convenience symlink.
          (closes: #369124)
        * Add python.vim-ftplugin_include.diff which sets the 'include' option to a
          stricter value to reduce the chance of mis-highlights.  (closes: #367259)
        * Add mysql.vim-syntax_comment.diff which corrects a syntax pattern for
          MySQL comments.  (closes: #367777)
      vim (1:7.0-017+4) unstable; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * Added edit.c.diff which fixes a crash when exiting insert mode spell
        * Revert changes to alternative handling in vim-variant.prerm.  They should
          only be removed during a remove, not an upgrade.  (closes: #368175)
        * Move the removal of stale alternatives to vim-variant.prerm where it
          should've been to begin with.  Also, tighten the matching done when
          deciding which alternatives are removed.  Only alternatives pointing to
          /usr/bin/vim should be removed since those are the known stale
        * Remove support for building spellfiles as will be moved to another set of
          + debian/control: Remove Build-Depends-Indep which was only used for
            spellfile building.
          + debian/rules: Remove build-spell* and build-locales* targets.
          + Remove debian/locale-gen
          + Remove bg_BG.diff.diff and spell-locales.diff.
      vim (1:7.0-017+3) unstable; urgency=low
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add support for building l10n spellfiles.
          + Added unzip, aap, and locales to Build-Depends-Indep.
          + Added debian/locale-gen to build the locale info.
          + Update debian/rules to build spellfiles (temporarly disabled).
            - Added a check for 'nospell' in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS to prevent building
              the spellfiles.
          + Added spell-locales.diff patch which updates the aap recipes to set the
            LC_ALL environment variable instead of LANG.
          + Added bg_BG.diff.diff patch which fixes the line-endings in the
            bg_BG.diff patch, allowing it to apply cleanly.
        * Add /usr/share/vim/virc symlink, with this fix invoking vim as "vi" will
          actually enable vim to behave differently than when invoked as "vim".
          (closes: #367818)
      vim (1:7.0-017+2) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * Upload to unstable
        [ James Vega ]
        * Update debian/vim-variant.prerm to remove alternative also during
        * Add debian/vim-variant.preinst to cleanup alternatives left behind from
          previous vim-variant.prerm scripts.
      vim (1:7.0-017+1) experimental; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (011 - 017), see README.gz for details.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Preliminary support for add-on infrastructure
          + added symlinks from /usr/share/vim/addons/ to $VIMRUNTIME for the
            matchit plugin, so that they are no longer version dependent
          + added dir /var/lib/vim/addons/, now in the runtimepath
          + added vim add-on registry entry for the matchit plugin
        * Differentiated behaviour of Vim when invoked as "vi"
          + added patch patches/virc.c.diff which source /etc/vim/virc when invoked
            as such
          + added debian/runtime/virc; it creates a vi-like environment setting
            'compatible' and nothing else
        * Raised the alternative priority of vim.basic from 20 to 30. Rationale: the
          relative order we want to achieve is vim.tiny < nvi < vim.basic
        * vim-tiny is ready to enter the base system
          + set vim-tiny priority to Important
        [ Norbert Tretkowski ]
        * Removed outdated runtime files from package.
        * Added s390x to debcontrolArchitecture in debcontrol.vim. (closes: #361281)
      vim (1:7.0-010+1) experimental; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream release (7.0) and patches (001 - 010), see README.gz for
          details.  (closes: #366396)
          + CSS syntax highlighting properly handles non-UTF-8 aware environments.
            (closes: #358734)
          + crontab syntax highlighting recognizes % as starting stdin to the
            cronjob. (closes: #363558)
          + non-ASCII characters are properly handled when changing case in
            :substitute commands. (closes: #266256)
        [ James Vega ]
        * Massage the packaging back into "stable upstream releases" mode.
          + Remove debian/watch since it isn't useful with Vim's method of releasing
            stable updates.
          + Swap out the unzip Build-Depends for bzip2.
          + Update debian/rules to use the src/lang/extra tarballs instead of one
            zip file.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * handle debian/*.in files as autoconf files filling the @VIMCUR@
          placeholder with the appropriate vim<version> string
        * got rid of the /usr/share/vim/vimcurrent symlink, no longer needed now we
          source debian.vim (closes: #366504)
        * source vimrc.local/gvimrc.local from system-wide vimrc/gvimrc since a lot
          of users have it, added a comment about that file being deprecated
        * added a comment to system-wide gvimrc about how to obtain a reversed video
          vim gui
      vim (1:6.4+7.0g01-1) experimental; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream snapshot (7.0g01).
          + Remove 161_cmake-support.diff, merged upstream.
          + Recognize zsh-beta as a shell that supports '2>&1| tee' for the
            'shellpipe' option. (closes: #362999)
          + Assign filetype=php to any .php<digit> filename. (closes: #365055)
          + Recognition in debcontrol's syntax file of all architectures listed at
            http://www.debian.org/ports/ (closes: 364824)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Screening of patches no longer needed with vim7 & pushing upstream
          of as many debian-specific patches as possible. Results:
          + removed patches: 102_pythoncomplete.vim.diff, 104_debchangelog.vim.diff,
            106_fstab.vim.diff, 108_automake.vim.diff, 109_xdefaults.vim.diff,
            111_fstab.vim.diff, 119_php.vim.diff, 130_fstab.vim.diff,
            133_resolv.vim.diff, 136_muttrc.vim.diff, 140_muttrc.vim.diff,
            148_debchangelog.vim.diff, 157_slrnrc.vim.diff, 201_fr.po.diff,
          + The following runtime and translation files are now maintained upstream
            in a best effort fashion (i.e. they are looking for a new maintainer) by
            Debian VIM Maintainers: syntax/muttrc.vim, syntax/automake.vim,
            syntax/php.vim, syntax/slrnrc.vim, lang/po/zh_TW.UTF-8.po.
          + syntax/debchangelog.vim, syntax/debcontrol.vim, and syntax/tpp.vim are
            now officially co-maintained upstream by Debian Vim Maintainers
        * Improved comments and added more commented settings in /etc/vim/vimrc
        [ James Vega ]
        * Add Replaces against manpages-it and manpages-pl since upstream now
          provides i10n manpages. (closes: #364299)
        * Moved Debian specific settings out from /etc/vim/{,g}vimrc, so that the
          file can be (more) freely modified by sysadmins without risking merge
          problems with maintainer updates.
      vim (1:6.4+7.0d03-1) experimental; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream snapshot (7.0d03).
          + A lot of new features have been added, most notably: spell checking,
            omni completion, tabs, undo branches, internal grep, location lists,
            list/dictionary/funcref types for scripting.
            See ":help version7" for more information.
          + bugfixes affecting Debian's BTS:
            - new version of sh.vim syntax highlighting (closes: #355273, #361813)
            - respect LC_MESSAGES in menus (closes: #147757, #217217)
            - consistent behaviour of 'gq' when an external formatter is used
              (closes: #177735)
            - improved wildcard expansion of filename patterns
              (closes: #262645, #258150)
            - german tutorial now shows instruction on how to proceed in the first
              page (closes: #289115)
            - fixed encoding of slovak translation (closes: #257342)
            - proper escaping of characters in URLs (closes: #353076, #361317)
            - added g:is_posix flag to sh.vim to enable highlighting of POSIX shell
              scripts (closes: #361177)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Screening of patches no longer needed with vim7 & pushing upstream
          of as many debian-specific patches as possible. Results:
          + removed patches: 101_make.vim.diff, 103_sh.vim.diff,
            117_fortram.vim.diff, 122_html_indent.vim.diff, 135_debsources.vim.diff,
            145_fortran.vim.diff, 155_rst.vim.diff
          + removed updates: debian/updates/debsources.vim
      vim (1:6.4+7.0c05-1) experimental; urgency=low
        [ Debian Vim Maintainers ]
        * New upstream snapshot (7.0c05).
          + Added support for bzr diffs in scripts.vim, thanks to Adeodato Simó.
            (closes: #355922)
          + Support python `as' keyword. (closes: #352885)
        [ James Vega ]
        * Sync with the work that's been done on the 6.4 vim package.
        * Add a missing quote in /etc/vim/vimrc's last-position-jump example.
          (closes: #347597)
        * Move vimtutor.1 to the same package (vim-runtime) as vimtutor.
          Fixes a lintian warning.
        * Add debian/watch.
        * Cleanup handling of manpages and alternatives. (closes: 361845)
        * debian/control:
          + Remove references to obsolete packages.
          + Move vim-doc to Section: doc.
          + Update vim-common to Recommend all the vim variants.
          + Add Build-Depends on libxpm-dev and unzip.
        * debian/rules:
          + Added support for running upstream's tests during the build process.
          + Automatically generate the necessary .install/.links/.postinst settings
            for installing the localized manpages.
        [ Pierre Habouzit ]
        * Add support for cmake (from cmake.org). (closes: #357705)
        * debcontrol.vim: add kfreebsd-amd64 to the ports list.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Screening of patches no longer needed with vim7 & pushing upstream
          of as many debian-specific patches as possible. Results:
          + removed patches: 102_filetype.vim.diff, 107_vim.1.diff, 107_xxd.1.diff,
            105_recognize-gnumakefile-am.diff, 123_accents.diff,
            133_filetype.vim.diff, 142_filetype.vim.diff, 153_filetype.vim.diff,
            154_svn.vim.diff, 156_scripts.vim.diff, 158_python.vim.diff,
            301_xxd.c.diff, 303_option.c.diff, 305_term.c.diff
        * Added patch 102_pycomplete.vim: fixes a python omnicompletion bug when the
          cursor is on an empty line
        [ Matthijs Mohlmann ]
        * Updated debsources syntax file.
          + Use debsources instead of sources.
          + Make a regexpression of deb, deb-src, main, contrib and non-free.
          + Remove setlocal iskeyword.
          + Remove compatibility with vim 5.x.
      vim (1:6.4-007+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian VIM Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patch (007), see README.gz for details.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Handle /usr/bin/gvim with alternatives, so that it can be configured
          to a vim executable with gui support when /usr/bin/vim is configured
          to one with no such support. (closes: #345765)
        [ Pierre Habouzit ]
        * vim's syntax coloring mode should consider .sce extension.
          (Closes: #338771)
        * subversion commit log syntax and l10n. (Closes: #341288)
        * dh_install bug #349070 triggerd our svn.vim problem.
          (rebuild Closes: #348955).
        * enhances syntax/rst.vim. (Closes: #323044)
        [ James Vega ]
        * Move alternatives handling out of vim-common so that we aren't modifying
          alternatives when the targets don't yet exist.  (closes: #348233)
        * Add 'armeb' to debcontrol syntax file. (closes: #350513)
        * debian/rules: Remove all binaries except xxd from vim-common. Handle the
          rest with alternatives in the variant packages.
        * debian/control: Changed vim-gui-common to Arch: all
        * Added patch 156_scripts.vim.diff which adds detection of svk diffs as diff
          filetype. (closes: #349764)
        * Added patch 157_slrnrc.vim.diff which adds a few more functions to the
          slrnrc syntax file. (closes: #347801)
        * Added commented out example autocmd for last-position-jump to
          /etc/vim/vimrc. (closes: #347597)
        * Lintian cleanup:
          + debian/control: Added a Depends line for vim-common.
          + debian/rules: Use proper permissions when installing the console font in
          + debian/rules: Create a symlink to /usr/share/doc/vim-gui-common for each
            GUI variant package.  This fixes a usr-doc-symlink-without-dependency
      vim (1:6.4-006+2) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Norbert Tretkowski ]
        * debian/README.Debian: fixed typos (closes: #344608)
        * patches/148_debchangelog.vim.diff: added sarge-{backports|volatile} to
          debchangelog hilighting
        * debian/control: removed build-dependencies added for woody backport
        * debian/control: build-depend on make (>= 3.80+3.81.b4)
        [ Matthijs Mohlmann and Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * debian/rules: moved "export DH_OPTIONS" back to the beginning of the
          file since old versions of make can't cope with it on
          target-specific variables. Fixes FTBFS on some archs.
          (closes: #344658)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * debian/rules: added 'export' target to generate source package
        * debian/rules: uses quilt to manage debian-specific patches, changed
          build-deps accordingly
        * Added patch 152_javascript.vim which fixes JavaScript syntax
          highlighting (closes: #343402)
        [ Pierre Habouzit ]
        * debian/control: fix vim-gui-common description. (closes: #347912)
        * 304_memline.c.diff causes FTBFS on Hurd, fix it. (closes: #348170)
      vim (1:6.4-006+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian VIM Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (005 and 006), see README.gz for details.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Epoched all 6.4 versioned relationships in debian/control, they were
          erroneously non-epoched. (closes: #344368, #344414)
      vim (1:6.4-004+2) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Norbert Tretkowski ]
        * Applied patch from Adeodato Simó to fix broken syntax hilighting
          of urgency in debchangelog.vim. (closes: #338557, #343136, #344228)
        * No longer lists a mailinglist as uploader in changelog, until a consensus
          about policy items 4.4 and 5.6.4 is found. (closes: #343073)
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Fixed typo in vim-gui-common description. (closes: #343152)
        * Remove old /usr/share/doc/vim-common symlink during vim-doc and
          vim-common preinst phase. (closes: #343289)
        * debian/rules: finally found the karma of target-specific variables,
          hopefully the file is clearer now ... Fixes FTBFS on hppa.
          (closes: #344150)
        * Fixed dangling manpage symlinks in vim-gui-common.
          (closes: #344179, #343195, #343171)
        * Moved vimtutor from vim-common to vim-runtime
        * Added patch 151_sed.vim which improves sed's syntax highlighting.
          (closes: #336125)
        * Added patch 305_term.c which fixes 'pastetoggle' for working
          properly with F1-F4 keys on Debian xterm's. (closes: #342220)
      vim (1:6.4-004+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian VIM Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patches (002 to 004), see README.gz for details.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Added back vim-tiny package. (closes: #222138)
        * Reshaped vim packaging as follows:
          - vim-common -> arch-dependent common files (variants w/o GUI)
          - vim-gui-common -> arch-dependent common files (variants w GUI)
            (closes: #338027)
          - vim-runtime -> vim runtime (arch-independent)
          - vim -> default variant
          - vim-* -> other variants
          - vim-tiny -> tiny variant, no vim-runtime dependency
          - the above changes additionally got rid of circular dependency
            vim -> vim-common -> vim (closes: #340037)
        * Added symlink /usr/share/vim/vimcurrent -> vim64, will be kept
          proper in future releases. /etc/vim/vimrc no longer version-aware.
        * Removed duplicate /usr/share/vim/vimfiles entry in vimrc.
          (closes: #337825)
        * (Re-)Fixed debian/runtime/vimrc, last version inhibit /usr/bin/ex.
        * au commands in vimrc executed only if has("autocmd").
        * No longer try to move configuration files from /etc to /etc/vim
          (ancient preinst, no longer needed to support upgrades from sarge).
        * Updated Description-s in debian/control.
        * Check for and removal of old vim.org diversion in postinst instead
          of postrm (closes: #341081)
        * Adds gvim, when compiled with gnome support, as an alternative for
          gnome-text-editor, with priority lower than gedit (closes: #287202)
        * Substituted @pkg@ in menu entry for package name (closes: #342074)
        [ James Vega ]
        * Added patch 148_debchangelog, update syntax/debchangelog.vim to
          recognize infrequently used but policy compliant syntax.
          (closes: #338557)
        * Fixed patch 304_memline.c.diff to avoid inifinte loops resolving
          symlinks. (closes: #336560)
        * Remove the 'p' vmap in /etc/vim/vimrc since it has various bad
          side-effects such as not being able to paste from a register while
          in visual mode.
        [ Matthijs Mohlmann ]
        * Updated syntax for sshd_config and ssh_config.
        * Updated syntax highlighting for asterisk.vim (Closes: #338256)
      vim (1:6.4-001+2) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Fixed debian/runtime/vimrc, last version broke some plugins behaviour
          (e.g. gzip, netrw) on files specified on cmdline.
      vim (1:6.4-001+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian VIM Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patch (001), see README.gz for details.
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Got rid of conflicts among vim-* packages (aka variants) using
          alternatives for /usr/bin/vim. (closes: #67823, #123959, #280934)
        * Got rid of removal of /usr/doc/* symlinks.
        * Added "sources" debian/rules target which downloads upstream tarballs.
        * Added patch 146_netrw.vim.diff, fixes some issues of netrw.vim with
          file://* URLs. (closes: #334868)
        * Added patch 303_option.c.diff, which fixes 'system()' behaviour when
          $SHELL is empty. (closes: #219386)
        * Added patch 304_memline.c.diff, which fixes swap file locking wrt
          symlinks. (closes: #329826)
        * Changed debian/runtime/vimrc so that /etc/papersize is read without using
          system(), fixes issues with exotic shells. (closes: #271338)
        [ James Vega ]
        * Added patch 147_perl.vim.diff, new upstream syntax file which supersedes
      vim (1:6.4-000+1) unstable; urgency=low
        [ Debian VIM Maintainers ]
        * New major upstream release (6.4).
          + Fixed typo in /usr/share/vim/vim63/doc/usr_04.txt. (closes: #328664)
        [ Norbert Tretkowski ]
        * Removed patches merged upstream:
          + 118_ocaml.vim.diff
      vim (1:6.3+6.4b-003+1) experimental; urgency=low
        [ Debian VIM Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patch (003), see README.gz for details.
      vim (1:6.3+6.4b-002+2) experimental; urgency=low
        [ Stefano Zacchiroli ]
        * Updated patches for new release:
          + 118_ocaml.vim.diff
          + 124_errorformat.vim.diff
          + 203_zh_TW.UTF8.po.diff
      vim (1:6.3+6.4b-002+1) experimental; urgency=low
        [ Debian VIM Maintainers ]
        * New upstream patch (002), see README.gz for details.
      vim (1:6.3+6.4b-001+1) experimental; urgency=low
        [ Debian VIM Maintainers ]
        * New major upstream beta release (6.4b).
        * New upstream patch (001), see README.gz for details.
        [ Norbert Tretkowski ]
        * Removed patches merged upstream:
          + 110_php.vim.diff
          + 112_prolog.vim.diff
          + 113_xml.vim.diff
          + 114_texinfo.vim.diff
          + 116_sh.vim.diff
          + 121_perl.vim.diff
          + 126_filetype.vim.diff
          + 128_vimdiff.1.diff
          + 132_bib.vim.diff
          + 139_perl.vim.diff
          + 143_eruby.vim.diff
          + 401_doc_exrc.diff
          + 403_usr_04.txt.diff
        [ James Vega ]
        * Updated patches for new release:
          + 102_filetype.vim.diff
          + 120_perl.vim.diff
          + 142_filetype.vim.diff
      vim (1:6.3-090+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>:
          + Fixed %ld typo in debian/patches/203_zh_TW.UTF8.po.diff
          + Added patch debian/patches/403_usr_04.txt.diff, which fixes a
            typo in usr_04.txt. (closes: #328664)
      vim (1:6.3-090+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (087 to 090), see README.gz for details.
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + Updated Standards-Version to 3.6.2 (no changes needed).
          + Exec vim with -f parameter in .desktop file. (closes: #329292)
        * Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>:
          + Set SHELL=/bin/bash in debian/rules since we use bashisms.
