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    Make P2P API public (no longer experimental) · 8fbf19c9
    Matthew Leeds authored
    Currently the API that allows P2P operations (e.g. pulling an ostree ref
    from a LAN or USB source) is hidden behind the configure flag
    --enable-experimental-api. This commit makes the API public and makes
    that flag essentially a no-op (leaving it in place in case we want to
    use it again in the future). The P2P API has been tested over the last
    several months and proven to work.
    This means that since we're no longer using the "experimental" feature
    flag, P2P builds of Flatpak will fail when using versions of OSTree from
    this commit onwards, until Flatpak is patched in the near future. If you
    want to build Flatpak < 0.11.8 with P2P enabled and link against OSTree
    2018.6, you'll have to patch Flatpak.  However, since Flatpak won't yet
    have a hard dependency on OSTree 2018.6, it needs a new way to determine
    if the P2P API in OSTree is available, so this commit adds a "p2p"
    feature flag. This way the feature set is more semantically correct than
    if we had continued to use the "experimental" feature flag.
    In addition to making the P2P API public, this commit makes the P2P unit
    tests run by default, removes the f27-experimental CI instance that's no
    longer needed, changes a few man pages to reflect the changes, and
    updates the bash completion script to accept the new commands and
    Closes: #1596
    Approved by: cgwalters