Commit ff6fa499 authored by Emanuele Aina's avatar Emanuele Aina

system-updates-and-rollback: Mention that /usr is read-only

OSTree minimizes the risk of accidental deletion or changes to the
operating system files by bind-mounting `/usr` as read-only, so list
that as an advantage.
Signed-off-by: Emanuele Aina's avatarEmanuele Aina <>
parent ec06f96e
......@@ -249,6 +249,8 @@ provides a good balance between complexity and robustness.
directories and their contents.
- OSTree is implemented as a shared library, making it very easy to build higher
level projects or tools on top of it.
- The files in `/usr` contents are mounted read-only from subfolders of
`/ostree/deploy`, minimizing the chance of accidental deletions or changes.
- OSTree has no impact on startup performance, nor does increase resource usage
during runtime: since OSTree is just a different way to build the rootfs once
it is built it will behave like a normal rootfs, making it very suitable for
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