Commit 7e47956d authored by Frédéric Dalleau's avatar Frédéric Dalleau

Handle new user and hostname of nfsroot

The nfsroot nfsuser has been renamed user.
The nfsroot apertis-nfs machine name changed to apertis.
Only the group-nfs-tpl.yaml test changed because other
tests are still using a 18.09 release.
When we update lava, it will be time to update other tests.
Signed-off-by: default avatarFrédéric Dalleau <>
parent 6cc87bd3
......@@ -73,14 +73,14 @@ actions:
download_command: export SHELL=/bin/sh; sudo mount -o remount,rw / ; cd /tmp ; busybox wget
unpack_command: sudo tar -C / -xf
login_prompt: 'apertis-nfs login:'
username: nfsuser
login_prompt: 'apertis login:'
username: user
password_prompt: 'Password:'
password: nfsuser
password: user
- sudo su
- 'nfsuser@apertis:'
- 'user@apertis:'
- '\$ '
- '\# '
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