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web-runtime: Describe the expected contents of app-bundles

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......@@ -170,7 +170,32 @@ will live under the application's storage area.
More specifically, data such as those of cookies and HTML storage APIs
will live under the Application User type
while the HTTP cache will live under the Cache type;
see the Data Storage section of the [Applications design document].
see the *Data Storage* section of the [Applications design document].
#### Bundle contents
From the point of view of the application manager, a web application is
just an [app-bundle] containing a [graphical program].
See the [Application Bundle Specification] for a normative specification
of what each app-bundle must provide.
This is a non-normative summary:
* a `.desktop` [entry point] that provides
the metadata needed to display
the application in the application menu
* an [executable script]
with the `Exec` field in the `.desktop` file
pointing to this script
* an [AppArmor profile] to
[enforce isolation between application bundles][Security between applications]
* application files (HTML, JS, CSS, images, etc.) as
[generic resource data]
The web runtime shipped with the platform
will provide the [shared launcher][Shared web runtime launcher]
which is used to interpret the executable scripts
and launch the web application with the appropriate runtime.
### User interface
......@@ -427,5 +452,13 @@ Resources=;;
[HTML Living Standard origin]:
[Preferences and persistence document]:
[Security design document]:
[Security between applications]:
[UI customisation document]:
[content hand-over]:
[Application Bundle Specification]:
[graphical program]:
[entry point]:
[executable script]:
[AppArmor profile]:
[generic resource data]:
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