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web-runtime: Describe GObject-Introspection mappings

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......@@ -365,7 +365,49 @@ Window implements ApertisImportsObject;
The `GObjectIntrospection` interface will then export
the GObject-Introspection modules whitelisted by the application
(for example ``).
(for example ``).
Modules export object constructors as JavaScript constructors
that can take a map of construction time properties:
const Gio =;
let settings = new Gio.Settings({'schema': 'com.example.AddressBook'});
If multiple, incompatible API versions of a module exist,
a specific version can be requested using the `` map:
```['Folks'] = '0.6';
const Folks =;
GObject methods are called just like JavaScript object methods:
Signals can be handled using the `connect()` method:
settings.connect('changed', function(key) { print(key); });
GObject properties may be retrieved and set
using JavaScript property-style access:
Both enumerations and flags appear as entries under the namespace,
with associated member properties:
### Hardkey integration
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