            (closes: #310974)
          + Added patch 140_muttrc.vim.diff, which improves muttrc
            highlighting. (closes: #327074)
          + Added patch 141_asterisk.vim.diff, which adds support for Asterisk
            configuration files sytnax highlighting. (closes: #322850)
          + Added patch 142_filetype.vim.diff, which extends dch highlighting
            to Debian NEWS files. (closes: #328081)
          + Added patch 143_eruby.vim.diff, which adds support for eruby
            highlighting. (closes: #315902)
          + Added patch 144_scripts.vim.diff, which adds support for
            highlighting tla diffs. (closes: #305677)
          + Added patch 145_fortran.vim.diff, which fixes a matchit bug with
            Fortran's "module procedure". (closes: #308865)
          + Added patch 203_zh_TW.UTF8.po.diff, which fixes a translation
            error in locale zh_TW.UTF-8. (closes: #319420)
      vim (1:6.3-086+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patch (086), see README.gz for details.
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + Corrected wrong capitalization of menu entry. (closes: #320602)
        * Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>:
          + Added patch 132_bib.vim.diff, which fixes highlighting of bibtex
            comments. (closes: #316184)
          + Added patch 133_filetype.vim.diff, which adds filetype recognition
            for several Zope related file kinds. (closes: #311007)
        * Matthijs Mohlmann <matthijs@cacholong.nl>:
          + Added patch 133_resolv.vim.diff, which fixes highlighting of resolv.conf
            search entries. (closes: #321081)
          + Added patch 134_sshconfig.vim.diff, added HashKnownHosts to syn keyword
            sshconfigKeyword. (closes: #321119)
          + Added debsources.vim to debian/updates to add syntax highlighting for
            /etc/apt/sources.list and added this to filetype.vim. (closes: #308947)
          + Added patch 136_muttrc.vim.diff, added crypt_autosign, crypt_autoencrypt
            and xterm_set_titles to syn keyword. (closes: #323278)
        * Pierre Habouzit <madcoder@debian.org>:
          + Fix patch 105_xmodmap.vim.diff: wrt XF86_ClearGrab. (closes: #322355)
          + Fix typo in doc/editing.txt. (closes: #322254)
        * James Vega <jamessan@jamessan.com>:
          + Added patch 137_filetype.vim.diff, recognize mutt-ng rc/temp files as
            muttrc/mail filetypes. (closes: #307946)
          + Added patch 138_filetype.txt.diff, fix a typo in the changelog-plugin
            section of filetype.txt. (closes: #314595)
          + Added patch 139_perl.vim.diff, fix recognition of regular expression
      vim (1:6.3-085+1) unstable; urgency=high
        * New upstream patches (079 to 085), see README.gz for details.
          + 6.3.081, 6.3.082: Fix arbitrary shell commands execution by wrapping
            them in glob() or expand() function calls in modelines. (CAN-2005-2368)
            (closes: #320017)
        * James Vega <jamessan@jamessan.com>:
          + Added patch 129_filetype.vim.diff, which sets the filetype to perl for
            *.plx files. (closes: #314309)
        * Matthijs Mohlmann <matthijs@cacholong.nl>:
          + Added patch 130_fstab.vim.diff, added bind as option. (closes: #308890)
          + Added patch 131_xxd.1.diff, fixes typo in xxd manpage. (closes: #311234)
      vim (1:6.3-078+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (073 to 078), see README.gz for details.
        * James Vega <jamessan@jamessan.com>:
          + Added patch 128_vimdiff.1.diff, which fixes a typo in the vimdiff
            manpage. (closes: #310331)
      vim (1:6.3-072+1) unstable; urgency=high
        * New upstream patch (072), see README.gz for details.
        * James Vega <jamessan@jamessan.com>:
          + Updated patch 125_gzip.vim.diff to match upstream's vim7 patch.
            Removed compression detection for FileAppendPre since there's no good
            way to retrieve the necessary information.
          + Added patch 127_scripts.vim.diff, makes Vim automatically set the proper
            filetype when editing lua scripts. The patch also enables recognition
            of "#!/usr/bin/env xxx" hashbang lines. (closes: #309859)
      vim (1:6.3-071+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>:
          + Modifications on debian/rules:
            - Do not invoke dh_installdirs before creating .dirs file for current
              variant (fixes non-installation of gvim.desktop in all variants).
            - Optional cmdline parameter PATCH_NAME for make_patch target.
            - Invoke dh_desktop to register gvim.desktop on postinst.
          + Modifications on debian/vim-variant.desktop:
            - Internationalized comment (inspired from gedit's one).
            - Added MimeType entry.
            - Uses svg icon.
          + Added svg icon /usr/share/icons/vim.svg, thanks to
            Paul Ortman <ortm8574@uidaho.edu>. (closes: #258669)
          + Updated patch 118_ocaml.vim.diff (new upstream).
          + Added patch 124_errorformat.vim.diff, makes vim follow error directories
            on "make -C". (closes: #276005)
          + Added patch 126_filetype.vim.diff, set tex filetype on .cls TeX classes,
            distinguishing them from smalltalk sources. (closes: #169716)
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + Build-Depend on debhelper (>= 4.2.21), required for dh_desktop call.
          + Reverted value of backupcopy to default.
        * Matthijs Mohlmann <matthijs@cacholong.nl>:
          + Added patch for german accents. (closes: #307807)
        * James Vega <jamessan@jamessan.com>:
          + Added patch 125_gzip.vim.diff, maintain "max speed" and "max compression"
            compression levels when editing gzip files. (closes: #280388)
      vim (1:6.3-071+1sarge1) stable; urgency=high
        * New upstream patches (081 and 082), see README.gz for details.
          + 6.3.081, 6.3.082: Fix arbitrary shell commands execution by wrapping
            them in glob() or expand() function calls in modelines. (CAN-2005-2368)
            (closes: #320017)
      vim (1:6.3-071+1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream patches (069 to 071), see README.gz for details.
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + Re-add dh_installdirs to vim-variant part in debian/rules, so copying
            the desktop file no longer fails. (closes: #302830)
          + Enabled backupcopy in global vimrc. (closes: #158657)
        * Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>:
          + Added vim-full variant with support for gnome and all interpreters.
            (closes: #149077)
          + Added /usr/share/common-licenses/ reference to debian/copyright.
          + Remove debian/helpztags.1 on debian/rules clean (generated file).
          + Updated patch 118_ocaml.vim.diff (new upstream).
          + Added patch 122_html_indent.vim.diff, remove <bs> from indentkeys for
            html. (closes: #280386)
          + Added patch 401_doc_exrc.diff, fixes starting doc about "_exrc".
            (closes: #279378)
          + Suggests vim-scripts in debian/control.
        * Matthijs Mohlmann <matthijs@cacholong.nl>:
          + Fixes menu entry with icon (wrong syntax used in menu file), thanks to
            Alexis Sukrieh <sukria@sukria.net>.
        * James Vega <jamessan@jamessan.com>:
          + Added patch 120_perl.vim.diff, update $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/perl.vim from
            the author which fixes block indentation in packages. (closes: #220969)
          + Added patch 121_perl.vim.diff, which adds syntax recognition for
            CHECK/INIT blocks (similar to BEGIN/END).
      vim (1:6.3-068+4) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + Removed all kvim related packages, the code is no longer maintained.
            Sorry. (closes: #234455, #237385, #283765, #293110, #194449, #205586,
            #266431, #272621, #294848, #245006, #194964)
          + Removed patch 401_gcc4.diff, it modified kvim code which is no longer
          + Added NEWS file, so people upgrading to this version getting informed
            about the kvim removal.
        * Matthijs Mohlmann <matthijs@cacholong.nl>:
          + Fixed up a patch for xml.vim.
      vim (1:6.3-068+3) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + Add a replaces: vim (<= 1:6.3-068+1) to every (k)vim-* package, required
            for menu-icon-missing fix from 1:6.3-068+2. (closes: #301866)
          + Urgency medium because above modification fixes regular upgrade with
          + Fixed broken rgvim manpage. (closes: #301881)
      vim (1:6.3-068+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Pierre Habouzit <pierre.habouzit@m4x.org>:
          + Enhance the es.po. (closes: #206782)
        * Matthijs Mohlmann <matthijs@cacholong.nl>:
          + Modified patch 113_xml.vim.diff that fixes #196001 has introduced
            another syntax error. (closes: #301736)
          + Fixed menu-icon-missing on vim-* packages.
      vim (1:6.3-068+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patch (068), see README.gz for details.
          + 6.3.068: When editing a compressed file xxx.gz which is a symbolic link
            to the actual file a ":write" no longer renames the link (patch by James
            Vega). (closes: #281630)
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + Added James Vega <jamessan@jamessan.com> to uploaders.
          + Fixed wrong executable registration in /usr/lib/mime/packages/kvim,
            thanks to Robin Verduijn for the patch. (closes: #295471)
          + Fixed synchronisation of syntax highlighting in fortran 90 programs.
            (closes: #301452)
          + Removed vim-doc's dependency on vim, so it's possible to install vim-doc
            without also installing vim.
        * Pierre Habouzit <pierre.habouzit@m4x.org>:
          + Fix php indent plugin, thanks to the ITLab at MUSC. (closes: #282135)
          + Fix prolog syntax file. (closes: #269692)
          + Fix xml syntax ('\' has no special meaning for xml). (closes: #196001)
          + Fix texinfo syntax file warning. (closes: #286763)
        * Matthijs Mohlmann <matthijs@cacholong.nl>:
          + Fix lintian warning packages-installs-file-to-usr-x11r6:
            - Moving xpm files to /usr/share/pixmaps.
            - Edited the menu files.
          + Removed prerm-does-not-call-installdocs from lintian/vim.
          + Added patch 111_fstab.vim.diff to fix highlighting in fstab.
            (closes: #300108)
          + Removed Suggests: vim from vim-doc in debian/control.
          + Fixed binary-without-manpage for several packages.
          + Fixed pkg-not-in-package-test in kvim-tcl, kvim-ruby, kvim-python and
          + Fixed the errors postinst-does-not-call-updatemenus and
        * James Vega <jamessan@jamessan.com>:
          + Fixed wrong highlighting of comments in syntax/sh.vim when comments
            occur between switches of case. (closes: #269325)
        * Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>:
          + Added patch 302_message.c.diff to fix CTRL-C quit loops in range commands.
            (closes: #295639)
          + Added patch 118_ocaml.vim.diff to ship latest version of ocaml runtime
            support files: {syntax,ftplugin,ident}/ocaml.vim.
          + Modifications on debian/rules:
            - Uses debian/compat in place of debian/rules' DH_COMPAT.
            - Ignores diff error in "make_patch" target since diff usually returns 1.
            - Added support for command line VARIANT variable to override VARIANTS.
        * Pepijn de Langen <pepijn@ce.et.tudelft.nl>:
          + Added patch 119_php.vim.diff to php syntax highlighting backticks.
            (closes: #144754)
      vim (1:6.3-067+2) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + Disabled dh_installchangelogs and dh_installdocs for vim-doc.
          + Raised urgency to medium because of upstream patch 6.3.066.
      vim (1:6.3-067+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (065 to 067), see README.gz for details.
          + 6.3.065: Entering Euro char via digraph doesn't always work.
            (closes: #298162)
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + Added Pierre Habouzit, Torsten Landschoff, Matthijs Mohlmann, Stefano
            Zacchiroli, Alexis Sukrieh and Pepijn de Langen to uploaders.
            (closes: #299446)
          + Added a new patch from Christian Hammers which adds additional keywords
            to /etc/fstab syntax hilighting. (closes: #299704)
          + Modified --with-compiledby value to use $DEBFULLNAME and $DEBEMAIL.
          + Updated tpp syntax file, thanks to Gerfried Fuchs.
          + Changed priority of vim-common package from extra to optional.
        * Pierre Habouzit <pierre.habouzit@m4x.org>:
          + Documented the /etc/vim/{g,}vimrc.local files in README.Debian.
          + Fixed some debcontrol.vim issues:
            - Don't search emails in fields that have not one. (closes: #114508)
            - Fix debcontrolName according to Policy. (closes: #148144)
          + Fixed tutor.vim to use usual locale envvars semantics. (closes: #289113)
          + Added a 16px icon for menu entries too
            (taken from http://www.vim.org/images/vim16x16.xpm). (closes: #39250)
          + Fixed changelog.Debian.gz detection. (closes: #263740)
          + Manpages various fixes:
            - Escape some dashes in vim(1). (closes: #279606)
            - Various fixes for xxd(1). (closes: #281124)
          + Fixed french translation. (closes: #277502)
        * Matthijs Mohlmann <matthijs@cacholong.nl>:
          + Add syntax highlighting for xmodmap. (closes: #296759)
          + Fixed lintian warning unquoted-string-in-menu-item in kvim.menu.
          + Fixed lintian warning spelling-error-in-readme-debian (adviced should
            be advised).
          + Changed current maintainer in copyright file.
          + Fixed lintian warning package-relation-with-self in kvim.
          + Fixed lintian warning binary-has-unneeded-section in vim (added
          + Added depends on vim in vim-doc.
        * Alexis Sukrieh <sukria@sukria.net>:
          + Added a note about UTF-8 related issues in README.Debian.
          + Added debian/patches/108_automake.vim.diff (thanks to Alexander Kogan)
            which enables highlighting of _CPPFLAGS in automake files.
            (closes: #196212)
          + Added debian/patches/109_xdefaults.vim.diff (thanks to Peter De Wachter)
            which fixes bad highlighting when putting a FONT directive in xdefaults.
            (closes: #264284)
        * Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>:
          + Added #DEBHELPER# tag to debian/vim-{doc,common}.preinst.
          + Minor cleanup of debian/rules so vim-{doc,common} uses dh_install
            instead of dh_movefiles ("binary" target could now be invoked twice
            after a single "install" invocation), let dh_compress compress README.
      vim (1:6.3-064+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + New upstream patches (062 to 064), see README.gz for details.
          + Set maintainer address to project mailinglist on alioth and added myself to
          + Added a new patch which sets automake syntax recognition for files named
            GNUmakefile.am. (closes: #277596)
          + Added a new patch which adds testing-proposed-updates to debchangelog
            syntax hilighting.
      vim (1:6.3-061+1) unstable; urgency=high
        * New upstream patches (059 to 061), see README.gz for details.
        * Kudos to Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pena, he discovered the usage of
          insecure $$ constructs in vimspell.sh and tcltags.sh which have been
          fixed with the last upload.
        * Removed vimspell.sh and tcltags.sh, these scripts are no longer supported
        * Removed patch which was added in 1:6.3-058+1, it's no longer required.
      vim (1:6.3-058+1) unstable; urgency=high
        * New upstream patches (055 to 058), see README.gz for details.
        * Added a new patch (stolen from Ubuntu) which modifies vimspell.sh and
          tcltags.sh so they use mktemp instead of insecure $$ construction to
          create temporary files. (CAN-2005-0069) (closes: #289560)
      vim (1:6.3-054+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (047 to 054), see README.gz for details.
        * Source /etc/vim/gvimrc.local if available. (closes: #272001)
        * Added a new patch which fixes ftbfs on amd64 with gcc-4.0, thanks to
          Andreas Jochens. (closes: #288731)
      vim (1:6.3-046+0sarge1) testing-proposed-updates; urgency=high
        * Built on testing for testing-proposed-updates because patch 045 fixes
          several vulnerabilities found by Ciaran McCreesh related to the use of
          options in modelines. (CAN-2004-1138)
      vim (1:6.3-046+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (032 to 046), see README.gz for details.
        * Added a desktop entry under /usr/share/applications/ for all variants.
          (closes: #285065)
        * Added farsi fonts to vim-common package. (closes: #258773)
      vim (1:6.3-031+3) unstable; urgency=low
        * Really add Brandens patch which adds XXX and FIXME comment hilighting
          to sh.vim. (closes: #280471)
        * Updated debcontrol.vim syntax file, which adds debcontrolArchitecture
          for s390, thanks to Gerfried Fuchs. (closes: #281127)
      vim (1:6.3-031+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fixed broken vim-doc.preinst. (closes: #280824, #280825)
      vim (1:6.3-031+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (026 to 031), see README.gz for details.
        * Add symlink replacing from vim-common also to vim-doc. (closes: #279058)
        * Added a new patch which adds XXX and FIXME comment hilighting to sh.vim,
          thanks to Branden Robinson. (closes: #280471)
        * Added a new patch which allows multiple spaces as arguments for xxd,
          thanks to Glyn Kennington. (closes: #279709)
        * Updated tpp and debcontrol syntax files, thanks to Gerfried Fuchs.
      vim (1:6.3-025+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (020 to 025), see README.gz for details.
      vim (1:6.3-019+1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream patches (016 to 019), see README.gz for details.
        * Added a new patch which adds some more sections to debcontrol.vim,
          thanks to Branden Robinson. (closes: #258547)
        * Removed setting the guifont in gvimrc. (closes: #267399, #268253)
        * Compress README file. (closes: #267532)
      vim (1:6.3-015+1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * New upstream patches (014 and 015), see README.gz for details.
        * Removed Luca from Uploaders, thanks for your work! (closes: #266476)
        * Added a workaround for setting papersize when running vim in restricted
          mode, thanks to Alexey Marinichev. (closes: #260452, #265227)
        * Added a new patch which fixes broken else syntax hilighting in make.vim,
          thanks to Steinar H. Gunderson. (closes: #260473, #259819)
        * Fixed spelling error in vim-common description. (closes: #264279)
        * Added a patch from 1:6.2-532+1 which got lost with the update to 6.3
          and fixes svn commit file highlighting.
        * Added a new patch which adds s390 and amd64 to debcontrol.vim.
      vim (1:6.3-013+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Empty vim-common directory before rmdir it. (closes: #258809)
        * Add symlink replacing from vim-common also to vim-variant.
      vim (1:6.3-013+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patches (012 and 013), see README.gz for details.
        * More modifications on /usr/share/doc/vim-common symlink detection.
          (closes: #257810)
        * Source /etc/vim/vimrc.local if available. (closes: #257779)
        * Added a virtual package gvim.
      vim (1:6.3-011+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Modify detection of /usr/share/doc/vim-common symlink. (closes: #257623)
      vim (1:6.3-011+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream patch (011), see README.gz for details
        * Disabled libgpm-dev build-dependency for kfreebsd-i386 (closes: #257230)
        * Fixed vim-common's dependency on vim (closes: #257359, #257428, #257547)
        * No longer compress version6.txt in documentation. (closes: #257338, #257445)
        * Force replacing empty directories in /usr/share/doc with a symlink.
