Commit e7f9ac18 authored by Luis Araujo's avatar Luis Araujo

Add the internal images in the select form

Add the ARM internal images in the select form to submit manual
tests results.
Signed-off-by: Luis Araujo's avatarLuis Araujo <>
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......@@ -33,9 +33,11 @@ class SelectImageForm(FlaskForm):
image_deployment = SelectField('Deployment',
choices=[('apt', 'APT'), ('ostree', 'OSTree')])
image_type = SelectField('Image Type',
choices=[('minimal-armhf-public', 'Minimal ARM'),
choices=[('minimal-armhf-internal', 'Minimal ARM (Internal)'),
('minimal-armhf-public', 'Minimal ARM'),
('minimal-arm64-public', 'Minimal ARM64'),
('minimal-amd64-public', 'Minimal AMD64'),
('target-armhf-internal', 'Target ARM (Internal)'),
('target-amd64-public', 'Target AMD64'),
('basesdk-amd64-public', 'BaseSDK AMD64'),
('sdk-amd64-public', 'SDK AMD64')])
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