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system-updates-and-rollback: Describe update validation mechanisms

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......@@ -724,6 +724,19 @@ It can also be used to mark the boot as successful:
$ updatectl --mark-update-successful
#### Update validation
Before installing updates the updater check their validity and appropriateness
for the current system, using the metadata carried by the update itself as
produced by the build pipeline.
It ensures that the update is appropriate for the system by verifying that the
collection id in the update matches the one configured for the system. This
prevents installing an update meant for a different kind of device, or mixing
The updater also checks that the update version is newer than the one on the
system, to prevent downgrade attacks where a older update with known
vulnerabilities is used to gain privileged access to a target.
#### Testing
Testing ensures that the following system properties for each image
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