          (closes: #257449)
      vim (1:6.3-010+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (005 to 010), see README.gz for details
          + temporary disabled vim-tiny package, will be re-added with the next
        * Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>:
          + updated kvim patch to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream
      vim (1:6.3-004+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new major upstream release (6.3)
          + new upstream patches (001 to 004), see README.gz for details
          + merged changes from 1:6.2-532+6
          + fixed broken changelog symlink (closes: #253319)
      vim (1:6.2+6.3b-016+1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (008 to 016), see README.gz for details
          + made vim depend on vim-common in the same upstream version, so upgrading
            to experimental vim will also install new vim-common (closes: #251736)
          + merged changes from 1:6.2-532+5
      vim (1:6.2+6.3b-007+1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (002 to 007), see README.gz for details
          + applied patch from Thomas de Grenier de Latour which fixes problems with
            non-builtin icons and gtk+ 2.4
      vim (1:6.2+6.3b-001+1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new major upstream beta release (6.3b)
          + new upstream patch (001), see README.gz for details
          + modified runtime path in global vimrc
          + merged changes from 1:6.2-532+3 and 1:6.2-532+4
      vim (1:6.2+6.3a-018+1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (007 to 018), see README.gz for details
          + merged changes from 1:6.2-532+2
      vim (1:6.2+6.3a-006+1) experimental; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new major upstream beta release (6.3a)
            - removed second -X option from vim(1) (closes: #231504)
            - added evim to executables in vim(1) (closes: #223866)
            - fixed typo in man.vim plugin (closes: #256951)
          + new upstream patches (001 to 006), see README.gz for details
          + removed most debian specific patches, because they got merged upstream
          + modified runtime path in global vimrc
          + modified directories in vim.links and vim.install
        * Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>:
          + updated kvim patch to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream
            beta release
      vim (1:6.2-532+6) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + applied a patch from Eduard Bloch which makes gvim load the UTF-8
            version of fixed font when the $LANG or $LC_CTYPE environment variables
            are set for the Unicode environment (closes: #177599)
          + added a patch which enhances detection of html files (closes: #211263)
          + removed c part from maze macro, looks like it doesn't work any longer
            (closes: #121837)
          + updated perl syntax file (closes: #232660)
          + suggest 'ssh' instead of 'rsh' in tagsrch.txt (closes: #229634)
          + capitalized 'unicode' string in description (closes: #172065)
          + fixed broken removal of vim-gnome diversion (closes: #252248)
          + fixed small typo in kvim mime files (closes: #250585)
          + fixed small mistake in global vimrc (closes: #165964)
          + added /usr/share/bug/vim/presubj file with some informations for
            submitters of bugs
      vim (1:6.2-532+5) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + re-added a vim-tiny package, looks like it got lost somewhere between
            potato and woody (closes: #222138)
          + added a patch which adds 'UsePAM' directive to sshdconfig.vim syntax file
            (closes: #250064)
          + added a patch from Doug Winter which add recognition of 'as' keyword in
            python syntax file (closes: #247326)
          + added a patch from Dirk Proesdorf which corrects new 'alternates' keyword
            behaviour in mutt syntax file (closes: #247098)
          + added a patch which adds syntax highlighting for whitespace files
            (closes: #226352)
          + added a patch from Brian M. Carlson which adds highlighting for 'lldiv_t'
            in c syntax file (closes: #202316)
          + added a patch which fixes a typo in map.txt (closes: #198667)
          + modified gvim and kvim menu entry, so they are started with -f now
            (closes: #153112)
          + added -f to mailcap view rules (closes: #101377)
      vim (1:6.2-532+4) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + used --with-features=big also for vim-basic variant (closes: #228485)
          + binaries now including debugging information (closes: #249602)
          + added support for "nostrip" in $DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
          + removed patch from Uli Martens introduced in 1:6.2-214+1 which modifies
            runtime path in macros/less.sh, it's no longer needed since 1:6.2-532+3
          + modified link to upstream changelog, it's no longer gzipped since
          + added version (>= 2.2) to libgtk2.0-dev build-dependency
          + added priority to kvim package in control file
      vim (1:6.2-532+3) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + added a patch from Peter Jay Salzman which fixes a typo in
            hebrewp_utf-8.vim (closes: #197932)
          + added a syntax file from Luca De Vitis which adds support for debconf
            templates (closes: #168731)
          + moved macros and tools back into runtime directory (closes: #190181)
          + moved runtimepath above inclusion of filetype.vim in /etc/vim/vimrc
            (closes: #248402)
          + really added a patch from Jeff Layton with a syntax correction for
            quoted here-documents (closes: #248562)
          + less.sh is now executable (closes: #244599)
          + modified new versioned dependencies from 1:6.2-532+2 so the dependency
            is only on upstream release (closes: #248949)
          + corrected version number in kvim conflicts/replaces, the epoche was
          + made /usr/share/doc/vim-common a symlink to /usr/share/doc/vim
          + modified some overrides to shut up installer at ftp-master
      vim (1:6.2-532+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + changes in debian/control from Michaels patch for hurd-i386 build got
            lost (really closes: #244769)
          + reenabled python package build for hurd-i386 build
          + added versioned dependency on vim to vim-common and vice versa
            (closes: #248423, #248563)
          + build-conflict with libperl-dev (= 5.8.4-1) because it's broken
            (see #247291 for details)
          + added a patch from Jeff Layton with a syntax correction for quoted
            here-documents (closes: #248562)
          + updated netrw plugin (closes: #248623)
          + updated squid syntax file (closes: #247810)
          + added menu hints (closes: #82322)
          + added background for syntax highlighting in vimrc (closes: #99762)
          + disabled regenerating of tags file (closes: #244852)
          + case-insensitive field names in debcontrol.vim (closes: #102232)
          + added some notes about reporting bugs against this package to
          + removed note about modelines from README.Debian
      vim (1:6.2-532+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (427 to 532), see README.gz for details
          + no longer compress helpfiles, it breaks :helpg (closes: #244114)
          + added a patch which fixes svn commit file highlighting
            (closes: #239320, #242286)
          + added a patch from Jan Minar which fixes a documentation error in
            cmdline.txt (closes: #241907)
          + added a patch from Roland Stigge which adds "Enhances" keyword to
            debcontrol syntax highlighting (closes: #235524)
          + added a patch from Domenico Andreoli which adds "reiserfs4" keyword to
            fstab syntax highlighting (closes: #236571)
          + applied a patch from Michael Bank which adds some exceptions for
            hurd-i386 build (closes: #244769)
          + added alternative for gnome-text-editor to vim-gnome (closes: #243443)
          + added alternative for gvim.1.gz to vim.1.gz (closes: #231503, #238181)
          + added vim-policy.txt to vim package (closes: #246174)
          + cleaned up debian/rules file and files in debian/patches a bit
        * Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>:
          + updated kvim patch to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream
      vim (1:6.2-426+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (365 to 426), see README.gz for details
          + updated 01ruby_mkmf.diff to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream
        * Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>:
          + updated kvim patch to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream
      vim (1:6.2-364+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (354 to 364), see README.gz for details
          + reenabled modelines in default vimrc (closes: #205501)
      vim (1:6.2-353+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (317 to 353), see README.gz for details
            (closes: #188640)
          + removed second /etc/vim from global runtime patch (closes: #237197)
          + added vimrc_example.vim to $VIMRUNTIME (closes: #127141)
      vim (1:6.2-316+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (295 to 316), see README.gz for details
      vim (1:6.2-294+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (271 to 294), see README.gz for details
          + moved arch independant data in a separate vim-common package
            (closes: #233454)
          + added a patch to recognize new keywords for java 1.5 in java syntax
            file, thanks to Seneca Cunningham (closes: #231916)
          + added a provides: kvim to kvim-packages (closes: #234690)
        * Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>:
            + updated kvim patch to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream
      vim (1:6.2-270+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new upstream patches (215 to 270), see README.gz for details
          + updated 01ruby_mkmf.diff and 11allow-threaded-perl.diff to apply without
            conflicts to new vim upstream patches
        * Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>:
          + updated kvim patch to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream
      vim (1:6.2-214+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>:
          + add support for kvim-python, kvim-perl, kvim-tcl and kvim-ruby
            (closes: #228865)
          + add /etc/vim/gvimrc to kvim* packages
      vim (1:6.2-214+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>:
          + new Co-Maintainer Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>
          + new upstream patches (182 to 214), see README.gz for details
          + added a patch which adds sysfs to fstab keywords, thanks to Iain
            Broadfoot (closes: #228475)
          + added a patch which modifies runtime path in macros/less.sh, thanks
            to Uli Martens (closes: #228779)
        * Mickael Marchand <marchand@kde.org>:
          + updated kvim patch to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream
      vim (1:6.2-181+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches (174 to 181), see README.gz for details
        * added gvim to GNOME application menu, thanks to Lee Maguire
          (closes: #226848)
      vim (1:6.2-173+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches (171 to 173), see README.gz for details
        * added some more replaces to vim and kvim to avoid problems when upgrading
          from older kvim (closes: #226735)
        * added a patch which adds usbdevfs to fstab keywords, thanks to Ludovit
          Hamaj (closes: #226714)
      vim (1:6.2-170+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches (155 to 170), see README.gz for details
        * updated kvim patch to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream patches,
          thanks to Mickael Marchand
        * updated 01ruby_mkmf.diff and 11allow-threaded-perl.diff to apply without
          conflicts to new vim upstream patches
        * new Maintainer: Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>
        * new Co-Maintainer: Luca Filipozzi <lfilipoz@debian.org>
        * added FAQ.gz to vim package (closes: #221909)
        * added additional php keywords to syntax file, thanks to Tobias Olsson and
          Jill Vogel (closes: #148757, #176448)
        * added german umlauts to keymap file, thanks to Marco Herrn
          (closes: #217633)
        * added filetypes for php4
      vim (1:6.2-154+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches (150 to 154), see README.gz for details
        * added new variant for a lesstif package, thanks to Bernd Westphal
        * added a patch to recognize reply-hook keyword in the muttrc syntax file,
          thanks to Marco Herrn (closes: #221350)
      vim (1:6.2-149+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches (146 to 149), see README.gz for details
        * added a patch to fix wrong highlighting in makefiles, thanks to Cyrille
          Dunant (closes: #133323)
        * added another patch to add '.' to debcontrolName highlighting, thanks to
          David Weinehall (closes: #117038)
      vim (1:6.2-145+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches (140 to 145), see README.gz for details
        * added arabic support, thanks to Mohammed Elzubeir and Anmar Oueja
          (closes: #216012)
        * updated kvim patch to apply without conflicts to new vim upstream patches,
          thanks to Mickael Marchand
        * updated 01ruby_mkmf.diff and 11allow-threaded-perl.diff to apply without
          conflicts to new vim upstream patches
        * renamed ruby1.8 build-dependency to ruby
      vim (1:6.2-139+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches (128 to 139), see README.gz for details
        * merge with kvim source package, thanks to Mickael Marchand
          (closes: #214076)
      vim (1:6.2-127+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches (107 to 127), see README.gz for details
        * used suggests instead of depends on vim for vim-doc
      vim (1:6.2-106+4) unstable; urgency=low
        * vim-gnome now conflict with vim-gtk, and vice versa (closes: #214580)
        * using pre-depends to fix #211710 and to handle overwriting of moved gvimrc
          was a really bad idea, used replaces instead (closes: #214759)
        * added a ttf-bitstream-vera suggests to gui packages because it seems to be
          the only font which works fine with gtk2 gui
        * added a note about gui support to perl, python, ruby and tcl package
        * corrected short description in vim-gnome package
      vim (1:6.2-106+3) unstable; urgency=low
        * moved vim-usermanual and vim-referencemanual to vim-doc package
          (closes: #214462, #214556)
        * removed perl, python, ruby, tcl support from vim-gtk and vim-gnome
          (closes: #214422)
        * gzipped /usr/share/vim/vim62/doc/help.txt (closes: #214115)
      vim (1:6.2-106+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * really removed html documentation from vim package (closes: #211710)
      vim (1:6.2-106+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches (99 to 106), see README.gz for details
        * added a note to README.Debian about new modeline behaviour
          (closes: #212696)
        * helpztags update, fixes production of tag files in improper format which
          vim can't understand (closes: #213032)
        * temporary disabled copying debian/vim-install into vim package, waiting
          for an update (see #213034 for details)
      vim (1:6.2-098+5) unstable; urgency=low
        * added a several requested vim-gnome package (closes: #211820)
      vim (1:6.2-098+4) unstable; urgency=low
        * the "Happy Birthday Norbert" release
        * corrected buggy Depends line in debian/control for packages depending on
          vim, which should fix build problems (closes: #212686)
      vim (1:6.2-098+3) unstable; urgency=low
        * yet another helpztags update
      vim (1:6.2-098+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * added a pre-depends on vim to vim-doc (closes: #211710)
        * updated helpztags and modified debian/rules to create a manpage,
          thanks again to Artur R. Czechowski (closes: #211763)
        * compiled in runtime path extension and removed entry from vimrc
        * changed build-depends from tcl8.3 to tcl8.4
      vim (1:6.2-098+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new major upstream release (6.2) (closes: #196411, #205204)
        * new upstream patches (1 to 98), see README.gz for details
        * new Co-Maintainer: Norbert Tretkowski <nobse@debian.org>
        * started putting upstream changes in a separate file
        * added a patch that adds s390 support for control file syntax
          highlighting (closes: #114750)
        * moved to ruby1.8 (closes: #211539)
        * enabled cscope functionality in vim package (closes: #159728)
        * reenabled perl support in vim-perl package (closes: #200410)
        * modified runtimepath in vimrc, added a README.Debian, helpztags and
          vim-install to vim package, thanks Artur R. Czechowski
        * added a Pre-Depends to packages depending on vim for a smooth upgrade
          from older releases
        * updated slrnrc syntax highlighting file, thanks to Sebastian Krause
        * modified Build-Depends for an easier build on woody
        * bumped up Standards-Version (no changes)
        * moved config file and symlinks for gui version from vim package to each
          of the additional packages (closes: #114944, #153068, #155711)
        * fixed debchangelog syntax match, thanks to Gerfried Fuchs and Uli
          Martens (closes: #153426)
        * moved html documentation to new vim-doc package (closes: #121075)
      vim (1:6.1-474+2) unstable; urgency=low
        * debian/patches/07scripts.vim: fix typo that causes all files to be syntax
          highlighed as though they were cvs diff files (closes: #194583)
      vim (1:6.1-474+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * debian/vim.postinst + debian/vim-variant.postinst: delete symlinks located
          in /usr/doc (closes: #189858, #190022)
        * debian/rules + debain/runtime/vimrc: applied a patch that causes build
          system to not compress the top level vim documenation file, help.txt; this
          is needed so that plugin documentation can be merged into the online help
          (closes: #186673) [thanks to: Recai Oktas]
        * debian/patches/02debcontrol.vim: applied a patch that prevents vim syntax
          erroneous highlighting of email addresses in Debian control files
          (closes: #186673) [thanks to: Dmitry Borodaenko]
        * debian/patches/03debcontrol.vim: applied a patch that makes the syntax
          highlighter recongize the new Debian sections: embedded, gnome, kde,
          libdevel, perl, python
          (closes: #193235) [thanks to: Branden Robinson]
        * debian/patches/04vim.1: applied a patch that documents -X flag
          (closes: #141804) [thanks to: Guido Guenther]
        * debian/patches/05muttrc.vim: applied a patch that adds several keywords
          starting with 'crypt-', reflecting recent changes in muttrc syntax
          (closes: #190864) [thanks to: Marco Herrn]
        * debian/patches/06tasm.vim: applied a patch that fixes minor typo
          (closes: #165819) [thanks to: David Weinehall]
        * debian/patches/07scripts.vim.diff: applied a patch that helps vim correctly
          highlight cvs diff output
          (closes: #152721) [thanks to: Guido Guenther]
        * debian/patches/08sh.vim.diff: applied a patch that increases the strictness
          of Bourne shell syntax highlighting with respect to "if [ ]" constructs
          (closes: #140203) [thanks to: Malcolm Parsons]
        * debian/patches/09c.vim.diff: applied a patch that adds additional signal
          names to the list of recognized signals for syntax highlighting
          (closes: #173797) [thanks to: Wolfram Quester]
        * debian/patches/10apache.vim.diff: applied a patch that adds SSLEnable
          to the list of recognized keyworkds (closes: #135243)
        * debian/runtime/vimrc: applied a patch that makes vim set printoptions
          paper to /etc/papersize as per Debian standards
          (closes: #127830) [thanks to: Ken Shan]
        * new upstream patches:
          + 6.1.321: When 'mouse' includes 'n' but not 'v', don't allow starting
            Visual mode with the mouse.
          + 6.1.322: Win32: The host name is always "PC " plus the real host
          + 6.1.323: ":registers" doesn't stop listing for a "q" at the more
          + 6.1.324: Crash when dragging a vertical separator when <LeftMouse>
            is remapped to jump to another window.
          + 6.1.325: Shift-Tab is not automatically recognized in an xterm.
          + 6.1.326: Using a search pattern may read from uninitialized data
            (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
          + 6.1.327: When opening the "mbyte.txt" help file the utf-8 characters
            are unreadable, because the fileencoding is forced to be latin1.
          + 6.1.328: Prototype for enc_canon_search() is missing.
          + 6.1.329: When editing a file "a b c" replacing "%" in ":Cmd %" or
            ":next %" does not work properly.
          + 6.1.330: GTK, Motif and Athena: Keypad keys produce the same code
            as non-keypad keys, making it impossible to map them separately.
          + 6.1.331: When translating the help files, "LOCAL ADDITIONS" no
            longer marks the spot where help files from plugins are to be listed.
          + 6.1.332: Win32: Loading Perl dynamically doesn't work with Perl
            5.8. Perl 5.8 also does not work with Cygwin and Ming.
          + 6.1.333: Win32: Can't handle Unicode text on the clipboard. Can't
            pass NUL byte, it becomes a line break.
          + 6.1.334: Problem with drawing Hebrew characters.
          + 6.1.335: Failure of obtaining the cursor position and window size
            is ignored.
          + 6.1.336: Warning for use of function prototypes of smsg().
          + 6.1.337: When using "finish" in debug mode in function B() for
            ":call A(B())" does not stop after B() is finished.
          + 6.1.338: When using a menu that checks out the current file from
            Insert mode, there is no warning for the changed file until exiting
            Insert mode.
          + 6.1.339: Completion doesn't allow "g:" in ":let g:did_<Tab>". (Benji
          + 6.1.340: Win32: Can't compile the Perl interface with nmake.
          + 6.1.341: In Insert mode with 'rightleft' set the cursor is drawn
            halfway a double-wide character. For CTRL-R and CTRL-K in Insert
            mode the " or ? is not displayed.
          + 6.1.342: With 'rightleft' set typing "c" on a double-wide character
            causes the cursor to be displayed one cell to the left.
          + 6.1.343: Cannot compile with the +multi_byte feature but without
            +rightleft. Cannot compile without the GUI.
          + 6.1.344: When using ":silent filetype" the output is still put in
            the message history.
          + 6.1.345: Win32: 'imdisable' doesn't work.
          + 6.1.346: The scroll wheel can only scroll the current window.
          + 6.1.347: When using cscope to list matching tags, the listed number
            is sometimes not equal to what cscope uses.
          + 6.1.348: Wildmode with wildmenu: ":set wildmode=list,full",
            ":colorscheme <tab>" results in "zellner" instead of the first
            entry. (Anand Hariharan)
          + 6.1.349: "vim --serverlist" when no server was ever started gives
            an error message without "\n". "vim --serverlist" doesn't exit when
            the X server can't be contacted, it starts Vim unexpectedly.
          + 6.1.350: When entering a buffer with ":bnext" for the first time,
            using an autocommand to restore the last used cursor position
            doesn't work.
          + 6.1.351: Crash when starting Vim the first time in an X server. (John
          + 6.1.352: Win32: Crash when setting "imdisable" in _vimrc.
