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    Import patches-unapplied version 1.1.8-1 to debian/sid · ddf43593
    Steve Langasek authored
    Imported using git-ubuntu import.
    Changelog parent: 69ead1cb
    New changelog entries:
      * New upstream release.
        - includes upstream changes to pam_exec.  Closes: #670147.
        - adds support for newer hashing algorithms to pam_userdb.
          Closes: #671740.
        - fixes handling of 'quiet' argument to pam_listfile, to match the
          documentation.  Closes: #592219.
        - fixes handling of @users@@hosts netgroup syntax in access.conf.
          Closes: #681223.
        - fixes installation of the /etc/security/namespace.d directory.
          Closes: #710998.
        - 027_pam_limits_better_init_allow_explicit_root: support for reading
          /proc/1/limits is upstream, this patch now only handles the policy
          of resetting limits by default and not applying glob limits to root.
        - debian/patches/fix-manpage-crud: drop, manpages now being generated
          upstream with a newer, fixed xsltproc.
        - debian/patches/pam_env-fix-overflow.patch, pam_env-fix-dos.patch,
          glibc-2_16-compilation-fix.patch, sys-types-include.patch: drop,
          included upstream.
      * Add build-dependency on pkg-config.
      * Ensure autogenerated files are after source files in all relevant patches,
        so that regenerating documentation doesn't cause build skew.
      * Drop the --disable-regenerate-docu argument, restoring the HTML manuals
        to the libpam-doc package.  Closes: #700485.
      * No need to override dh_compress in debian/rules, it already handles .html
        files correctly.
      * debian/libpam-cracklib.prerm: use $DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE_COUNT to avoid
        prematurely removing the PAM config when the package is installed for
        multiple architectures.  Closes: #647428.
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