Commit 0d12b5d5 authored by Emanuele Aina's avatar Emanuele Aina

security: Stop being specific to the Clutter port of WebKit

Apertis' main target is now the GTK+ port of WebKit, wrapped in a
Clutter actor.
Signed-off-by: Emanuele Aina's avatarEmanuele Aina <>

Differential Revision:
parent 4023f080
......@@ -983,7 +983,7 @@ no way to attach a profile to every program that uses a given library.
However, developers can write files called *abstractions* with rules
that can be included through the *\#include* directive, similar to how
libraries work for programming. Using this feature Collabora has written
rules for the WebKit Clutter library, for instance, that can be included
rules for the WebKit library, for instance, that can be included
by the browser application as well as by any application that uses the
......@@ -1520,7 +1520,7 @@ Authorities.
> The *ca-certificates* package in Debian and Ubuntu carry those
In addition to those basic checks, WebKit includes a feature called *XSS
Auditor*, which is enabled in the Clutter port. The *XSS Auditor*
Auditor* which
implements a number of rules and checks to prevent [cross-site
scripting] attacks, sometimes used to mix elements from both a fake
and a legitimate site.
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