          + 6.1.353: Problem with drawing Arabic characters.
          + 6.1.354: MS-Windows 98: Notepad can't paste text copied from Vim when
            'encoding' is "utf-8".
          + 6.1.355: In a regexp '\n' will never match anything in a string.
          + 6.1.356: Compiler warnings for using convert_setup() and a few
            other things.
          + 6.1.357: CR in the quickfix window jumps to the error under the
            cursor, but this doesn't work in Insert mode.
          + 6.1.358: The tutor doesn't select another locale version properly.
          + 6.1.359: Mac Carbon: Vim doesn't get focus when started from the
            command line. Crash when using horizontal scroll bar.
          + 6.1.360: In Insert mode CTRL-K ESC messes up a multi-byte character.
          + 6.1.361: Cannot jump to a file mark with ":'M".
          + 6.1.362: tgetent() may return zero for success. tgetflag() may
            return -1 for an error.
          + 6.1.363: byte2line() can return one more than the number of lines.
          + 6.1.364: That the FileChangedShell autocommand event never nests
            makes it difficult to reload a file in a normal way.
          + 6.1.365: Setting a breakpoint in a sourced file with a relative
            path name doesn't work.
          + 6.1.366: Can't use Vim with Netbeans.
          + 6.1.367: Setting a breakpoint in a function doesn't work. For
            a sourced file it doesn't work when symbolic links are
            involved. (Servatius Brandt)
          + 6.1.368: Completion for ":map" does not include <silent> and
            <script>. ":mkexrc" do not save the <silent> attribute of mappings.
          + 6.1.369: VMS: Vim hangs when attempting to edit a read-only file
            in the terminal. Problem with VMS filenames for quickfix.
          + 6.1.370: #ifdef nesting is unclear.
          + 6.1.371: "%V" in 'statusline' doesn't show "0-1" in an empty line.
          + 6.1.372: With 16 bit ints there are compiler warnings.
          + 6.1.373: The default page header for printing is not translated.
          + 6.1.374: MS-Windows: Cannot build GvimExt with MingW or Cygwin.
          + 6.1.375: MS-Windows: ':!dir "%"' does not work for a file name
            with spaces.
          + 6.1.376: "vim --version" and "vim --help" have a non-zero exit
            code. That is unusual.
          + 6.1.377: Can't add words to 'lispwords' option.
          + 6.1.378: When two buffer-local user commands are ambiguous, a full
            match with a global user command isn't found.
          + 6.1.379: Linux with kernel 2.2 can't use the alternate stack in
            combination with threading, causes an infinite loop.
          + 6.1.380: When 'winminheight' is zero and the quickfix window is
            zero lines, entering the window doesn't make it highter. (Christian
            J. Robinson)
          + 6.1.381: When a BufWriteCmd is used and it leaves the buffer
            modified, the window may still be closed.
          + 6.1.382: Win32 GUI: When using two monitors, the code that
            checks/fixes the window size and position (e.g. when a font changes)
            doesn't work properly.
          + 6.1.383: The filling of the status line doesn't work properly for
            multi-byte characters. There is no check for going past the end of
            the buffer.
          + 6.1.384: It is not possible to find if a certain patch has been
          + 6.1.385: Can't compile without the multi-byte feature.
          + 6.1.386: Get duplicate tags when running ":helptags".
          + 6.1.387: Compiler warning for pointer cast.
          + 6.1.388: Compiler warning for pointer cast.
          + 6.1.389: Balloon evaluation doesn't work for GTK. has("balloon_eval")
            doesn't work.
          + 6.1.390: It's not possible to tell Vim to save and exit through the
            Netbeans interface. Would still try to send balloon eval text after
            the connection is closed. Can't use Unicode characters for sign text.
          + 6.1.391: ml_get
          + 6.1.392: Highlighting in the 'statusline' is in the wrong position
            when an item is tructated.
          + 6.1.393: When compiled with Python and threads, detaching the
            terminal may cause Vim to loop forever.
          + 6.1.394: The netbeans interface doesn't recognize multibyte glyph
          + 6.1.395: VMS: OLD_VMS is never defined. Missing function prototype.
          + 6.1.396: Compiler warnings for using enum.
          + 6.1.397: The install program may use a wrong path for the diff
            command if there is a space in the install directory path.
          + 6.1.398: Saving the typeahead for debug mode causes trouble for a
            test script.
          + 6.1.399: Warning for unused variable.
          + 6.1.400: When a BufWriteCmd wipes out the buffer it may still
            be accessed.
          + 6.1.401: Building the Win16 version with Borland 5.01 doesn't
            work. "make test" doesn't work with Make_dos.mak.
          + 6.1.402: When evaluating a function name with curly braces, an
            error is not handled consistently.
          + 6.1.403: MS-Windows 16 bit: compiler warnings.
          + 6.1.404: Various small problems.
          + 6.1.405: A few files are missing from the toplevel Makefile.
          + 6.1.406: When a statusline item doesn't fit arbitrary text appears.
          + 6.1.407: ":set scrollbind | help" scrollbinds the help
            window. (Andrew Pimlott)
          + 6.1.408: When 'rightleft' is set unprintable character 0x0c is
            displayed as ">c0<".
          + 6.1.409: Generating tags for the help doesn't work for some locales.
          + 6.1.410: Linking error when compiling with Netbeans but without
            sign icons.
          + 6.1.411: When 'virtualedit' is set, highlighting a Visual block
            beyond the end of a line may be wrong.
          + 6.1.412: When swapping terminal screens and using ":gui" to start
            the GUI, the shell prompt may be after a hit-enter prompt.
          + 6.1.413: When 'clipboard' contains "unnamed", "p" in Visual mode
            doesn't work correctly.
          + 6.1.414: VMS: Vim busy waits when waiting for input.
          + 6.1.415: When there is a vertical split and a quickfix window,
            reducing the size of the Vim window may result in a wrong window
            layout and a crash.
          + 6.1.416: When using the Netbeans interface, a line with a sign
            cannot be changed.
          + 6.1.417: Unprintable multi-byte characters are not handled
            correctly. Multi-byte characters above 0xffff are displayed as
            another character.
          + 6.1.418: The result of strftime() is in the current locals. Need
            to convert it to 'encoding'.
          + 6.1.419: Vim doesn't compile on AIX 5.1.
          + 6.1.420: convert_input() has an unnecessary STRLEN(). Conversion
            from UCS-2 to a codepage uses word count instead of byte count.
          + 6.1.421: MS-Windows 9x: When putting text on the clipboard it can
            be in the wrong encoding.
          + 6.1.422: Error in .vimrc doesn't cause hit-enter prompt when
            swapping screens.
          + 6.1.423: Can't find arbitrary text in help files.
          + 6.1.424: Win32: Gvim compiled with VC++ 7.0 run on Windows 95 does
            not show menu items.
          + 6.1.425: ":helptags $VIMRUNTIME/doc" does not add the "help-tags"
          + 6.1.426: "--remote-wait +cmd file" waits forever.
          + 6.1.427: Several error messages for regexp patterns are not
          + 6.1.428: FreeBSD: wait() may hang when compiled with Python support
            and doing a system() call in a startup script.
          + 6.1.429: Crash when using showmarks.vim plugin.
          + 6.1.430: In Lisp code backslashed parens should be ignored for "%".
          + 6.1.431: Debug commands end up in redirected text.
          + 6.1.432: MS-Windows: ":make %:p" inserts extra backslashes.
          + 6.1.433: ":popup" only works for Win32.
          + 6.1.434: Win32: When there are more than 32767 lines, the scrollbar
            has a roundoff error.
          + 6.1.435: ":winsize x" resizes the Vim window to the minimal
            size. (Andrew Pimlott)
          + 6.1.436: When a long UTF-8 file contains an illegal byte it's hard
            to find out where it is.
          + 6.1.437: Using multi-byte functions when they are not available.
          + 6.1.438: When Perl has thread support Vim cannot use the Perl
          + 6.1.439: Netbeans: A "create" function doesn't actually create a
            buffer, following functions may fail.
          + 6.1.440: The "@*" command doesn't obtain the actual contents of
            the clipboard.
          + 6.1.441: "zj" and "zk" cannot be used as a motion command after
            an operator.
          + 6.1.442: Unicode 3.2 defines more space and punctuation characters.
          + 6.1.443: Win32: The gvimext.dll build with Borland 5.5 requires
            another DLL.
          + 6.1.444: Win32: Enabling a build with gettext support is not
          + 6.1.445: DJGPP: get warning for argument of putenv()
          + 6.1.446: Win32: The MingW makefile uses a different style of
            arguments than other makefiles. Dynamic IME is not supported
            for Cygwin.
          + 6.1.447: "make install" uses "make" directly for generating help
          + 6.1.448: 'titlestring' has a default maximum width of 50 chars
            per item.
          + 6.1.449: When "1" and "a" are in 'formatoptions', auto-formatting
            always moves a newly added character to the next line.
          + 6.1.450: Termcap entry "kB" for back-tab is not recognized.
          + 6.1.451: GUI: When text in the find dialog contains a slash,
            a backslash is inserted the next time it is opened.
          + 6.1.452: Win32: IME support doesn't work for MSVC.
          + 6.1.453: When compiled without sign icons but with sign support,
            adding a sign may cause a crash.
          + 6.1.454: Win32: pasting Russian text in Vim with 'enc' set to cp1251
            results in utf-8 bytes. Conversion from DBCS to UCS2 does not work
            when 'encoding' is not the active codepage.
          + 6.1.455: Some Unicode characters can be one or two character
            cells wide.
          + 6.1.456: Win32: IME doesn't work.
          + 6.1.457: An empty register in viminfo causes conversion to fail.
          + 6.1.458: Compiler warning for pointer.
          + 6.1.459: Win32: libcall() may return an invalid pointer and cause
            Vim to crash.
          + 6.1.460: GTK: after scrolling the text one line with a key, clicking
            the arrow of the scrollbar does not always work.
          + 6.1.461: When a keymap is active, typing a character in Select mode
            does not use it.
          + 6.1.462: When autocommands wipe out a buffer, a crash may
            happen. (Hari Krishna Dara)
          + 6.1.463: When writing a compressed file, the file name that gzip
            stores in the file is the weird temporary file name.
          + 6.1.464: Crash when using C++ syntax highlighting.
          + 6.1.465: Compile error when using cygwin.
          + 6.1.466: The "-f" argument is a bit obscure.
          + 6.1.467: Setting the window title doesn't work for Chinese.
          + 6.1.468: ":mksession" also stores folds for buffers which will not
            be restored.
          + 6.1.469: 'listchars' cannot contain multi-byte characters.
          + 6.1.470: Polish messages don't show up correctly on MS-Windows.
          + 6.1.471: ":jumps" output continues after pressing "q" at the
          + 6.1.472: When there is an authentication error when connecting to
            the X server Vim exits.
          + 6.1.473: Referring to $curwin or $curbuf in Perl 5.6 causes a crash.
          + 6.1.474: When opening the command-line window in Ex mode it's
            impossible to go back.
      vim (1:6.1-320+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches:
          + 6.1.291: Win32: CTRL-@ doesn't work. Don't even get a message for it.
          + 6.1.292: Win32: Can't compile with new MingW compiler. Borland 5
            makefile doesn't generate pathdef.c.
          + 6.1.293: byte2line() returns a wrong result for some values.
          + 6.1.294: Can't include a multi-byte character in a string by its
            hex value.
          + 6.1.295: Processing the cs.po file generates an error.
          + 6.1.296: Win32: When cancelling the font dialog 'guifont' remains
            set to "*".
          + 6.1.297: "make test" fails in test6 in an UTF-8 environment.
          + 6.1.298: When using signs and the first line of a closed fold has
            a sign it can be redrawn as if the fold was open.
          + 6.1.299: ":edit +set\ ro file" doesn't work.
          + 6.1.300: Handling of ETO_IGNORELANGUAGE is confusing.
          + 6.1.301: French translation of file-save dialog doesn't show
            file name.
          + 6.1.302: Counting lines of the Visual area is incorrect for closed
          + 6.1.303: The Top/Bottom/All text does not always fit in the ruler
            when translated to Japanese. Problem with a character being wider
            when in a bold font.
          + 6.1.304: Win32: Postscript is always enabled in the
            MingW Makefile. Pathdef.c isn't generated properly with
            Make_bc5.mak. (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)
          + 6.1.305: When 'verbose' is 14 or higher, a function call may cause
            reading uninitialized data.
          + 6.1.306: The AIX VisualAge cc compiler doesn't define __STDC__.
          + 6.1.307: When a double-byte character has an illegal tail byte the
            display is messed up.
          + 6.1.308: Can't reset the Visual mode returned by visualmode().
          + 6.1.309: The tutor doesn't select German if the locale name is
          + 6.1.310: All double-byte characters are displayed as "XX".
          + 6.1.311: VMS: path in window title doesn't include necessary
            separator. file version doesn't always work properly with
            Unix. Crashes because of memory overwrite in GUI. Didn't always
            handle files with lowercase and correct path.
          + 6.1.312: When using ":silent" debugging is also done silently.
          + 6.1.313: When a ":drop fname" command is used and "fname" is open
            in another window, it is also opened in the current window.
          + 6.1.314: Missing backslash in "Generic Config file" syntax menu.
          + 6.1.315: A very long hostname may lead to an unterminated
            string. Failing to obtain a hostname may result in garbage.
          + 6.1.316: When exiting with "wq" and there is a hidden buffer, after
            the "file changed" dialog there is a warning for a changed buffer.
          + 6.1.317: Closing a window may cause some of the remaining windows
            to be positioned wrong if there is a mix of horizontal and vertial
          + 6.1.318: auto/pathdef.c can include wrong quotes when a compiler
            flag includes quotes.
          + 6.1.319: Using "--remote +cmd file" does not execute "cmd".
          + 6.1.320: When a ":drop one\ file" command is used the file "one\
            file" is opened, the backslash is not removed.
        * debian/patches/01ruby_mkmf: fixes an FTBFS that impacts ia64 but should
          probably have affected all archs (closes: Bug#174375)
      vim (1:6.1-290+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream patches:
          + 6.1.267: Using "p" to paste into a Visual selected area may cause
            a crash.
          + 6.1.268: When triggering an abbreviation with a multi-byte character,
            this character is not correctly inserted after expanding the
          + 6.1.269: After using input() text written with ":redir" gets
            extra indent.
          + 6.1.270: GCC 3.2.1 still seems to have an optimizer problem.
          + 6.1.271: When compiling without the +syntax feature there are errors.
          + 6.1.272: After using ":set define<" a crash may happen.
          + 6.1.273: When the cursor doesn't blink, redrawing an exposed area
            may hide the cursor.
          + 6.1.274: Resetting the iconv() state after each error is wrong for
            an incomplete sequence.
          + 6.1.275: When using "v" in a startup script, get warning message
            that terminal cannot highlight.
          + 6.1.276: "gvim --remote file" doesn't prompt for an encryption key.
          + 6.1.277: Compilation error when building without GUI.
          + 6.1.278: When using signs the line number of a closed fold doesn't
            line up with the other line numbers.
          + 6.1.279: The prototype for smsg() and smsg_attr() do not match the
            function definition. This may cause trouble for some compilers.
          + 6.1.280: It's possible to use an argument "firstline" or "lastline"
            for a function but using "a:firstline" or "a:lastline" in the
            function won't work.
          + 6.1.281: In Insert mode CTRL-X CTRL-G leaves the cursor after
            the ruler.
          + 6.1.282: Elvis uses "se" in a modeline, Vim doesn't recognize this.
          + 6.1.283: For ":sign" the icon file name cannot contain a space.
          + 6.1.284: On Solaris there is a warning for "struct utimbuf".
          + 6.1.285: Can't wipe out a buffer with 'bufhidden' option.
          + 6.1.286: 'showbreak' cannot contain multi-byte characters.
          + 6.1.287: Effect of "delete" and "wipe" in 'bufhide' were mixed up.
          + 6.1.288: ":silent function F" hangs.
          + 6.1.289: Compiler warning for pointer.
          + 6.1.290: Truncating long text for message box may break multi-byte
      vim (1:6.1-266+1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new epoch: change package version numbering so that new upstream patches
          don't generate new source packages
        * new upstream patches:
          + 6.1.264: exists() does not work for built-in functions
          + 6.1.265: libcall() can be used in 'foldexpr' to call any system
            function. rename(), delete() and remote_send() can also be used in
            'foldexpr'. These are security problems.
          + 6.1.266: Win32: compile error in eval.c.
      vim (6.1.263-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * debian/control: fix Build-Depends to include bzip2 (closes: Bug#171078)
        * debian/patches: 00os_unix.h - set default runtime path to include /etc/vim
      vim (6.1.263-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New maintainer
        * New debian build scripts
        * debian/runtime/vimrc: added 'set nomodeline' to address potential
          security issue wherein malicious persons author files with hazardous
          modelines, users unwittingly open said files and vim evaluates the
          dangerous modelines
        * Apply upstream patches:
          + 6.1.207: Indenting a Java file hangs below a line with a comment
            after a command.
          + 6.1.208: Can't use the buffer number from the Python interface.
          + 6.1.209: Printing doesn't work on Mac OS classic.
          + 6.1.210: When there is an iconv() conversion error when reading a
            file there can be an error the next time iconv() is used.
          + 6.1.211: The message "use ! to override" is confusing.
          + 6.1.212: When Vim was started with "-R" ":new" creates a buffer
            'noreadonly' while ":enew" has 'readonly' set.
          + 6.1.213: Using CTRL-W H may cause a big gap to appear below the
            last window.
          + 6.1.214: When installing Vim and the runtime files were checked
            out from CVS the CVS directories will also be installed.
          + 6.1.215: Win32: ":pwd" uses backslashes even when 'shellslash'
            is set.
          + 6.1.216: When dynamically loading the iconv library, the error
            codes may be confused.
          + 6.1.217: When sourcing the same Vim script using a different name
            (symbolic link or MS-Windows 8.3 name) it is listed twice with
            ":scriptnames". (Tony Mechelynck)
          + 6.1.218: No error message for using the function argument
            "5+". (Servatius Brandt)
          + 6.1.219: When using ":amenu :b 1<CR>" with a Visual selection and
            'insertmode' is set, Vim does not return to Insert mode. (Mickael
          + 6.1.220: When using a BufReadPost autocommand that changes the line
            count, e.g., "$-1join", reloading a file that was changed outside
            Vim does not work properly.
          + 6.1.221: Changing case may not work properly, depending on the
            current locale.
          + 6.1.222: Patch 6.1.219 was incomplete.
          + 6.1.223: Win32: When IME is activated 'iminsert' is set, but it
            might never be reset when IME is disabled. All systems: 'iminsert' is
            set to 2 when leaving Insert mode, even when langmap is being used.
          + 6.1.224: "expand('$VAR')" returns an empty string when the expanded
            $VAR is not an existing file.
          + 6.1.225: Using <C-O><C-^> in Insert mode has a delay when starting
            "vim -u NONE" and ":set nocp hidden". (Emmanuel) do_ecmd() uses
            fileinfo(), the redraw is done after a delay to give the user time
            to read the message.
