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long-term-reproducibility: How to rebuild packages

No support is provided by OBS to build packages from snapshots, point
people to the SDK images and devroots instead since they should be
enough for the use-cases taken in consideration.
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......@@ -275,6 +275,17 @@ the recipe commit hash and the Docker image hash can be identified, however in
the [](#implementation-plan) section a few improvements are described to make
that information easier to retrieve and use.
## Package builds
Package builds happen on OBS which does not have snapshotting capabilities and
always builds every package on a clean, isolated environment built using the
latest package versions for each channel.
Since the purposes taken in account in this document do not involve large scale
package rebuilds, it is recommended to use the SDK images and the devroots in
combination with the snapshotted APT archives to rebuild packages in a
environment closely matching a past build.
# Recommendations for product teams
Builds for production should:
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