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    • Vignesh Raman's avatar
      Fix broken links to testcase definitions · f7cef28d
      Vignesh Raman authored
      Existing links to testcase definitions are broken after
      migration to QA report app.
      The below links yield 404 not found. This is because the
      routes for the testcase definitions are under `testcases/`.
      Fix the broken links by,
      <release>/<testcase>.html will 308 permanent redirect to testcases/<release>/<testcase>.html
      latest/<testcase>.html will 307 temporary redirect to testcases/<default_branch>/<testcase>.html
      <testcase>.html will 307 temporary redirect to testcases/<default_branch>/<testcase>.html
      Signed-off-by: Vignesh Raman's avatarVignesh Raman <vignesh.raman@collabora.com>
  9. 17 Jun, 2022 2 commits
    • Walter Lozano's avatar
      Partially revert "Do not show reports for not supported releases" · 3e23576c
      Walter Lozano authored
      In commit af3b4035 several changes were introduced, which does not seem
      First, results for not supported releases are not shown any more, which has
      no clear goal. Let's keep this references for historical reasons since we
      also keep the release information in the website.
      Also, the sort order of reports was changed to be based on the release they
      belong, starting with the newest release. This change breaks the previous
      order which was based on the latest results available. Since it is more
      useful have the list sorted based on the latest results as it reflects the
      current states of all the available releases revert that specific change.
      Keep the new release list and its order since it looks more natural.
    • Walter Lozano's avatar
      Update README for deploy configuration changes · 3f8f0ee4
      Walter Lozano authored
      Since configuration is deployed using chef cookbooks add a mention in the
      readme file.
      Signed-off-by: Walter Lozano's avatarWalter Lozano <walter.lozano@collabora.com>
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