          + 6.1.226: Using ":debug" with a ":normal" command may cause a
            hang. (Colin Keith)
          + 6.1.227: It is possible to use a variable name "asdf:asdf" and
            ":let j:asdf = 5" does not give an error message.
          + 6.1.228: Win32: The special output function for Hangul is used
            too often, causing special handling for other situations
            to be skipped. bInComposition is always FALSE, causing
            ImeGetTempComposition() always to return NULL.
          + 6.1.229: Win32: Conversion to/from often used codepages requires
            the iconv library, which is not always available.
          + 6.1.230: Win16: building doesn't work.
          + 6.1.231: Double clicking with the mouse to select a word does not
            work for multi-byte characters.
          + 6.1.232: Using ex_normal_busy while it might not be available. (Axel
          + 6.1.233: ":help expr-||" does not work.
          + 6.1.234: Get a warning for using a negative value for st_dev.
          + 6.1.235: 'iminsert' is changed from 1 to 2 when leaving Insert
            mode. (Peter Valach)
          + 6.1.236: Memory leaks when appending lines for ":diffget" or
            ":diffput" and when reloading a changec buffer.
          + 6.1.237: Putting in Visual block mode does not work correctly when
            "$" was used or when the first line is short.
          + 6.1.238: Win32: The "icon=" argument for the ":menu" command does
            not search for the bitmap file.
          + 6.1.239: Giving an error for missing :endif or :endwhile when
            being interrupted.
          + 6.1.240: Win32 with BCC 5: CPU may be defined in the environment,
            which causes a wrong argument for the compiler.
          + 6.1.241: Something goes wrong when drawing or undrawing the cursor.
          + 6.1.242: When pasting a large number of lines on the command line
            it is not possible to interrupt.
          + 6.1.243: Win32: When the OLE version is started and wasn't
            registered, a message pops up to suggest registering, even when
            this isn't possible (when the registry is not writable).
          + 6.1.244: Patch 6.1.237 was missing the diff for vim.h.
          + 6.1.245: Comparing with ignored case does not work properly for
            Unicode with a locale where case folding an ASCII character results
            in a multi-byte character.
          + 6.1.246: ":blast" goes to the first buffer if the last one is
          + 6.1.247: ACL support doesn't always work properly.
          + 6.1.248: Typing 'q' at the more-prompt for ":let" does not quit
            the listing.
          + 6.1.249: Can't expand a path on the command line if it includes a
            "|" as a trail byte of a multi-byte character.
          + 6.1.250: When changing the value of 'lines' inside the expression
            set with 'diffexpr' Vim might crash.
          + 6.1.251: Can't use completion for ":lcd" and ":lchdir" like ":cd".
          + 6.1.252: "vi}" does not include a line break when the "}" is at
            the start of a following line.
          + 6.1.253: Win32 with Cygwin: Changes the path of arguments in a
            wrong way.
          + 6.1.254: exists("foo{bar}") does not work. ':unlet v{"a"}r' does
            not work. ":let v{a}r1 v{a}r2" does not work. ":func F{(1)}" does
            not work. ":delfunc F{" does not give an error message. ':delfunc
            F{"F"}' does not work.
          + 6.1.255: Crash when loading menu.vim a second time. ":unlet garbage
            foo" tries unletting "foo" after an error message. Very long function
            arguments cause very long messages when 'verbose' is 14 or higher.
          + 6.1.256: Defining a function after ":if 0" could still cause an
            error message for an existing function. Leaking memory when there
            are trailing characters for ":delfunc".
          + 6.1.257: ":cwindow" always sets the previous window to the last
            but one window.
          + 6.1.258: Buffers menu doesn't work properly for multibyte buffer
          + 6.1.259: Mac: with 'patchmode' is used filenames are truncated.
          + 6.1.260: GCC 3.2 still seems to have an optimizer problem.
          + 6.1.261: When deleting a line in a buffer which is not the current
            buffer, using the Perl interface Delete(), the cursor in the current
            window may move.
          + 6.1.262: When jumping over folds with "z[", "zj" and "zk" the
            previous position is not remembered.
          + 6.1.263: When typing a multi-byte character that triggers an
            abbreviation it is not inserted properly.
      vim (6.1.206-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Change priority of vim package back to optional
        * Switch to tcl8.4-dev
        * Apply upstream patches:
          + 6.1.166: When 'autoindent' is set and mswin.vim has been sourced,
            pasting with CTRL-V just after auto-indenting removes the
          + 6.1.167: When giving a negative argument to ":retab" strange things
            start happening.
          + 6.1.168: Pressing CTRL-C at the hit-enter prompt doesn't end
            the prompt.
          + 6.1.169: bufexists() finds a buffer by using the name of a symbolic
            link to it, but bufnr
          + 6.1.170: Using ":mksession" uses the default session file name,
            but "vim -S" doesn't.
          + 6.1.171: When opening a line just above a closed fold with "O"
            and the comment leader is automatically inserted, the cursor is
            displayed in the first column.
          + 6.1.172: Command line completion of ":tag /pat" does not show the
            same results as the tags the command actually finds.
          + 6.1.173: When using remote control to edit a position in a file
            and this file is the current buffer and it's modified, the window
            is split and the ":drop" command fails.
          + 6.1.174: It is difficult to know in a script whether an option not
            only exists but really works.
          + 6.1.175: When reading commands from a pipe and a CTRL-C is pressed,
            Vim will hang.
          + 6.1.176: When the stack limit is very big a false out-of-stack
            error may be detected.
          + 6.1.177: ":wincmd" does not allow a following command.
          + 6.1.178: When 'expandtab' is set "r<C-V><Tab>" still expands the Tab.
          + 6.1.179: When using X11R5 XIMPreserveState is undefined.
          + 6.1.180: Use of the GUI code for forking is inconsistent.
          + 6.1.181: If the terminal doesn't wrap from the last char in a line
            to the next line, the last column is blanked out.
          + 6.1.182: It is not possible to auto-format comments only.
          + 6.1.183: When 'fencs' is empty and 'enc' is utf-8, reading a file
            with illegal bytes gives "CONVERSION ERROR" even though no conversion
            is done. 'readonly' is set, even though writing the file results
            in an unmodified file.
          + 6.1.184: The extra mouse buttons found on some mice don't work.
          + 6.1.185: Can't compile without +comments feature.
          + 6.1.186: ":wincmd" does not allow a following comment.
          + 6.1.187: Using ":doarg" with 'hidden' set and the current file is
            the only argument and was modified gives an error message.
          + 6.1.188: Unused variable in the small version.
          + 6.1.189: inputdialog() doesn't work when 'c' is in 'guioptions'.
          + 6.1.190: VMS: doesn't build with GTK GUI. Various other problems.
          + 6.1.191: When using "vim -s script" and redirecting the output,
            the delay for the "Output is not to a terminal" warning slows Vim
            down too much.
          + 6.1.192: ":diffsplit" doesn't add "hor" to 'scrollopt'.
          + 6.1.193: Crash in in_id_list() for an item with a "containedin" list.
          + 6.1.194: When "t_ti" is set but it doesn't cause swapping terminal
            pages, "ZZ" may cause the shell prompt to appear on top of the
            file-write message.
          + 6.1.195: The quickfix and preview windows always keep their height,
            while other windows can't fix their height.
          + 6.1.196: On Mac OS X 10.2 generating osdef.h fails.
          + 6.1.197: ":help <C-V><C-\><C-V><C-N>" (resulting in <1c><0e>)
            gives an error message.
          + 6.1.198: Mac OS X: Dialogues don't work.
          + 6.1.199: 'guifontwide' doesn't work on Win32.
          + 6.1.200: ":syn sync fromstart" is not skipped after ":if 0". This
            can make syntax highlighting very slow.
          + 6.1.201: Warning for illegal pointer combination.
          + 6.1.202: Win32: filewritable() doesn't work properly on directories.
          + 6.1.203: ":%s/~//" causes a crash after ":%s/x//".
          + 6.1.204: Warning for an illegal pointer on Solaris.
          + 6.1.205: The gzip plugin changes the alternate file when editing
            a compressed file.
          + 6.1.206: The script generated with ":mksession" doesn't work properly
            when some commands are mapped.
      vim (6.1.165-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Change priority to extra
        * Build-Depend on libperl-dev >= 5.8.0-7 in order to force perl transition
        * Apply upstream patches:
          + 6.1.152: When $LANG is iso8859-1 translated menus are not used.
          + 6.1.153: Searching in included files may search recursively when
            the path starts with "../".
          + 6.1.154: DJGPP: "vim -h" leaves the cursor in a wrong position.
          + 6.1.155: Win32: Cursor may sometimes disappear in Insert mode.
          + 6.1.156: Conversion between DBCS and UCS-2 isn't implemented cleanly.
          + 6.1.157: 'hlsearch' highlights only the second comma in ",,,,,"
            with "/,\@<=[^,]*".
          + 6.1.158: "zs" and "ze" don't work correctly with ":set nowrap
          + 6.1.159: When expanding an abbreviation that includes a multi-byte
            character too many characters are deleted.
          + 6.1.160: ":$read file.gz" doesn't work.
          + 6.1.161: Warning for signed/unsigned compare. Can set 'siso' to a
            negative value.
          + 6.1.162: Python interface: Didn't initialize threads properly.
          + 6.1.163: Win32: Can't compile with Python after 6.1.162.
          + 6.1.164: If 'modifiable' is off, converting to xxd fails and
            'filetype' is changed to "xxd" anyway.
          + 6.1.165: Making changes in several lines and then a change in one
            of these lines that splits it in two or more lines, undo information
            was corrupted. May cause a crash.
      vim (6.1.152-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Apply upstream patches:
          + 6.1.049: On a 32 bit display a valid color may cause an error
            message, because its pixel value is negative.
          + 6.1.050: After patch 6.1.049 the non-GUI version doesn't compile.
          + 6.1.051: Doesn't compile with GUI and small features.
          + 6.1.052: Unix: The executable() function doesn't work when the
            "which" command isn't available.
          + 6.1.053: When 'sessionoptions' contains "globals", or "localoptions"
            and an option value contains a line break, the resulting script
            is wrong.
          + 6.1.054: GUI: A mouse click is not recognized at the more prompt,
            even when 'mouse' includes 'r'.
          + 6.1.055: When editing a compressed file, Vim will inspect the
            contents to guess the filetype.
          + 6.1.056: Loading the Syntax menu can take quite a bit of time.
          + 6.1.057: An ESC inside a mapping doesn't work as documented when
            'insertmode' is set, it does go from Visual or Normal mode to
            Insert mode.
          + 6.1.058: When there is a closed fold just above the first line in
            the window, using CTRL-X CTRL-Y in Insert mode will show only one
            line of the fold.
          + 6.1.059: ":redir > ~/file" doesn't work.
          + 6.1.060: When 'virtualedit' is set and 'selection' is "exclusive",
            deleting a character just before a tab changes the tab into
            spaces. Undo doesn't restore the tab.
          + 6.1.061: When 'virtualedit' is set and 'selection' is "exclusive",
            a Visual selection that ends just after a tab doesn't include that
            tab in the highlighting.
          + 6.1.062: The "man" filetype plugin doesn't work properly on
            Solaris 5.
          + 6.1.063: Java indenting doesn't work properly.
          + 6.1.064: The URLs that the netrw plugin recognized for ftp and rcp
            did not conform to the standard method://[user@]host[:port]/path.
          + 6.1.065: VMS: The colorscheme, keymap and compiler menus are not
            filled in.
          + 6.1.066: When calling system() in a plugin reading stdin hangs.
          + 6.1.067: ":set viminfo+=f0" is not working.
          + 6.1.068: When a file is reloaded after it was changed outside of Vim,
            diff mode isn't updated.
          + 6.1.069: When 'showmatch' is set and "$" is in 'cpoptions', using
            "C}<Esc>" may forget to remove the "$".
          + 6.1.070: Compiler warning for signed/unsigned mismatch.
          + 6.1.071: When 'selection' is exclusive, g CTRL-G in Visual mode
            counts one character too much.
          + 6.1.072: When a file name in a tags file starts with http://
            or something else for which there is a BufReadCmd autocommand,
            the file isn't opened anyway.
          + 6.1.073: BC5: Can't easily specify a tiny, small, normal, big or
            huge version.
          + 6.1.074: When 'cdpath' includes "../..", changing to a directory
            in which we currently already are doesn't work. ff_check_visited()
            adds the directory both when using it as the root for searching
            and for the actual matches.
          + 6.1.075: Can't compile fileio.c on MS-Windows.
          + 6.1.076: Macintosh: explorer plugin doesn't work on Mac Classic. IME
            doesn't work. Dialog boxes don't work on Mac OS X
          + 6.1.077: On a Debian system wht ACL linking fails.
          + 6.1.078: When using 'foldmethod' "marker" and the end marker appears
            before the start marker in the file, no fold is found.
          + 6.1.079: When using "s" in Visual block mode with 'virtualedit'
            set, when the selected block is after the end of some lines the
            wrong text is inserted and some lines are skipped.
          + 6.1.080: When using gcc with /usr/local already in the search path,
            adding it again causes problems.
          + 6.1.081: ":help CTRL-\_CTRL-N" doesn't work.
          + 6.1.082: On MS-Windows the vimrc_example.vim script is sourced
            and then mswin.vim. This enables using select mode, but since "p"
            is mapped it doesn't replace the selection.
          + 6.1.083: When $LANG is "sk" or "sk_sk", the Slovak menu file
            isn't found.
          + 6.1.084: "include" and "lib" are mixed up when checking the
            directories gcc already searches.
          + 6.1.085: When using CTRL-O CTRL-\ CTRL-N from Insert mode, the
            displayed mode "
          + 6.1.086: The guifg color for CursorIM doesn't take effect.
          + 6.1.087: A thesaurus with Japanese characters has problems with
            characters in different word classes.
          + 6.1.088: Win32: no debugging info is generated. Tags file excludes
            .cpp files.
          + 6.1.089: On BSDI systems there is no ss_sp field in stack_t.
          + 6.1.090: CTRL-F gets stuck when 'scrolloff' is non-zero and there
            is a mix of long wrapping lines and a non-wrapping line.
          + 6.1.091: GTK: Can't change preeditstate without setting
          + 6.1.092: ":mapclear <buffer>" doesn't work.
          + 6.1.093: Mac and MS-Windows GUI: when scrolling while ":s" is
            working the results can be messed up, because the cursor is moved.
          + 6.1.094: Cygwin: Passing a file name that has backslashes isn't
            handled very well.
          + 6.1.095: When using signs can free an item on the stack. Overruling
            sign colors doesn't work.
          + 6.1.096: When erasing the right halve of a double-byte character,
            it may cause further characters to be erased.
          + 6.1.097: When 'scrolloff' is set to a huge value, CTRL-F at the
            end of the file scrolls one line.
          + 6.1.098: MS-Windows: When the xxd program is under "c:\program files"
            the "Convert to Hex" menu doesn't work.
          + 6.1.099: Memory corrupted when closing a fold with more than
            99999 lines.
          + 6.1.100: Win32: VC5 and earlier don't support the /mapinfo option.
          + 6.1.101: After using ":options" the tabstop of a new window is
            15. Entry in ":options" window for 'autowriteall' is wrong. (Antoine
            J Mechelynck) Can't insert a space in an option value.
          + 6.1.102: Unprintable and multi-byte characters in a statusline item
            are not truncated correctly.
          + 6.1.103: A function returning from a while loop, with 'verbose'
            set to 12 or higher, doesn't mention the return value. A function
            with the 'abort' attribute may return -1 while the verbose message
            says something else.
          + 6.1.104: GCC 3.1 appears to have an optimizer problem that makes
            test 3 crash.
          + 6.1.105: Win32: The default for 'shellpipe' doesn't redirect
            stderr. (Dion Nicolaas)
          + 6.1.106: The maze program crashes.
          + 6.1.107: When 'list' is set the current line in the error window
            may be displayed wrong.
          + 6.1.108: When interrupting a filter command such as "!!sleep 20"
            the file becomes read-only.
          + 6.1.109: When 'eadirection' is "hor", using CTRL-W = doesn't equalize
            the window heights.
          + 6.1.110: When using ":badd file" when "file" is already present
            but not listed, it stays unlisted.
          + 6.1.111: It's not possible to detect using the Unix sources on
            Win32 or Mac.
          + 6.1.112: When using ":argdo", ":bufdo" or ":windo", CTRL-O doesn't
            go to the cursor position from before this command but every position
            where the argument was executed.
          + 6.1.113: ":bufdo bwipe" only wipes out half the buffers.
          + 6.1.114: ":python import vim", ":python vim.current.buffer[0:0] =
            []" gives a lalloc
          + 6.1.115: "das" on the white space at the end of a paragraph does
            not delete the "." the sentence ends with.
          + 6.1.116: When 'endofline' is changed while 'binary' is set a file
            should be considered modified.
          + 6.1.117: Small problem with editing a file over ftp: and with Cygwin.
          + 6.1.118: When a file in diff mode is reloaded because it changed
            outside of Vim, other windows in diff mode are not always updated.
          + 6.1.119: With the Sniff interface, using Sniff 4.0.X on HP-UX,
            there may be a crash when connecting to Sniff.
          + 6.1.120: When 'scrolloff' is non-zero and there are folds, CTRL-F
            at the end of the file scrolls part of a closed fold.
          + 6.1.121: When starting Select mode from Insert mode, then using
            the Paste menu entry, the cursor is left before the laste pasted
          + 6.1.122: ":file name" creates a new buffer to hold the old buffer
            name, which becomes the alternate file. This buffer is unexpectedly
          + 6.1.123: A ":match" command with more than one argument doesn't
            report an error.
          + 6.1.124: When trying to exit and there is a hidden buffer that had
            'eol' off and 'bin' set exiting isn't possible.
          + 6.1.125: Explorer plugin asks for saving a modified buffer even
            when it's open in another window as well.
          + 6.1.126: Adding the choices in the syntax menu is consuming much
            of the startup time of the GUI while it's not often used.
          + 6.1.127: When using "--remote file" and the server has 'insertmode'
            set, commands are inserted instead of being executed.
          + 6.1.128: The expression "input('very long prompt')" puts the cursor
            in the wrong line (column is OK).
          + 6.1.129: On Solaris editing "file/" and then "file" results in
            using the same buffer.
          + 6.1.130: The documentation for some of the 'errorformat' items
            is unclear.
          + 6.1.131: X11 GUI: when expanding a CSI byte in the input stream to
            K_CSI, the CSI byte itself isn't copied.
          + 6.1.132: Executing a register in Ex mode may cause commands to
            be skipped.
          + 6.1.133: When drawing double-wide characters in the statusline,
            may clear half of a character.
          + 6.1.134: An error for a trailing argument of ":match" should not
            be given after ":if 0".
          + 6.1.135: Passing a command to the shell that includes a newline
            always has a backslash before the newline.
          + 6.1.136: When $TERM is "linux" the default for 'background' is
            "dark", even though the GUI uses a light background.
          + 6.1.137: Converting to HTML has a clumsy way of dealing with tabs
            which may change the highlighting.
          + 6.1.138: Adding extra items to the Syntax menu can't be done when
            the "Show individual choices" menu is used.
          + 6.1.139: Cygwin: PATH_MAX is not defined.
          + 6.1.140: Cygwin: ":args `ls *.c`" does not work if the shell command
            produces CR NL line separators.
