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    folks-sync-only: Drop testcase, obsolete · 89e38340
    Emanuele Aina authored
    This testcase is meant to test a custom libfolks feature we carried downstream
    Aand that was proposed upstream and WONTFIX'ed in
    We're thus considering that this testcase does not bring any value to the
    project and is rather an hindrance since:
    * the actual use-case for the feature is not really documented
    * the implementation is problematic and has major architectural issues
    * a proper solution would involve doing it in EDS rather than libfolks
    No replacement is planned since contacts management via libfolks is not in the
    current priorities.
    Signed-off-by: Emanuele Aina's avatarEmanuele Aina <emanuele.aina@collabora.com>
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