Commit 01ab7cda authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall


Signed-off-by: default avatarPhilip Withnall <>
parent 9970cf8b
apertis-designs (0.20161111.1) 16.12; urgency=low
[ Emanuele Aina ]
* New concept design: web runtime
* ui-customisation: Use backticks around code identifiers
* ui-customisation: Misc small improvements to the text
* web-runtime: Describe the expected contents of app-bundles
* web-runtime: Assume data files are in share/${bundle_id}
* web-runtime: Split the Persistent state section from App Manager
* web-runtime: Split the Platform APIs section from LibBredon
* web-runtime: Draft a section about integration with audio management
* web-runtime: Add compatibility with alternative runtimes
* web-runtime: Describe GObject-Introspection mappings
[ Guillaume Desmottes ]
* navigation: update guidance D-Bus API
[ Mathieu Duponchelle ]
* debian: Update hotdoc dependency to 0.8
[ Philip Withnall ]
* internationalization: Move example code to a separate file
* examples: Rework locale-region-changed example
* build: Add arc lint support for C and H files
* internationalization: Clarify we need both system and user locale
* docs: Promote the licensing section header in the readme
* docs: Capitalise PDF in the readme where appropriate
* geolocation-and-navigation: Remove POI streams as geocoding backends
[ Simon McVittie ]
* Geolocation: align terms with XEP-0080
* App layout: avoid breaking a link across lines
* App layout: strengthen static files to "must not be modifiable"
* App layout: call out per-bundle data as unimplemented
* App layout: do not suggest things that we now consider to be bad ideas
* App layout: fix some bullet-point syntax
* App layout: point to the bundle spec from more places
* App layout: repurpose Implementation section as rationale for bundle spec
* Build-depend on GLib and pkg-config
-- Philip Withnall <> Fri, 11 Nov 2016 16:00:00 +0000
apertis-designs (0.20161007.1) 16.12; urgency=low
[ Philip Withnall ]
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