          + 6.1.141: ":wincmd gx" may cause problems when mixed with other
            commands. ":wincmd c" doesn't close the window immediately.
          + 6.1.142: Defining paragraphs without a separating blank line isn't
            possible. Paragraphs can't be formatted automatically.
          + 6.1.143: Auto formatting near the end of the file moves the cursor
            to a wrong position. In Insert mode some lines are made one char
            too narrow. When deleting a line undo might not always work properly.
          + 6.1.144: Obtaining the size of a line in screen characters can be
            wrong. A pointer may wrap around zero.
          + 6.1.145: GTK: Drag&drop with more than 3 files may cause a
            crash. (Mickael Marchand)
          + 6.1.146: MS-Windows: When $HOME is constructed from $HOMEDRIVE and
            $HOMEPATH, it is not used for storing the _viminfo file. (Normal
          + 6.1.147: MS-Windows: When a dialog has no default button, pressing
            Enter ends it anyway and all buttons are selected.
          + 6.1.148: MS-Windows: ACL is not properly supported.
          + 6.1.149: MS-Windows: Can't use diff mode from the file explorer.
          + 6.1.150: OS/2, MS-Windows and MS-DOS: When 'shellslash' is set
            getcwd() still uses backslash.
          + 6.1.151: Win32: The NTFS substream isn't copied.
          + 6.1.152: When $LANG is iso8859-1 translated menus are not used.
      vim (6.1.048-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Bump Standards-Version. Closes: Bug#145062
        * Sync cscope support and dependencies. Closes: Bug#143205
        * Apply upstream patches:
          + 6.1.019: Win32: File name is messed up when editing just a drive
          + 6.1.020: col("'>") returns a huge number after using Visual line
          + 6.1.021: Vim crashes when using a huge number for the minwid value
            in a statusline.
          + 6.1.022: Grabbing the status line above the command-line window
            works like the bottom status line was grabbed.
          + 6.1.023: VMS: running tests doesn't work properly.
          + 6.1.024: When header files use a new syntax for declaring functions,
            Vim can't figure out missing prototypes properly.
          + 6.1.025: Five messages for "vim --help" don't start with a
          + 6.1.026: *.patch files are not recognized as diff files. In a script
            a "VAR=val" argument after "env" isn't ignored. PHP scripts are
            not recognized.
          + 6.1.027: When 'foldcolumn' is non-zero, a special character
            that wraps to the next line disturbs the foldcolumn
          + 6.1.028: Client-server: When a --remote-expr fails, Vim still exits
            with status zero.
          + 6.1.029: When 'encoding' is an 8-bit encoding other than "latin1",
            editing a utf-8 or other Unicode file uses the wrong conversion. (Jan
          + 6.1.030: When CTRL-N is mapped in Insert mode, it is also mapped
            after CTRL-X CTRL-N, while it is not mapped after CTRL-X CTRL-F.
          + 6.1.031: Cygwin: Xxd could read a file in text mode intead of
            binary mode.
          + 6.1.032: Can't specify a quickfix file without jumping to the
            first error.
          + 6.1.033: GUI: When the selection is lost and the Visual highlighting
            is changed to underlining, the cursor is left in a different
          + 6.1.034: A CVS diff file isn't recognized as diff filetype.
          + 6.1.035: Win32: Outputting Hebrew or Arabic text might have a
            problem with reversing on MS-Windows 95/98/ME.
          + 6.1.036: This command may cause a crash: ":v/./,//-j".
          + 6.1.037: When 'lazyredraw' is set, pressing "q" at the hit-enter
            prompt causes an incomplete redraw and the cursor isn't positioned.
          + 6.1.038: Multi-byte: When a ":s" command contains a multi-byte
            character where the trail byte is '~' the text is messed up.
          + 6.1.039: When folds are defined and the file is changed outside
            of Vim, reloading the file doesn't update the folds. (Anders
          + 6.1.040: When changing directory for expanding a file name fails
            there is no error message.
          + 6.1.041: ":mkvimrc" doesn't handle a mapping that has a leading
            space in the rhs.
          + 6.1.042: "vim -r" doesn't show all matches when 'wildignore'
            removes swap files.
          + 6.1.043: After patch 6.1.040 a few warnings are produced.
          + 6.1.044: GUI: When using the find/replace dialog with text that
            contains a slash, an invalid substitute command is generated. On
            Win32 a find doesn't work when 'insertmode' is set.
          + 6.1.045: In Visual mode, with lots of folds and 'scrolloff' set
            to 999, moving the cursor down near the end of the file causes the
            text to jump up and down.
          + 6.1.046: X11 GUI: ":set lsp=2 gcr=n-v-i:hor1-blinkon0" draws a
            black rectangle. ":set lsp=2 gcr=n-v-i:hor10-blinkon0" makes the
            cursor disappear.
          + 6.1.047: When skipping commands after an error was encountered,
            expressions for ":if", ";elseif" and ":while" are still evaluated.
          + 6.1.048: Unicode 3.2 changes were missing a few Hangul Jamo
      vim (6.1.018-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Apply upstream patches:
          + 6.1.012: A system() call might fail if fread() does CR-LF to LF
          + 6.1.013: Win32: The default for 'printexpr' doesn't work when there
            are special characters in 'printdevice'.
          + 6.1.014: An operator like "r" used in Visual block mode doesn't use
            'virtualedit' when it's set to "block".
          + 6.1.015: After patch 6.1.014 can't compile with tiny
          + 6.1.016: Win32: Outputting Hebrew or Arabic text might have a
            problem with reversing.
          + 6.1.017: Cygwin: After patch 6.1.012 Still doesn't do binary
            file I/O.
          + 6.1.018: Error message when using cterm highlighting. Closes: Bug#142663
      vim (6.1.011-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Enable langmap and keymap in all builds. Closes: Bug#141127
        * Apply upstream patches:
          + 6.1.001: When formatting UTF-8 text it might be wrapped at a space
            that is followed by a composing character. Also correct a display
            error for removing a composing char on top of a space.
          + 6.1.002: Win32: after a ":popup" command the mouse pointer stays
          + 6.1.003: When 'laststatus' is zero and there is a vertical split, the
            vertical separator is drawn in the command line.
          + 6.1.004: Unicode 3.2 changes width and composing of a few characters.
          + 6.1.005: When using more than 50 items in 'statusline' Vim might
          + 6.1.006: When using "P" in Visual mode to put linewise selected text,
            the wrong text is deleted.
          + 6.1.007: Using ":filetype plugin off" when filetype plugins were
            never enabled causes an error message.
          + 6.1.008: The "%" command doesn't ignore \" inside a string, it's
            seen as the end of the string.
          + 6.1.009: Vim crashes when using a huge number for the maxwid value
            in a statusline.
          + 6.1.010: Searching backwards for a question mark with "?\?" doesn't
            work. Same problem in ":s?\??" and ":g?\??".
          + 6.1.011: XIM: doesn't work correctly when 'number' is set. Also,
            a focus problem when selecting candidates.
      vim (6.1.000-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fix version number
        * Update copyright the uganda.txt version. Closes: Bug#139780
      vim (6.1.-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Small fixes to default vimrc
        * New upstream version.
          + includes 6.1b.033: When using a count after a ":s" command may get
            ml_get errors. Closes: Bug#139403
      vim (6.0.270-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Switch to copyright from vim 6.1BETA which is fully GPL compatible
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.227: The RISC OS port has several problems.
          + 6.0.228: After putting text in Visual mode the '] mark is not at
            the end of the put text. Undo doesn't work properly when putting
            a word into a Visual selection that spans more than one line.
          + 6.0.229: Multi-byte: With 'm' in 'formatoptions', formatting
            doesn't break at a multi-byte char followed by an ASCII char,
            and the other way around. When joining lines a space is inserted
            between multi-byte characters, which is not always wanted.
          + 6.0.230: The ":" used as a motion after an operator is exclusive,
            but sometimes it should be inclusive.
          + 6.0.231: "gd" and "gD" don't work when the variable matches in a
            comment just above the match to be found.
          + 6.0.232: "vim --version" prints on stderr while "vim --help" prints
            on stdout.
          + 6.0.233: "\1\{,8}" in a regexp is not allowed, but it should work,
            because there is an upper limit.
          + 6.0.234: It's not easy to set the cursor position without modifying
          + 6.0.235: When writing a file and renaming the original file to make
            the backup, permissions could change when setting the owner.
          + 6.0.236: ":edit" without argument should move cursor to line 1 in
            Vi compatible mode.
          + 6.0.237: In a C file, using the filetype plugin, re-indenting a
            comment with two spaces after the middle "*" doesn't align properly.
          + 6.0.238: Using a ":subsitute" command with a substitute() call in
            the substitution expression causes errors.
          + 6.0.239: Using "A" to append after a Visually selected block which
            is after the end of the line, spaces are inserted in the wrong line
            and other unexpected effects.
          + 6.0.240: Win32: building with Python 2.2 doesn't work.
          + 6.0.241: Win32: Expanding the old value of an option that is a path
            that starts with a backslash, an extra backslash is inserted.
          + 6.0.242: GUI: On a system with an Exceed X server sometimes get a
            "Bad Window" error.
          + 6.0.243: Unix: "vim --version" outputs a NL before the last line
            instead of after it.
          + 6.0.244: Multi-byte: Problems with (illegal) UTF-8 characters in
            menu and file name (e.g., icon text, status line).
          + 6.0.245: After using a color scheme, setting the 'background'
            option might not work.
          + 6.0.246: ":echomsg" didn't use the highlighting set by
            ":echohl". (Gary Holloway)
          + 6.0.247: GTK GUI: Can't use gvim in a kpart widget.
          + 6.0.248: When using compressed help files and 'encoding' isn't
            "latin1", Vim converts the help file before decompressing.
          + 6.0.249: "vim -t edit -c 'sta ex_help'" doesn't move cursor to
          + 6.0.250: Macintosh: Various problems when compiling.
          + 6.0.251: Macintosh: menu shortcuts are not very clear.
          + 6.0.252: When a user function was defined with "abort", an error that
            is not inside if/endif or while/endwhile doesn't abort the function.
          + 6.0.253: When 'insertmode' is set, after "<C-O>:edit file" the next
            <C-O> doesn't work. (Benji Fisher) <C-L> has the same problem.
          + 6.0.254: Borland C++ 5.5: Checking for stack overflow doesn't work
            correctly. Matters when using a complicated regexp.
          + 6.0.255: Win32: ACL support doesn't work well on Samba drives.
          + 6.0.256: Win32: ":highlight Comment guifg=asdf" does not give an
            error message. (Randall W. Morris) Also for other systems.
          + 6.0.257: Win32: When 'mousefocus' is set and there is a BufRead
            autocommand, after the dialog for permissions changed outside of Vim:
            'mousefocus' stops working.
          + 6.0.258: When 'scrolloff' is 999 and there are folds, the text
            can jump up and down when moving the cursor down near the end of
            the file.
          + 6.0.259: MS-DOS: after editing the command line the cursor shape
            may remain like in Insert mode.
          + 6.0.260: GUI: May crash while starting up when giving an error
            message for missing color.
          + 6.0.261: nr2char() and char2nr() don't work with multi-byte
          + 6.0.262: Win32: IME doesn't work properly. OnImeComposition()
            isn't used at all.
          + 6.0.263: GTK: When a dialog is closed by the window manager,
            Vim hangs.
          + 6.0.264: The amount of virtual memory is used to initialize
            'maxmemtot', which may be much more than the amount of physical
            memory, resulting in a lot of swapping.
          + 6.0.265: Win32: Using backspace while 'fkmap' is set causes a crash.
          + 6.0.266: The rename() function deletes the file if the old and the
            new name are the same.
          + 6.0.267: UTF-8: Although 'isprint' says a character is printable,
            utf_char2cells() still considers it unprintable.
          + 6.0.268: Win32: ACL check crashes when using forward slash in
            file name.
          + 6.0.269: Unprintable characters in a file name may cause problems
            when using the 'statusline' option or when 'buftype' is "nofile".
          + 6.0.270: A tab causes UTF-8 text to be displayed in the wrong
      vim (6.0.226-1) unstable; urgency=medium
        * Don't abort if update-alternatives reports an error
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.223: When splitting a window that contains the explorer, hitting CR
            on a file name gives error messages.
          + 6.0.224: When 'sidescroll' and 'sidescrolloff' are set in a narrow
            window the text may jump left-right and the cursor is displayed in the
            wrong position.
          + 6.0.225: In Visual mode "gk" gets stuck in a closed fold. /
          + 6.0.226: When doing ":recover file" get the ATTENTION prompt. After
            recovering the same file five times get a read error or a crash.
      vim (6.0.222-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Do not Build-Depend on libgpmg1-dev for hurd-i386. Closes: Bug#117313
        * chown a file before we chmod it so we don't lose s[ug]id bits
        * Set compiled-by flag in configure
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.202: The "icon=" argument for the menu command to define a toolbar
            icon with a file didn't work for GTK. For Motif and Athena a full path
            was required.
          + 6.0.203: Can change 'fileformat' even though 'modifiable is off.
          + 6.0.204: ":unlet" doesn't work for variables with curly braces.
          + 6.0.205: "gvim -f" still forks when using the batch script to start Vim.
          + 6.0.206: Unix: if expanding a wildcard in a file name results in a
            wildcard character and there are more parts in the path with a wildcard,
            it is expanded again. Windows: ":edit \[abc]" could never edit the file
          + 6.0.207: Win32: The shortcuts and start menu entries let Vim startup in
            the desktop directory, which is not very useful.
          + 6.0.208: GUI: When using a keymap and the cursor is not blinking, CTRL-^
            in Insert mode doesn't directly change the cursor color.
          + 6.0.209: GUI GTK: After selecting a 'guifont' with the font dialog there
            are redraw problems for multi-byte characters.
          + 6.0.210: After patch 6.0.167 it's no longer possible to edit a help file
            in another encoding than latin1.
          + 6.0.211: When reading a file fails, the buffer is empty, but it might
            still be possible to write it with ":w" later. The original file is lost
          + 6.0.212: GUI GTK: confirm("foo", "") causes a crash.
          + 6.0.213: When a file name contains unprintable characters, CTRL-G and
            other commands don't work well.
          + 6.0.214: When there is a buffer without a name, empty entries appear in
            the jumplist saved in the viminfo file.
          + 6.0.215: After using "/" from Visual mode the Paste menu and Toolbar
            entries don't work. Pasting with the middle mouse doesn't work and
            modeless selection doesn't work.
          + 6.0.216: After reloading a file, displayed in another window than the
            current one, which was changed outside of Vim the part of the file around
            the cursor set by autocommands may be displayed, but jumping back to the
            original cursor position when entering the window again.
          + 6.0.217: When getting help from a help file that was used before, an
            empty unlisted buffer remains in the buffer list.
          + 6.0.218: With explorer plugin: "vim -o filename dirname" doesn't load the
            explorer window until entering the window.
          + 6.0.219: ":setlocal" and ":setglobal", without arguments, display
            terminal options.
          + 6.0.220: After patch 6.0.218 get a beep on startup.
          + 6.0.221: When using ":bdel" and all other buffers are unloaded the lowest
            numbered buffer is jumped to instead of the most recent one.
          + 6.0.222: When 'virtualedit' is set and using autoindent, pressing Esc
            after starting a new line leaves behind part of the autoindent.
      vim (6.0.201-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.157: When defining a user command with "-complete=dir" files will
            also be expanded. Also, "-complete=mapping" doesn't appear to work.
          + 6.0.158: When getting the warning for a file being changed outside of Vim
            and reloading the file, the 'readonly' option is reset, even when the
            permissions didn't change.
          + 6.0.159: Wildcard expansion for ":emenu" also shows separators.
          + 6.0.160: When compiling with GCC 3.0.2 and using the "-O2" argument, the
            optimizer causes a problem that makes Vim crash.
          + 6.0.161: Win32: Bitmaps don't work with signs.
          + 6.0.162: Client-server: An error message for a wrong expression appears
            in the server instead of the cient.
          + 6.0.163: When using a GUI dialog, a file name is sometimes used like it
            was a directory.
          + 6.0.164: After patch 6.0.135 the menu entries for pasting don't work in
            Insert and Visual mode.
          + 6.0.165: Using --remote and executing locally gives unavoidable error
          + 6.0.166: GUI: There is no way to avoid dialogs to pop up.
          + 6.0.167: When 'fileencodings' is "latin2" some characters in the help
            files are displayed wrong.
          + 6.0.168: ":%s/\n/#/" doesn't replace at an empty line.
          + 6.0.169: When run as evim and the GUI can't be started we get stuck in a
            terminal without menus in Insert mode.
          + 6.0.170: When printing double-width characters the size of tabs after
            them is wrong.
          + 6.0.171: With 'keymodel' including "startsel", in Insert mode after the
            end of a line, shift-Left does not move the cursor.
          + 6.0.172: CTRL-Q doesn't replace CTRL-V after CTRL-X in Insert mode while
            it does in most other situations.
          + 6.0.173: When using "P" to insert a line break the cursor remains past
            the end of the line.
          + 6.0.174: After using "gd" or "gD" the search direction for "n" may still
            be backwards.
          + 6.0.175: ":help /\z(\)" doesn't work
          + 6.0.176: When killed by a signal autocommands are still triggered as if
            nothing happened.
          + 6.0.177: When 'commentstring' is empty and 'foldmethod' is "marker", "zf"
            doesn't work.
          + 6.0.178: Uninitialized memory read from xp_backslash field.
          + 6.0.179: Win32: When displaying UTF-8 characters may read uninitialized
          + 6.0.180: Expanding environment variables in a string that ends in a
            backslash could go past the end of the string.
          + 6.0.181: When using ":cd dir" memory was leaked.
          + 6.0.182: When using a regexp on multi-byte characters, could try to read
            a character before the start of the line.
          + 6.0.183: Leaking memory when ":func!" redefines a function.
          + 6.0.184: Leaking memory when expanding option values.
          + 6.0.185: Crash in Vim when pasting a selection in another application, on
            a 64 bit machine.
          + 6.0.186: X11: Three warnings when compiling the client-server code.
          + 6.0.187: "I" in Visual mode and then "u" reports too many changes. "I" in
            Visual linewise mode adjusts the indent for no apparent reason.
          + 6.0.188: After patch 6.0.161 signs defined in the vimrc file don't work.
          + 6.0.189: The size of the Visual area isn't always displayed when
            scrolling ('ruler' off, 'showcmd' on). Also not when using a search
          + 6.0.190: GUI: when 'mouse' is empty a click with the middle button still
            moves the cursor.
          + 6.0.191: When no servers are available serverlist() gives an error
            instead of returning an empty string.
          + 6.0.192: When 'virtualedit' is set, "ylj" goes to the wrong column.
          + 6.0.193: When 'virtualedit' is set, col(".") after the end of the line
            should return one extra.
          + 6.0.194: "--remote-silent" tries to send a reply to the client, like it
            was "--remote-wait".
          + 6.0.195: When 'virtualedit' is set and a search starts in virtual space
            ":call search
          + 6.0.196: When 'virtualedit' is set, 'selection' is "exclusive" and
            visually selecting part of a tab at the start of a line, "x" joins it
            with the previous line. Also, when the selection spans more than one line
            the whole tab is deleted.
