Commit 76c95647 authored by Martyn Welch's avatar Martyn Welch Committed by Emanuele Aina

Update release guidance

The guide for issuing a release has got out of date. The CI automation
will now create the required tags for us - we shouldn't be creating tags.

Additionally we should no longer be pushing the release directly and we've
also started using `gbp dch` to formulate the contents of the changelog
entry as submitting a merge request as direct pushes have been disabled to
ensure all changes are made correctly.
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......@@ -334,21 +334,14 @@ git commit -i -s
### Release Commits
* Changes to the `debian/changelog` file of the package should leave the new
version marked as `UNRELEASED` during the review.
* Changes should not be made to the `debian/changelog` of the package when
merging changes (with the notable exception of syncing with upstream
* Once all the changes have been accepted and merged, a release commit should
be made. This release commit can be pushed directly without going through
merge requests.
* The release commit should *only* update the `debian/changelog` file changing
the `UNRELEASED` tag to `apertis`.
* A tag should be generated for this commit and pushed to the repository
**before** pushing the release commit itself.
* Once the tag has been pushed, the release commit should be pushed directly to
the repository, without any review: the infrastructure will automatically
trigger a new package build with the new version as expected.
* **Note**: The developer doing the release commit might need special
permissions in the repository to push tags and commit the changes directly
without any review.
be made using `gbp dch` to generate the changelog entry.
* The release commit should *only* update the `debian/changelog` file and care
should be taken to ensure that the description of changes is accurate. The
distribution tag should be set to `apertis`.
# Other important bits
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