Commit 7f6ceded authored by Frédéric Dalleau's avatar Frédéric Dalleau

Allow systemd-logind to write shutdown files in /run

The current `shutdown` command implemented in `systemctl` asks
`systemd-logind` to shutdown. `systemd-logind` is prevented by
apparmor to shutdown: The AppArmor profile does not allowing creation
of `nologin`, `utmp` and `scheduled` files.
When `systemd-logind` fails, `systemctl` writes a warning message in
the console, and uses a fallback code to shutdown.
This patch allows `systemd-logind` to create those files for a clean

Apertis: default avatarFrédéric Dalleau <>
parent ac41b669
......@@ -53,6 +53,11 @@
/run/systemd/seats/{,*} rw,
/run/systemd/sessions/{,*} rw,
/run/systemd/users/{,*} rw,
/run/nologin rw,
"/run/.#nologin*" rw,
/run/utmp rwk,
/run/systemd/shutdown/scheduled rw,
"/run/systemd/shutdown/.#scheduled*" rw,
/run/udev/** r,
/run/user/*/ w,
/var/lib/systemd/linger/{,**} r,
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