          + 6.0.197: When 'virtualedit' is set and 'selection' is "exclusive", "v$x"
            doesn't delete the last character in the line.
          + 6.0.198: When 'virtualedit' is set and 'showbreak' is not empty, moving
            the cursor over the line break doesn't work properly.
          + 6.0.199: Multi-byte: could use iconv() after calling iconv_end().
          + 6.0.200: A script that starts with "#!perl" isn't recognized as a Perl
          + 6.0.201: When scrollbinding and doing a long jump, switching windows
            jumps to another position in the file.  Scrolling a few lines at a time
            is OK.
      vim (6.0.156-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fix typo in comment in vimrc. Closes: Bug#129815
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.119: VMS: filewritable() doesn't work properly.
          + 6.0.120: The conversion to html isn't compatible with XHTML.
          + 6.0.121: Win32: After patch 6.0.116 Vim doesn't compile with mingw32.
          + 6.0.122: Win16: Same resize problems as patch 6.0.117 fixed for
            Win32. And dialog textfield problem from patch 6.0.115.
          + 6.0.123: Win16: Compilation problems.
          + 6.0.124: When using a ":substitute" command that starts with "\="
            (evaluated as an expression), "~" was still replaced with the
            previous substitute string.
          + 6.0.125: Win32: When using the multi_byte_ime feature pressing the
            shift key would be handled as if a character was entered, thus
            mappings with a shifted key didn't work.
          + 6.0.126: The python library was always statically linked.
          + 6.0.127: When using a terminal that swaps screens and the Normal
            background color has a different background, using an external
            command may cause the color of the wrong screen to be changed.
          + 6.0.128: When moving a vertically split window to the far left or
            right, the scrollbars are not adjusted. (Scott E Lee) When
            'mousefocus' is set the mouse pointer wasn't adjusted.
          + 6.0.129: When using a very long file name, ":ls" (repeated a few
            times) causes a crash. Test with "vim `perl -e 'print "A"x1000'`".
          + 6.0.130: When using ":cprev" while the error window is open, and the
            new line at the top wraps, the window isn't correctly drawn.
          + 6.0.131: When using bufname() and there are two matches for listed
            buffers and one match for an unlisted buffer, the unlisted buffer is
          + 6.0.132: When setting 'iminsert' in the vimrc and using an xterm with
            two screens the ruler is drawn in the wrong screen.
          + 6.0.133: When opening another buffer while 'keymap' is set and
            'iminsert' is zero, 'iminsert' is set to one unexpectedly.
          + 6.0.134: When completing ":set tags=" a path with an embedded space
            causes the completion to stop.
          + 6.0.135: Menus that are not supposed to do anything used "<Nul>",
            which still produced an error beep. When CTRL-O is mapped for Insert
            mode, ":amenu" commands didn't work in Insert mode. Menu language
            falls back to English when $LANG ends in "@euro".
          + 6.0.136: When completing in Insert mode, a mapping could be
            unexpectedly applied.
          + 6.0.137: GUI: When using the find or find/replace dialog from Insert
            mode, the input mode is stopped.
          + 6.0.138: GUI: When using the find or find/replace dialog from Insert
            mode, the text is inserted when CTRL-O is mapped. When opening the
            dialog again, a whole word search isn't recognized. When doing
            "replace all" a whole word search was never done.
          + 6.0.139: When stopping 'wildmenu' completion, the statusline of the
            bottom-left vertically split window isn't redrawn.
          + 6.0.140: Memory allocated for local mappings and abbreviations is
            leaked when the buffer is wiped out.
          + 6.0.141: When using ":enew" in an empty buffer, some buffer-local
            things are not cleared. b:keymap_name is not set.
          + 6.0.142: When Python is linked statically, loading dynamic extensions
            might fail.
          + 6.0.143: When a syntax item includes a line break in a pattern, the
            syntax may not be updated properly when making a change.
          + 6.0.144: After patch 6.0.088 redoing "veU" doesn't work.
          + 6.0.145: When Vim can't read any input it might get stuck. When
            redirecting stdin and stderr Vim would not read commands from a file.
          + 6.0.146: When 'statusline' contains "%{'-'}" this results in a zero.
          + 6.0.147: It's not easy to mark a Vim version as being modified. The
            new license requires this.
          + 6.0.148: After "p" in an empty line, `[ goes to the second character.
          + 6.0.149: The pattern "\(.\{-}\)*" causes a hang. When using a search
            pattern that causes a stack overflow to be detected Vim could still
          + 6.0.150: When using a multi-byte encoding, patch 6.0.148 causes "p"
            to work like "P".
          + 6.0.151: Redrawing the status line and ruler can be wrong when it
            contains multi-byte characters.
          + 6.0.152: strtrans() could hang on an illegal UTF-8 byte sequence.
          + 6.0.153: When using (illegal) double-byte characters and Vim syntax
            highlighting Vim can crash.
          + 6.0.154: MS-DOS and MS-Windows: The menu entries for xxd don't work
            when there is no xxd in the path. When converting back from Hex the
            filetype may remain "xxd" if it is not detected.
          + 6.0.155: Mac: compilation problems in ui.c after patch 6.0.145.
          + 6.0.156: Starting Vim with the -b argument and two files, ":next"
            doesn't set 'binary' in the second file, like Vim 5.7.
      vim (6.0.118-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Re-bump alternative priority, change got lost in the move to vim6
        * Update comment in vimrc about filetype indents
        * Update autocommand for reportbug. Closes: Bug#127838
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.094: Athena: When clicking in the horizontal scrollbar Vim crashes.
          + 6.0.095: Perl: Deleting lines may leave the cursor beyond the
            end of the file.
          + 6.0.096: When ":saveas fname" fails because the file already
            exists, the file name is changed anyway and a following ":w"
            will overwrite the file.
          + 6.0.097: Re-indenting in Insert mode with CTRL-F may cause a
            crash with a multi-byte encoding.
          + 6.0.098: GTK: When using Gnome the "Search" and "Search and
            Replace" dialog boxes are not translated.
          + 6.0.099: Cygwin: When running Vi compatible MS-DOS line endings
            cause trouble.
          + 6.0.100: ":badd +0 test%file" causes a crash.
          + 6.0.101: ":mksession" doesn't restore editing a file that has a
            '#' or '%' in its name.
          + 6.0.102: When changing folds the cursor may appear halfway a
            closed fold.
          + 6.0.103: When using 'scrollbind' a large value of 'scrolloff'
            will make the scroll binding stop near the end of the file.
          + 6.0.104: Multi-byte: When '$' is in 'cpoptions', typing a
            double-wide character that overwrites the left halve of an old
            double-wide character causes a redraw problem and the cursor stops
          + 6.0.105: Multi-byte: In a window of one column wide, with syntax
            highlighting enabled a crash might happen.
          + 6.0.106: Win32: When the printer font is wrong, there is no
            error message.
          + 6.0.107: VisVim: When editing another file, a modified file may
            be written unexpectedly and without warning.
          + 6.0.108: When using folding could try displaying line zero,
            resulting in an error for a NULL pointer.
          + 6.0.109: XIM: When the input method is enabled, repeating an
            insertion with "." disables it.
          + 6.0.110: Using undo after executing "OxjAxkdd" from a
            register in an empty buffer gives an error message.
          + 6.0.111: The virtcol() function doesn't take care of 'virtualedit'.
          + 6.0.112: The explorer plugin doesn't sort directories with a
            space or special character after a directory with a shorter name.
          + 6.0.113: ":edit ~/fname" doesn't work if $HOME includes a space.
            Also, expanding wildcards with the shell may fail.
          + 6.0.114: Using ":p" with fnamemodify() didn't expand "~/" or
            "~user/" to a full path. For Win32 the current directory was
          + 6.0.115: Win32: When using a dialog with a textfield it cannot
            scroll the text.
          + 6.0.116: MS-Windows NT/2000/XP: filewritable() doesn't work
            correctly for filesystems that use ACLs.
          + 6.0.117: Win32: when disabling the menu, "set lines=999" doesn't
            use all the available screen space.
          + 6.0.118: When $TMPDIR is a relative path, the temp directory is
            missing a trailing slash and isn't deleted when Vim exits.
      vim (6.0.093-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Remove stray comments from default vimrc
        * No longer enable filetype indenting by default on popular request
      vim (6.0.093-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.062: Crash when 'verbose' is > 3 and using ":shell".
          + 6.0.063: When 'cpoptions' includes "$", using "cw" to type a ')'
            on top of the + "$" doesn't update syntax highlighting after it.
          + 6.0.064: The NSIS install script doesn't work with newer
            versions of NSIS. The diff feature doesn't work when there isn't
            a good diff.exe on the system.
          + 6.0.065: When using ":normal" in 'indentexpr' it may use redo
            characters before its argument.
          + 6.0.066: Sometimes undo for one command is split into two undo actions.
          + 6.0.067: if_xcmdsrv.c doesn't compile on systems where fd_set
            isn't defined in the usual header file
          + 6.0.068: When formatting a Visually selected area with "gq" and
            the number of lines increases the last line may not be redrawn
          + 6.0.069: Using "K" on a word that includes a "!" causes a
            "No previous command" error, because the "!" is expanded.
          + 6.0.070: Win32: The error message for a failed dynamic
            linking of a Perl, Ruby, Tcl and Python library is unclear
            about what went wrong.
          + 6.0.071: The "iris-ansi" builtin termcap isn't very good.
          + 6.0.072: When 'lazyredraw' is set, a mapping that stops
            Visual mode, moves the cursor and starts Visual mode again
            causes a redraw problem.
          + 6.0.073: DJGPP: When using CTRL-Z to start a shell, the
            prompt is halfway the text.
          + 6.0.074: When using "&" in a substitute string a multi-byte
            character with a trailbyte 0x5c is not handled correctly.
          + 6.0.075: When closing a horizontally split window while
            'eadirection' is "hor" another horizontally split window is
            still resized.
          + 6.0.076: Warning for wrong pointer type when compiling.
          + 6.0.077: Patch 6.0.075 was incomplete.
          + 6.0.078: Using "daw" at the end of a line on a single-character
            word didn't include the white space before it. At the end of the
            file it didn't work at all.
          + 6.0.079: When "W" is in 'cpoptions' and 'backupcopy' is "no" or
            "auto", can still overwrite a read-only file, because it's
          + 6.0.080: When using a session file that has the same file in two
            windows, the fileinfo() call in do_ecmd() causes a scroll and a
            hit-enter prompt.
          + 6.0.081: After using ":saveas" the new buffer name is added to
            the Buffers menu with a wrong number.
          + 6.0.082: When swapping screens in an xterm and there is an
            (error) message from the vimrc script, the shell prompt is after
            the message.
          + 6.0.083: GTK: When compiled without menu support the buttons in
            a dialog don't have any text.
          + 6.0.084: UTF-8: a "r" command with an argument that is a keymap
            for a character with a composing character can't be repeated
            with ".".
          + 6.0.085: When 'mousefocus' is set, using "s" to go to Insert
            mode and then moving the mouse pointer to another window stops
            Insert mode, while this doesn't happen with "a" or "i".
          + 6.0.086: When using "gu" the message says "~ed".
          + 6.0.087: Message translations are incorrect, which may cause a
            crash. The Turkish translations needed more work and the
            maintainer didn't have time.
          + 6.0.088: "." doesn't work after using "rx" in Visual mode.
          + 6.0.089: In a C file, using "==" to align a line starting with
            "* " after a line with "* -" indents one space too few.
          + 6.0.090: When a wrapping line does not fit in a window and
            'scrolloff' is bigger than half the window height, moving the
            cursor left or right causes the screen to flash badly.
          + 6.0.091: Using CTRL-O in Insert mode, while 'virtualedit' is
            "all" and the cursor is after the end-of-line, moves the cursor
          + 6.0.092: The explorer plugin doesn't ignore case of 'suffixes'
            on MS-Windows.
          + 6.0.093: When the Tcl library couldn't be loaded dynamically,
            get an error message when closing a buffer or window.
      vim (6.0.061-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add build to binary-arch dependencies. Closes: Bug#117619
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.037: When the user has set "did_install_syntax_menu" to avoid
            the default Syntax menu it still appears.
          + 6.0.038: When 'selection' is "exclusive", deleting a block of text
            at the end of a line can leave the cursor beyond the end of the line.
          + 6.0.039: "gP" leaves the cursor in the wrong position when
            'virtualedit' is used. Using "c" in blockwise Visual mode leaves the
            cursor in a strange position.
          + 6.0.040: When 'fileencoding' is invalid and writing fails because of
            this, the original file is gone.
          + 6.0.041: Using ":language messages en" when LC_MESSAGES is undefined
            results in setting LC_CTYPE.
          + 6.0.042: ":mksession" can't handle file names with a space.
          + 6.0.043: Patch 6.0.041 was wrong.
          + 6.0.044: Using a "containedin" list for a syntax item doesn't work
            for an item that doesn't have a "contains" argument. Also,
            "containedin" doesn't ignore a transparent item.
          + 6.0.045: After creating a fold with a Visual selection, another
            window with the same buffer still has inverted text.
          + 6.0.046: When getrlimit() returns an 8 byte number the check for
            running out of stack may fail.
          + 6.0.047: Using a regexp with "\(\)" inside a "\%[]" item causes a
          + 6.0.048: Win32: In the console the mouse doesn't always work
            correctly. Sometimes after getting focus a mouse movement is
            interpreted like a button click.
          + 6.0.049: When using evim the intro screen is misleading.
          + 6.0.050: UTF-8: "viw" doesn't include non-ASCII characters before
            the cursor.
          + 6.0.051: UTF-8: Using CTRL-R on the command line doesn't insert
            composing characters.
          + 6.0.052: The check for rlim_t in patch 6.0.046 does not work on some
          + 6.0.053: Various problems with QNX.
          + 6.0.054: When using mswin.vim, CTRL-V pastes a block of text like it
            is normal text. Using CTRL-V in blockwise Visual mode leaves "x"
            characters behind.
          + 6.0.055: GTK: The selection isn't copied the first time.
          + 6.0.056: Using "CTRL-O cw" in Insert mode results in a nested Insert
            mode. <Esc> doesn't leave Insert mode then.
          + 6.0.057: Using ":wincmd g}" in a function doesn't work.
          + 6.0.058: When a Cursorhold autocommand moved the cursor, the ruler
            wasn't updated.
          + 6.0.059: Highlighting for 'hlsearch' isn't visible in lines that are
            highlighted for diff highlighting.
          + 6.0.060: Motif: When the tooltip is to be popped up, Vim crashes.
          + 6.0.061: The toolbar buttons to load and save a session do not
            correctly use v:this_session.
      vim (6.0.036-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.028: Can't compile without +virtualedit and with +visualextra.
          + 6.0.029: When making a change in line 1, then in line 2 and then
                     deleting line 1, undo info could be wrong. Only when the
                     changes are undone at once.
          + 6.0.030: Using ":source! file" doesn't work inside a loop or after
          + 6.0.031: Nextstep doesn't have setenv() or putenv().
          + 6.0.032: When changing a setting that affects all folds, they are not
                     displayed immediately.
          + 6.0.033: Using 'wildmenu' on MS-Windows, file names that include a
                     space are only displayed starting with that space.
          + 6.0.034: Calling searchpair() with three arguments could result in a
                     crash or strange error message.
          + 6.0.035: The menu item Edit/Global_Settings/Toggle_Toolbar doesn't
                     work when 'ignorecase' is set.
          + 6.0.036: OS/2, MS-DOS and MS-Windows: Using a path that starts with a
                     slash in 'tags' doesn't work as expected.
      vim (6.0.027-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.012: Polish translations contains printf format errors, this can
                     result in a crash when using one of them.
          + 6.0.013: Using ":silent! cmd" still gives some error messages, like
                     for an invalid range.
          + 6.0.014: When 'modifiable' is off and 'virtualedit' is "all", "rx"
                     on a TAB still changes the buffer.
          + 6.0.015: When 'cpoptions' includes "S" and "filetype plugin on" has
                     been used, can get an error for deleting the b:did_ftplugin
          + 6.0.016: bufnr(), bufname() and bufwinnr() don't find unlisted
                     buffers when the argument is a string.  Also for
                     setbufvar() and getbufvar().
          + 6.0.017: When 'ttybuiltin' is set and a builtin termcap entry defines
                     t_Co and the external one doesn't, it gets reset to empty.
          + 6.0.018: Initializing 'encoding' may cause a crash when setlocale()
                     is not used.
          + 6.0.019: Converting a string with multi-byte characters to a
                     printable string, e.g., with strtrans(), may cause a crash.
          + 6.0.020: When obtaining the value of a global variable internally,
                     could get the function-local value instead.  Applies to
                     using <Leader> and <LocalLeader> and resetting highlighting
                     in a function.
          + 6.0.021: The 'cscopepathcomp' option didn't work.
          + 6.0.022: When using the 'langmap' option, the second character of a
                     command starting with "g" isn't adjusted.
          + 6.0.023: Loading the lhaskell syntax doesn't work.
          + 6.0.024: Using "CTRL-V u 9900" in Insert mode may cause a crash.
          + 6.0.025: The pattern "\vx(.|$)" doesn't match "x" at the end of a
          + 6.0.026: GTK: When using arrow keys to navigate through the menus,
                     the separators are selected.
          + 6.0.027: VMS: Printing doesn't work, the file is deleted too
                     quickly.  No longer need the VMS specific printing menu.
                     gethostname() is not available with VAXC.  The makefile was
                     lacking selection of the tiny-huge feature set.
        * Add a new icon based on vim32x32.xpm with colours remapped to the
          menu packages' cmap.xpm.
        * Move gvim MIME entries to vim-variant packages only
        * Fix packagename in vim menu entry (vim-rt no longer exists)
        * Move gvim menu entry to vim-variant packages only
        * Properly install menu and mime entries for all packages and make sure
          failure cases are handled correctly.
        * Add lintian overrides to make it stop complaining about perfectly
          correct things.
        * Fix debcontrol.vim: allow variable substitution in multiline fields
          as well. Closes: Bug#116741
        * Fix inconsistent printf format strings in translations
      vim (6.0.011-3) unstable; urgency=low
        *  Always enable multibyte support
      vim (6.0.011-2) unstable; urgency=low
        *  Create a new vim-ruby package. Closes: Bug#114053
      vim (6.0.011-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add Build-Depends for libperl-dev. Closes: Bug#114011
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.0.009: Nextstep doesn't have S_ISBLK.
          + 6.0.010: Using "gf" on a file name starting with "./" or "../" in
                     a buffer without a name causes a crash.
          + 6.0.011: Python: After replacing or deleting lines get an ml_get error.
      vim (6.0.008-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * More upstream patches:
          + 6.004: The find/replace dialog doesn't reuse a previous argument properly.
          + 6.005: Insert mode, "CTRL-O :ls" has a delay before redrawing.
          + 6.006: With a vertical split, 'number' set and 'scrolloff' non-zero,
                   making the window width very small causes a crash.
          + 6.007: When setting 'filetype' while there is no FileType autocommand, a
                   following ":setfiletype" would set 'filetype' again.
          + 6.008: 'imdisable' is missing from the options window.
