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long-term-reproducibility: Don't assume an APT repository for customization

For quick experiments during debugging, publishing a package on a proper
APT repository may be overkill, so briefly describe how to install
a locally built package.
Signed-off-by: Emanuele Aina's avatarEmanuele Aina <>
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......@@ -332,10 +332,13 @@ original ones, albeit not being bit-by-bit identical.
On the newly created branch in the forked recipe repository, changes can be
committed just like on the main repository.
For instance, to pull a custom package from a custom APT archive:
For instance, to install a custom package:
1. Check out the forked repository
1. Edit the relevant ospack recipe to add the custom APT archive in the `/etc/apt/sources.list.d` folder
1. If not already listed, add the custom package to the packages to be installed
1. Edit the relevant ospack recipe to install the custom package, either by
adding a custom APT archive in the `/etc/apt/sources.list.d` folder if
available, or retrieving and installing it with `wget` and `dpkg` (small
packages can even be committed as part of the repository to run quick
experiments during development)
1. Commit the results and push the branch
1. Execute the pipeline as described in the previous section
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