Commit e194aa22 authored by Peter Senna Tschudin's avatar Peter Senna Tschudin Mention agl-compositor as reference implementation

Adds a few paragraphs explaining why agl-compistor is a good starting
point to the compositor reference implementation of the new Apertis
application framework.
Signed-off-by: Peter Senna Tschudin's avatarPeter Senna Tschudin <>
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......@@ -211,9 +211,27 @@ should work with any compliant Wayland compositor implementing the most common
extensions, Apertis plans to provide a reference compositor that aims to be
customizable for the different non-desktop use-cases targeted by Apertis.
To minimize the custom code in the implementation of the compositor, the
`libweston` library is a valuable assset of reusable code for compositors
originating from the Weston project.
The main requirement for the reference compositor is to be based on
`libweston`, as this library is a valuable asset of reusable code for
compositors originating from the Weston project.
A good starting point for the compositor reference implementation is to use the
project because it was purposely built as a reference implementation. Ease of
coding was a design goal, and it is expected that both the client shell and the
compositor itself are easy to understand and modify. The code base is small,
trim, maintained and is currently evolving.
Additional features includes support to clients using XDG shell protocol, and
an example of a compositor private extension that allows the client shell to
provide additional roles to surfaces.
Another option for the reference compositor is the
[Maynard]( project. Unfortunately the
project is not currently maintained, and it's internal architecture is
outdated: it builds Weston plugins out of tree which was the recommended way
before libweston existed. The main issue of using Maynard is that because it is
not maintained upstream, we would need to maintain it ourselves.
## Audio management: PipeWire and WirePlumber
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