        * Fix typo in debian/rules which accidentily disabled perl interpreter
          support in vim-perl
      vim (6.0.003-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Merge three upstream patches:
          + 6.001: Loading the sh.vim syntax file causes error messages
          + 6.002: The configure check for ACLs on AIX doesn't work
          + 6.003: Using a '@' item in 'viminfo' doesn't work
      vim (6.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Merge changelog entries from 5.* packages
        * Rework debian/rules further
        * Add Build-Depends on dpkg >> 1.7.0 since we use dpkg:Version in
      vim (6.0-0.99-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream version
        * Restore vim-{gtk,perl,python,tcl} packages
      vim (6.0-0.60aw.006-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add 6 upstream bugfixes
        * Add doc symlinks
      vim (6.0-0.60aw-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Seventh and hopefully last beta release
        * Enable signs feature
      vim (6.0-0.60av-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Sixth beta release
      vim (6.0-0.60au-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fifth `golden' beta release
      vim (6.0-0.60at-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fourth beta release
      vim (6.0-0.60ar-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Third beta release
      vim (6.0-0.60aq-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Second beta release
      vim (6.0-0.60ap-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Oops, vimrc and gvimrc are not normal runtime files, so do symlink
      vim (6.0-0.60ap-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * First beta release
      vim (6.0-0.60ao-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
        * Symlink /usr/share/vim/vimfiles to /etc/vim and drop vim and gvimrc
          symlinks. This means we no longer need any patches to the upstream
          source now.
      vim (6.0-0.60an-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60am-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60al-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60ak-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60aj-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60ai-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60ag-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
        * Use DESTDIR to install.
      vim (6.0-0.60af-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60ae-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60ad-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60ac-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
        * Update Debian syntax files with copy from Michael Pfiefel
      vim (6.0-0.60ab-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60aa-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60z-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60x-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60w-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release. Closes: Bug#86574
      vim (6.0-0.60v-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60u-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add patch to memline.c to fix redraw on double-editing error message
      vim (6.0-0.60u-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60t-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60s-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60r-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
      vim (6.0-0.60q-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release.
        * Print newline after moving a {g,}vimrc
      vim (6.0-0.60p-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new alpha release. We're slowly starting to run out of letters!
      vim (6.0-0.60o-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * You guessed it, another new upstream alpha release for vim6
      vim (6.0-0.60m-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Update Ray's email address in vimrc
        * Remove handling of compressed files in vimrc since that is now
          done by the gzip plugin
      vim (6.0-0.60m-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new upstream alpha release for vim6
        * Fix fixup of tags-file: we don't compress the tags file itself
      vim (6.0-0.60k-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add patch to fix partial renaming of rpchf to rcphf in netrw.vim
        * Add patch to handle double-byte charactres properly
      vim (6.0-0.60k-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new upstream alpha release for vim6
        * Use libgtk1.2-dev instead of libgtk-dev for Build-Depends
        * Update default vimrc to use new plugins
      vim (6.0-0.60j-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another new upstream alpha release for vim6
      vim (6.0-0.60h-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream release, eighth alpha for vim6
      vim (6.0-0.60g-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream release, seventh alpha for vim6
      vim (6.0-0.60f-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream release, sixth alpha for vim6
        * Add /etc/vim to DFLT_RUNTIMEPATH so sysadmins can customize stuff
          in there
      vim (6.0-0.60e-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream release, fifth alpha for vim6
      vim (6.0-0.60d-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Small fix for xim_reset to fix segfaults on mouseclick in gvim
      vim (6.0-0.60d-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream release, fourth alpha for vim6
      vim (6.0-0.60b-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream release, second alpha for vim6
        * Include lang sources as well now
        * Repackaged from scratch:
          + vim-rt merged back into vim package
          + seperate versions now only include the {g,}vim binary.
        * Create html-version of documentation as well
        * Move configuration files to /etc/vim/. Closes: Bug#61574
        * Closes: Bug#68502
      vim (5.8.007-4) unstable; urgency=low
        * Stupid, I moved a file over but forgot to add a Replaces
          to vim-rt. Fixed now.
      vim (5.8.007-3) unstable; urgency=low
        * Don't Build-Depend on libgmpg1-dev on hurd. Closes: Bug#108239
        * Enable filename modifiers in vim-tiny since we use them in the
          default vimrc to read compressed files (such as the documentation).
          Closes: Bug#108737
        * We handle spaces in architecture fields now. Closes: Bug#103257
        * Force vimtutor to use /etc/vimrc so it can load compressed files
          Closes: Bug#83915
        * Move vimtutor to vim-rt package. Closes: Bug#78783
      vim (5.8.007-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fix typo in debcontrol.vim
      vim (5.8.007-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Merge upstream bugfixes:
          + When including a syntax cluster in itself, Vim crashes.
          + With the GTK GUI, when 'shell' is not a valid program, ":make"
            causes Vim to exit.
          + ":hi def link" adds a link to a highlight group while it already
            has attributes for the GUI.
          + With syntax highlighting, synchronizing on a C-comment failed
            after "//*/".
        * Update debcontrol.vim. Closes: Bug#105306
      vim (5.8.003-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Use the debchangelog filetype for changelog.dch
        * Use a versioned Recommends for vim-rt. Note that this will not help
          if you use apt-get. Use a proper frontend instead.
          Closes: Bug#100105,#55812,#100021
        * Add Build-Depends on dpkg >= 1.7.0 since we use ${dpkg:Version} now.
        * Update debcontrol.vim:
          + the section is `doc', not `docs'
          + Add non-US/{main,contrib,non-free}
          + Accept both `tex' and `text' as sections (ordering problem in regexp)
          Closes: Bug#99995
        * Merge upstream bugfixes:
          + When exiting and 'cmdheight' is 2 or bigger and 'showcmd' is set,
            the cursor is left in the wrong place. (Sascha Blank)
          + The dtd.vim syntax file contained a few items that require Vim 6.0.
            Closes: Bug#100338,#100348
      vim (5.8-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream bugfix version. Closes: Bug#98731,#74105,#67438,#66882,#65244
        * Use libgtk1.2-dev in the Build-Depends.
          Closes: Bug#98101,#67737,#83825,#87291,#93882,#95227,#92065
        * doc symlinks were fixed earlier already. Closes: Bug#48587
        * exuberant-tags is no longer part of the vim source, update debian/rules
      vim (5.7.028-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Apply more upstream bugfixes
        * Use libperl-dev instead of perl5 as Build-Depends. Closes: Bug#92367
        * Add #DEBHELPER# to vim postinst
      vim (5.7.019-3) unstable; urgency=high
        * Change spaces to tabs in tags file for documentation. Gotta love
          cut & paste. Closes: Bug#80802
        * Teach debhelper to handle the doc-symlink. Closes: Bug#80834
      vim (5.7.019-2) unstable; urgency=high
        * Fix postinst.. silly cut&paste error. Closes: Bug#80610
      vim (5.7.019-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * More upstream bugfixes merged. Closes: Bug#74664
        * Add syntax styles for debian control and changelog files
        * Fix alternatives in postinst. Closes: Bug#65066,#74347,#79424,#65843
        * Bump Standards-Version to 3.2.1. Closes: Bug#79982
        * Remove mention of Linux in copyright, this works on other OSes just as
        * Update location of upstream sources, they are at ftp.vim.org now
        * Teach src/Makefile to quote quotes in pathdef.c so things compile with
          the current perl as well.
        * Fix handling of xterm clipboard, this should fix the X BadAccess errors
          when running gvim remotely with ssh X11 forwarding
        * Fix menu icon. Closes: Bug#63622,#69364,#61838,#34404,#79838
        * Actually move manpages to /usr/share
        * Bump alternative priority to be the same as elvis
        * Fix fixup of tags-file: we don't compress the tags file itself.
        * Install tags with mode 644. Closes: Bug#63742
          Closes: Bug#77506
        * Use mail highlightning for SLRN files. Closes: Bug#50206
        * Fix typo in extended descriptions. Closes: Bug#66332
      vim (5.7.002-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Upstream bugfix merged
        * Fix typo in build-depends
      vim (5.7.001-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Upstream bugfix merged
      vim (5.7-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream version
        * Suggest cscope
        * Update Build Dependencies
        * Fix alternatives
      vim (5.6.090-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Another upstream bugfix merged, Closes:Bug#65236
        * Compiled with the Debian libgtk, not the helixcode version
      vim (5.6.089-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * More upstream bugfixes merged
      vim (5.6.080-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Enable cscope support
        * More upstream bugfixes merged
        * Add some build-depends. The list is probably not complete though.
      vim (5.6.072-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * More upstream bugfixes merged
      vim (5.6.070-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * More upstream bugfixes merged
        * Use vim-rt package in menu entries. Without this change vim would
          never show up in menus. Closes: Bug#63100
        * Change update-alternatives call to reflect that manpages are now in
          /usr/share/man. Closes: Bug#63320
        * Add Pre-Depends and check in a new preinst to make sure the running dpkg
          supports multiple conflicts & replaces
      vim (5.6.052-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * Another 21 new upstream bugfixes merged
      vim (5.6.031-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * Figures that in the 24 hours after I release an update 16 upstream
          patches are released..
        * Enable gpm support (except in vim-tiny of course) on popular request.
        * Enable rightleft support in packages with gvim
      vim (5.6.015-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * 3 more upstream bugfixes applied
        * Fix menu entries so we don't mention gvim for vim and vim-tiny
        * Link dynamically to libpython
      vim (5.6.012-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * Another bugfix patch applied (hang with zsh)
        * Fooled by debhelper again.. restore maintainer scripts
          which were suddenly gone missing, Closes: Bug# 57491, #57500
      vim (5.6.011-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * Seven more bugfix patches applied
        * Don't include all the gvim stuff in the standard vim package
      vim (5.6.000-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * No longer beta. There are no changes from the previous package except
          that this version is no longer marked as a beta version.
      vim (5.6-0.5.6a.028-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * Include more upstream bugfixes
        * Add Debian-specific filetypes to default vimrc, Closes: Bug#54339
        * Make vim-rt only recommend vim
      vim (5.6-0.5.6a.019-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Include patches up to 5.6a.019
        * Rebuild to get VIMRUNTIME correct
        * Fix description for vim-gtk, Closes: Bug#54748
      vim (5.6-0.5.6a.018-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream version, pre-release for 5.6, patchlevel 018
        * Provide editor
        * vim no longer has any X support
        * Add vim-gtk with the GTK frontend
      vim (5.5.033-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Include patches up to 5.5.033
      vim (5.5.009-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Include patches up to 5.5.009
        * Fix paths in manpages
      vim (5.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream version
      vim (5.4.49-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Include patches up to 5.4.49
        * Build with multibyte and xim support, Closes:Bug#43245
      vim (5.4.21-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Include patches up to 5.4.21
        * Fix asnother concatenated line in vimrc
        * Don't register gvim for vim-tty
      vim (5.4.17-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Include patches up to 5.4.17
        * Make vim-tty provide vim, Closes:Bug#42659
        * Fix accidentily joined lines in vimrc, Closes:Bug#42663
      vim (5.4.12-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Include patches up to 5.4.12
        * Add a new package: vim-tty. This is a build with all the normal
          features, but without any X support.
      vim (5.4.11-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Include patches up to 5.4.11
      vim (5.4.7-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Include patches up to 5.4.7
        * Fix replaces, dpkg can't handle multiple replaces-lines in control
        * Fix typo in debian/rules causing vim-tiny to get X11 support
        * Only change extension in second column of documentation tags-file
        * Remove [ce]tags, they are packaged seperately
      vim (5.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Finally, vim 5.4 has arrived!
        * Lets build vim-rt only in binary-indep now
      vim (5.4-0.5.4p-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Yet-another-last-beta for vim 5.4
        * Make vim-* replace vim-rt since we moved some stuff around
      vim (5.4-0.5.4o.6) unstable; urgency=low
        * Patched up to version 5.4o.6 beta
        * Default vimrc clean on request of the Cistron crew: :)
          + Change default vimrc to be more compatible with upstream defaults
          + Turn backup off by default
          + Don't map Q to gq anymore
      vim (5.4-0.5.4o.1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Third upstream beta-version
        * Patched up to version 5.4o.1 beta
      vim (5.4-0.5.4n.18) unstable; urgency=low
        * Second upstream beta-version
        * Patched up to version 5.4n.18 beta
        * Fix vimrc: we should explicitly use expand now
      vim (5.4-0.5.4m.17) unstable; urgency=low
        * Lets upload this somewhere as well
        * Patched up to version 5.4m.17 beta
      vim (5.4m-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Experimental package to test vim 5.4 packaging
        * Patched up to version 5.4m.5
        * Use GTK 1.2 frontend by default now
        * Merge src and runtime tarballs from upstream, since they need eachother
          in order to compile.
        * Rewritten debian/rules to make it more manageable
        * Take advantage of new location for runtime-support so we no longer need
          a patch to relocate the system-wide configfiles
        * Don't make vim-rt depend on a versioned vim
        * Bumb standards-version to 2.5.1
      vim (5.3-13) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * Compile vim-python with python-dev installed so it actually works
        * Note to release-manager: no new code since previous version in slink,
          only simple bugfixes
      vim (5.3-12) unstable; urgency=low
        * New license: vim is now fully DFSG-free!
        * Run gvim with -f from mailcap so it doesn't background and confuse
          the hell out of metamail (Bug# 32141)
        * Remove */* entry that was accidently left in the mailcap for vim-tiny
      vim (5.3-11) unstable; urgency=low
        * Added langmap support for all packages, except vim-tiny (Bug# 28118).
      vim (5.3-10) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * Add autocmd support to vim-tiny so it can read the online help again.
          (this adds 12Kb to the memory usage).
        * Rebuild with ncurses4
      vim (5.3-9) unstable; urgency=low
        * Downgraded vim-rt Recommend to Suggest for vim-tiny (Bug# 27436)
      vim (5.3-8) unstable; urgency=low
        * Update mime-support
      vim (5.3-7) unstable; urgency=low
        * Recompiled with python-dev installed
      vim (5.3-6) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fix mime-support somewhat:
          + change test for $DISPLAY
          + use (g)view when only viewing files
        * Create multiple vim-packages (vim, vim-tiny, vim-perl, vim-python and
        * Removed empty /usr/share/vim directory, it's now completely in the vim-rt
          package anyway.
      vim (5.3-5) unstable; urgency=low
        * Added support for update-mime, based on sample from
           Brian White <bcwhite@verisim.com> (Bug# 26550)
      vim (5.3-4) unstable; urgency=low
        * Revamped postinst not to override alternatives (Bug# 26186)
        * Be lazy and let debhelper add the update-menus call
      vim (5.3-3) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fix typo on control-file (found by Matt McLean <keys@yikes.com>)
      vim (5.3-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Fix typo in changelog (noted by Ruud de Rooij)
      vim (5.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream version (bugfix release)
        * Recommend vim-rt instead of only suggesting it
        * Put menu-file back in this package
      vim (5.2-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Add email-address to maintainer-field in debian/control
        * Added patch to fix some small errors for certain commands
      vim (5.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream version
          + package split in 2: vim and vim-rt
          + UNICODE support
        * Make vim honour TMPDIR on all systems except OS/2 and win32
        * Update debian/control to reflect new maintainer :)
      vim (5.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * New maintainer
        * Fix ex alternative (Bug# 23675)
        * Fix copyright (Bug# 24984)
        * Don't install sample macros twice
        * Clean debian/rules some more
        * Move tools to the examples-subdirectory
        * Fix location of perl in examples
        * Fix some filemodes of examples
      vim (5.1-0.4) unstable; urgency=low
        * Yet another non-maintainer upload
        * Fixed alignment trap on alpha's (Bug# 23590)
        * Added some example-vimrc code
        * Also provide alternatives for ex and /usr/bin/editor (Bug# 22310)
      vim (5.1-0.3) unstable; urgency=low
        * Yet another non-maintainer upload
        * Added support for editing bzip2'ed files (from Vaclav Hula)
        * Added octave to the syntax-menu
      vim (5.1-0.2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Previous upload didn't include .orig.tar.gz .
        * Modified /etc/vimrc: included some recommendations for more
          user-friendly behaviour (commented out as they deviate from standard vi
      vim (5.1-0.1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Non-maintainer upload
        * New upstream release.
        * Bumped Standards-Version.
        * Re-enabled athena GUI (fixes #21194).
        * Made /etc/gvimrc a conffile.
        * Added syntax highlighting for Octave (fixes #18817).
        * Disable syntax hightlighting for vim & enable it for gvim
        * Revamped building process (debhelper)
        * Modified & commented vimrc
        * Enhanced menu-support (include gvim & icons)
      vim (5.0-0.2) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * Switched to the .gz autocommands from vimrc_example, so that :help works
          again (fixes #20897).
      vim (5.0-0.1) unstable; urgency=low
        * Merged in the patches from the mailing list
        * Non-maintainer release
        * New upstream version
      vim (4.6-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * Built with libc6, ncurses3.4, and xlib6g
        * Updated menu entry
      vim (4.6-1) frozen unstable; urgency=low
        * New upstream version (fixes #8674)
        * Enabled right-to-left support
      vim (4.5-5) unstable; urgency=low
        * New maintainer
        * Menu entry /usr/lib/menu/vim included
        * No longer Provides: editor (fixes bug #5602)
      vim (4.5-4) unstable; urgency=low
        * GUI support is back in now.
        * modified postinst to put gvim into fvwm's menus, not normal vim.
      vim (4.5-3) unstable frozen; urgency=low
        * Last release without GUI support - I've finally downloaded the 3.2 .deb
        * added view and view.1.gz to /etc/alternatives.
        * changed CFLAGS to compile with -g -O2 (instead of -g -O)
        * modified the default vimrc to allow full read/writing of text files
          compressed with gzip.
        * added "version 4.0" to the default vimrc (so much for getting people
          to RTFM :-)
        * Ray Dassen sent me some email about not capturing stderr by default;
          after thinking about it, I decided against this. It's useful for
          programmers when compiling from within vim, and besides, it's easy to
          configure (look at the shellredir setting :)
      vim (4.5-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * merged in patches from Bram into both source trees (the new version is
          also called 4.5 ... go figure. :-)
        * removed ctags from the distribution, pending further discussion on it:
          it's the same as the ctags found elsewhere in the distribution.
        * fixed a small typo in the copyright: referred to 4.4 instead of 4.5.
          Oops. :)
      vim (4.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream version
        * merged in the patches from 4.4-2 into the new source tree
      vim (4.4-2) unstable; urgency=low
        * uncompressed doc/vim_tags to allow vim to handle gzipped docs, and
          modified the installed version to direct help to those gzipped docs.
        * added an empty gvimrc to /etc
        * added a vimrc capable of reading the gzipped docs
        * merged in Lars' patches for install-fvwm2menu
      vim (4.4-1.1) unstable; urgency=low
        * added calls to install-fvwm2menu to postinst and prerm
      vim (4.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
        * new upstream version (considered beta, but seems pretty stable to
        * modified Makefile to allow for installation to .../debian/tmp rather
          than /usr/ (otherwise, man pages would have been sorta fubar..)
        * redirected global vimrc/gvimrc to /etc
        * modified configure to look for termcap _last_, ncurses first
          (upstream version: termcap, then ncurses.)
        * added a "Provides: editor" (don't know if this is still current, but
          it won't hurt if it isn't.)